3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge: Day One

Mia (A.K.A. The Wheat and Tares), over at The Grizzle Grist Mill has nominated me to participate in the 3 Quotes for 3 Days Challenge.  It has taken me a few days to accept this challenge, as my appointments have had me running the roads NON-STOP this past week.

Mia has a fabulous blog FULL of spiritual inspiration, in addition to her Tuesday’s Treats and her Friday’s Angles, I SO enjoy those!   I look forward to seeing each new post, and suggest that you venture over to her world and see what’s going on.  You won’t be disappointed!  Thank you Mia for nominating me to participate in this fun challenge; I truly appreciate it!

The Rules for the Challenge:

  1. Three quotes for three days.
  2. Three nominees each day (no repetition).
  3. Thank the person who nominated you.
  4. Inform the nominees.

My 3 Quotes for Day One:

Ethics of Life

Quote 1:

     “Six ethics of life:

  • Before you Pray-Believe

  • Before you Speak-Listen

  • Before you Spend-Earn

  • Before you Write-Think

  • Before you Quit-Try

  • Before you Die-Live”

Quote 2:

Facing Difficulties

“Sometimes you face difficulties, not because you’re doing something wrong, but because you’re doing something right.”

Quote 3:

Burning Bridges

“Sometimes you just have to turn around, give a little smile, throw the match and burn that bridge.”

My 3 Nominees:

Tingting over at Empower Love

Worlds Beauty Web

Whispers of a Wallflower

Thank you again Mia!  Keep inspiring others!


10 thoughts on “3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge: Day One

  1. The WheatandTares says:

    Love these quotes! I’ve been especially experiencing #2 lately! When you’re doing right, it seems it hell takes notice, but God is good regardless! 😉 Thanks for the props, btw! I’m so glad we’ve “met” here. 😉 You’re such a great encourager. 💕 I look forward to the rest of your quotes.

    Liked by 1 person

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