My Videos

I have always enjoyed creating things on the computer, and at one point in my life I even entertained the thought of going into graphic design.  While I hold a college degree in computer science, the material that I learned did not cater to the creative aspect that I enjoyed.

I have created numerous projects on my computer over the years for parties, business use, as well as gifts for family and friends.  My YouTube video, Mixed Media Scrapbook, was a birthday gift that I created for my father.  Another gift created for my father was a 3-Disc DVD featuring digitized images of his life, from his birth in Africa to the present.

I love to take pictures, I love to tweak images and customize them on the computer, and creating movies are an absolute blast!  I am SO thankful that technology has advanced to where I can now share my visions with the world.

Youtube-iconN2IXE3X1My YouTube Channel is, unfortunately, still in it’s infancy.  Over time, it will become filled with videos and photo compilations that will cover a variety of topics.  Most of my videos will be craft tutorials and DIY’s, but I do intend to cover additional content.  I am excited to see this growth, and I will treasure each creative moment of it.

Videos on my YouTube Channel

What better way to share my creations with the world than through video, right?!

So far, I have 7 + videos posted on my YouTube channel Krista Kemp Designs.  There are many more to come…

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