Change is in the Wind

My lovelies…

I had not intended to be out of the scene for so long; I have had my hands in a little bit of everything this holiday season! When I left you last, I was headed off to take an insurance course. The class was wonderful, and I learned SO much! A much needed “vacation” from my daily grind. It just so happened that during that week it was time to renew our insurance policies. It was crazy timing! I understood absolutely everything that the agent discussed with me…FIRST TIME EVER!

Learn Something New Every Day

Image Courtesy of Pexels

On that first day of class I was convinced that I had made a horrible mistake! I was a blubbering idiot compared to the rest of the class (as they were already working in the industry), and low and behold, the first topic we tackled was the Tennessee state laws. NOT my forte, let me tell you! As each day passed though, I grew a little more comfortable in my abilities, and ultimately, became a sponge for knowledge. Learn something new everyday, that’s what I always say. Since class has ended, I have been reviewing my handwritten flash cards ( in excess of 1,000), and am nearing my comfort level to proceed further and take the exam to become a licensed agent. I took a mock exam a few days ago which consisted of 569 questions, and I scored a 95. I would have scored even higher than that if I had not fat thumbed some of the answers.

In addition to my diligent studying, I have been preparing for a memorable and joyous Christmas with my family, and have been stocking our home with delicious treats which come but once a year. Our Christmas was an absolute success, and everyone was surprised and overjoyed with their gifts.

My grandson Maddox turned one yesterday, and has been battling with RSV. I pray that the doctors can find the right medications to give our precious little bundle of joy to provide him the much needed comfort he so deserves.

Change is in the Air

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Also, during my absence from WordPress, I was offered (and have accepted) a position at the hospital in the next town over. I will begin my training on January the 9th. I have enjoyed my time teaching these past 11 years, and have formed some amazing friendships with not only my co-workers, but with my employers and their families as well. As much as I hate to leave, this is a wonderful opportunity, another open door, that I just cannot pass by. I pray that this transition be a smooth one that will enable me to get even closer to my ultimate goals in life. With love and support from my family and friends, I know that I will be successful!

I trust that each of you are happy, healthy, and loving life, and that great things are happening in your day to day. I have TRULY missed our interactions! As we move towards a new year, I wish you all the peace and prosperity that life has to offer. May 2017 be an unforgettable year for us all!

3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge: Day One

Mia (A.K.A. The Wheat and Tares), over at The Grizzle Grist Mill has nominated me to participate in the 3 Quotes for 3 Days Challenge.  It has taken me a few days to accept this challenge, as my appointments have had me running the roads NON-STOP this past week.

Mia has a fabulous blog FULL of spiritual inspiration, in addition to her Tuesday’s Treats and her Friday’s Angles, I SO enjoy those!   I look forward to seeing each new post, and suggest that you venture over to her world and see what’s going on.  You won’t be disappointed!  Thank you Mia for nominating me to participate in this fun challenge; I truly appreciate it!

The Rules for the Challenge:

  1. Three quotes for three days.
  2. Three nominees each day (no repetition).
  3. Thank the person who nominated you.
  4. Inform the nominees.

My 3 Quotes for Day One:

Ethics of Life

Quote 1:

     “Six ethics of life:

  • Before you Pray-Believe

  • Before you Speak-Listen

  • Before you Spend-Earn

  • Before you Write-Think

  • Before you Quit-Try

  • Before you Die-Live”

Quote 2:

Facing Difficulties

“Sometimes you face difficulties, not because you’re doing something wrong, but because you’re doing something right.”

Quote 3:

Burning Bridges

“Sometimes you just have to turn around, give a little smile, throw the match and burn that bridge.”

My 3 Nominees:

Tingting over at Empower Love

Worlds Beauty Web

Whispers of a Wallflower

Thank you again Mia!  Keep inspiring others!


Do You Wish For A Perfect Body?

Love this!!!

Mind and Life Matters

I usually do not share videos on my blog, but it would be criminal to not share this. This video will resonate with most women, I guess! Women like you and me, perhaps, who look into the mirror daily and spot the various areas of our bodies that are imperfect and needs to be ‘fixed’!

If you were asked to describe your body in a word or a sentence, what would your answer be? Go on, tell me, what was the first thing that came to your mind? I am pretty sure it was not something positive. It wasn’t for me either! Chances are that you thought about what you could change about your body. I am guilty of that too, I look in the mirror everyday and think of all that I can change about my body, wishing I could become a little thinner, and maybe even taller! What must these thoughts/wishes be…

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Tell All Tuesday Series: Product Launching

Q-Have you ever launched a product before?

Brainstorm Session

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

A-I have created hundreds of products over the years, and have sold more items than I could put a number on, but I’ve always been SO excited to get my finished products into the hands of others, that I have completely skipped the process of “product launching.”  During my research over this past year, I have learned how VITAL it is to properly present a product/service to the community in hopes of achieving the longevity that you desire for the hard work that you have invested.

I have been dabbling with one project in particular, that I KNOW will benefit others, for the past 12 years of my life. I have finally decided to finish her up and place a deadline (launch date) to it. I have a few ideas that I would like to implement during this process, but am open to any and all suggestions that YOU, my loyal community have to offer. What have you or your company done in the past that was beneficial? What do you feel is the best approach to marketing a product launch? I am anxious to hear your suggestions and ideas! I will be sharing more details with you as time progresses.

I can’t wait to roll your thoughts, experiences, and input around in the ole’ noggin!

Tell All Tuesday Series: Upcoming Releases

Q-Did you know that Bridget Jones is having a baby???!!!

Tell All Tuesday Series...

A-I just found out, and am THRILLED to death!  I immediately text my sister, and she replied, “Shut your face!  I”m going to have to watch the first two again…Love some Bridget Jones!!!”  Our love of these movies goes WAY back, and the 3 of us (my sister, my daughter, and I) love watching them together!  Although these movies are considered “Chick Flicks,” they are stuffed full of entertainment for all.  We laugh ALL the way through them!  Hubby even watches these with me! (Faint and Fall Over!!!)  So, you can view the trailer HERE, and I would love to hear your thoughts…


After years of searching and then finally giving up, I found my home…


Home isn’t four walls, it doesn’t have a roof.
Home is the eyes you could get lost in for a life time.
Home is the heart you know beats just for you.
Home is that someone who’s arms make you safe.

Home isn’t a structure made from wood, brick and glass.
Home is the place where you know you belong.
Home is the person who places you first in all things.
Home is the connection shared with another.

Home is the place you lay your head.

I’m home!

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Denver Haul & Giveaway!!!

I love Lindsay, and have been watching her fantastic videos for years. Definately take the time to check her out…you will be SO glad that you did!!!

The Frugal Crafter Blog

Hi friends! Many of you asked about my trip to Denver and what I bought so here it is! As you know I went to Denver to film a class for Craftsy. The mixed media class I shot will be live soon and they are letting me give a spot in the class away to a lucky reader, you can sign up for a chance to win here.


And now, on to the haul! Video!!!

And I only had 2 cups of coffee hours earlier, just say’n.

Don’t forget to sign up for the drawing for a spot in my new Craftsy class! Here are a few pics from the class:


Thanks for supporting me on this journey:) If you have a moment please click on the handy sharing buttons at the bottom of this blog post to help be spread the word about the class and…

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Tell All Tuesday Series: Family Genes

Q-Are you more like your mother or your father?

Family Genes

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

A-When it comes to looks, I definitely take after my daddy; from my solid build to quite a few of my physical characteristics. We also share the same sense of humor, hands down! Get the two of us together, and my step mom is running for the hills!

My mannerisms and ethics mimic my mother. All that I know, I’ve learned from this remarkable woman; from my work ethics to my compassionate nature. We share a lot of the same interests, and we love spending time together. She is one of the few in this world who I completely trust. She has seen me through some crazy situations, and we have lived to laugh about it. She is definitely my ROCK!

The good Lord up above KNEW what he was doing when he put us together!

So, what side of the family genes do YOU take after?

Bite Your Tongue!

I am about to divulge in you, the most valuable piece of relationship advice that you will ever receive. Are you sitting down?

Hush Now

When you find yourself in a serious relationship, always make sure to pick and choose your battles. That doesn’t mean pick up your arms and head out to the battlefield, that means that when you find yourself in a disagreement with your partner, make a conscious and well thought out decision as to whether or not this particular topic is WORTH fighting over. There are a multitude of topics worth going tooth and nail for, but the others are just pointless. To fight over these is unproductive, and will only result in a bunch of unnecessary hurt feelings.

If you find that this newest argument isn’t worth the time it would take to fight over, then bite your damn tongue; literally if that’s what it takes! Do whatever you’ve got to do, but make sure that you don’t stoop down to their level. Hold your cards and keep them close. You may find that you’ll need that ammunition down the road.

Well, there you go; my relationship advice for the week. Do YOU have any advice that you would like to add?

Tell All Tuesday Series: Tears

Q-Do you cry?

Cry me a River
A-I used to. Now I can squeeze a few tears out every so often, but that’s about it.

My ex-husband always made it a point to tease me when I would begin to cry. He would claim that I was “just trying to get attention.” That’s when I started building my wall. When it was finally complete, his words and actions were completely meaningless! I was declared a “cold hearted bitch” when I asked him for a divorce, and while I DID earn that title, he was the one who created that version of me.

So many years have passed since that day, but I still find it difficult to conjure up those tears. Sometimes I get SO overwhelmed that I try to force them, as I know how therapeutic it would be for me, but despite my best efforts, I inevitably fail miserably. What do you do, right?!

Do YOU cry?