Do You Wish For A Perfect Body?

Love this!!!

Mind and Life Matters

I usually do not share videos on my blog, but it would be criminal to not share this. This video will resonate with most women, I guess! Women like you and me, perhaps, who look into the mirror daily and spot the various areas of our bodies that are imperfect and needs to be ‘fixed’!

If you were asked to describe your body in a word or a sentence, what would your answer be? Go on, tell me, what was the first thing that came to your mind? I am pretty sure it was not something positive. It wasn’t for me either! Chances are that you thought about what you could change about your body. I am guilty of that too, I look in the mirror everyday and think of all that I can change about my body, wishing I could become a little thinner, and maybe even taller! What must these thoughts/wishes be…

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