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My lovelies, I do apologize for the crickets on my end. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for a good month, trying to stay on top of everything, yet falling short each day. I have been working on a post for the last week, and cannot seem to get it done, and it doesn’t appear that I’ll have it finished for tomorrow either…I have an event for work that I have to attend tomorrow night. As soon as I can get it done, I will share it with you all. Just wanted to keep you in the loop, and let you know that each of you are in my thoughts. My email is flooded with some amazing posts; keep up the fantastic work!!! See you again soon….

Blessings in Disguise

Hello my friends! I trust that you had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend. Mine was QUITE eventful to say the least!

Black Screen of Death

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

So, for those of you who follow me on Facebook, you are already aware that my trusty PC has finally given up the ghost. My daughter borrowed it one day, and she wouldn’t boot properly the next. I have concluded that there is a hardware issue, and suspect that the solder on one of the components has broken loose, which is NOT something that I feel super comfortable tackling as a DIY project, despite my A+ training. I am hoping that our computer whiz down the road can get this issue resolved, and if so, my kiddos will have a “new” laptop to work on for school projects. But, in the meantime, I needed a reliable PC. I have way too many things going on daily that require a dependable computer! So, I applied for a store credit card and purchased the “perfect” PC for me. I didn’t need all the bells and whistles, and was able to find a great deal on a new HP. I am anxious to get it all set up the way that I need it.

In addition to this fiasco, my hair dryer went out (the very next morning might I add) and our PS3 has been on the fritz for the past several months, AND my hubby’s new tablet that he got for Christmas has been going haywire. So, we went ahead and upgraded to a PS4, and I will probably replace his tablet with a Samsung Chrome Book (after I do some research) that has a stellar price tag on it while I’m at it. Also, my “Big” Christmas gift this past year (we were actually able to buy each other a few things) was an external hard drive that I’ve been eyeballing for the past 12 years. I almost lost my pics of the kids growing up back in 2008, and I refuse to put myself in that position again, thus the need for an external. But, it was a dud! I sent it back with full intention of replacing it, but an unexpected bill popped up (go figure!) that needed that money, so I was out my gift. I figure since I’m charging, I may as well cross all my t’s and dot all my i’s. I have quite a collection of saleable items that I’ve been compiling for my household liquidation, so I should be able to get this card paid off pretty quickly. PLUS, it will help boost my credit score even more, so when we go to apply for a home loan (which is coming soon…) it will work in our favor.

It’s super scary to make multiple large purchases like this, but when you’ve got all the details mapped out and a game plan in mind (like I do), it will end up being a blessing in disguise.

So, I know that I missed my Tell All Tuesday question this week (as well as my Wednesday post), but it is next to impossible to compose a post on my little iPhone. I do hope that you will forgive me.

But, my question for the week was this…

Q-In regards to large purchases, are you an impulsive shopper?

Tell All Tuesday Series...

A-Oh my no! I spend months (sometimes years) contemplating the purchase, and I ensure that I cover all my bases. Research, specs, customer reviews, and so on. The couple of times that I have been backed into a corner (like with my vehicle) with a lack of any other options, I have gotten burned financially, and I do mean fried to a crisp! Overall, I am very methodical in ALL that I do. Spontaneous travel…now that’s another story for another day.

When life throws chaos in your path, you have to cope the best way that you know how, and I’m hoping that this weekend offers me the opportunity (mainly the time) to get all of my ducks back in a row. As I’ve mentioned before, I am the cog that keeps this family running efficiently, and I need to get all the kinks ironed out and get us back to a somewhat “normal” schedule again. It’s hard enough keeping 2 teen work schedules (in addition to mine) on track without a TON of wasted gas and back peddling. I have too much going on to waste what little time I’m given each day.

Okay, so as you know, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my latest creations (my Exploding Boxes for my Mama and my Grandma). I have been having an absolute blast with them, but they are SUPER time consuming! I honestly thought that I’d be damn near finished with them by now! My newest addition (my Flower Pop Up Envelope) has been an extremely tedious process. Was going to create a line of them for my Etsy shop, but am STRONGLY reconsidering! Ready to move on to the next item on the list! Anyway, I thought that I would put together a couple of posts/tutorials on how to create some of the items that I have been creating for these boxes. I learned these techniques from fellow bloggers, and felt it only appropriate to pass along the information. Make sure to stay tuned. Good stuff is in the NEAR future…


-SIDE NOTE: Hubby ended up getting a new Samsung tablet for a GREAT price, and I ended up getting a 5 TB external hard drive (only a few dollars more than the 2TB I got at Christmas!!!). I saved SO much money…great sales!!!


My lovelies, I trust that each of you have had a fantastic week.  I’m psyched that it’s the weekend!  My 2016 is continuing to dish out the punches, and I am doing my very best to counter each of them.  So, my baby boy started his first job a few weeks ago, and it is taking quite the adjustment for me.  Trying to balance out everyone’s schedules and appointments has been a bit of a challenge.  I sure hope I don’t have to reschedule any more appointments!

Birthday Curse

My loving husband turned 59 years old last week, and with his birthday came his relentless birthday curse.  The entire week preceding his birthday each year is fraught with disaster, and has been for more years than he can recall.  Broken bones, accidents, speeding tickets (3 in one day is beyond absurd!), and the list of events goes on and on.  He has gotten to the point where he just stays home where its safe.  This year wasn’t horrible, but it could have been A LOT better.  I was followed home each day after work by the same cop, we had a very unwelcome visitor show up at our home invading my bubble world, there were several heated arguments, and then my youngest was out playing tag with his buddies when he tripped over a soda can and slashed his hand open.  So, rather than prepping for our birthday cook out and baking a cake, I spent the evening in the ER while he was getting stitched up.  This has been the first year that his birthday has actually affected me.  I hope this isn’t the start of something new!

In amongst these events, I have been putting in quite a few extra hours at work, and I have had one, the other, or both grand babies each weekend for more than a month now.  Between the two it’s all I can do to keep my blog current, and my poor Etsy shop is beginning to suffer from it.  We have had a TON of new changes implemented in the Etsy platform, and I have yet to go in and update my shop or make the necessary changes, let alone work on ANY of my projects/creations to supply it with fresh, new items.  I can’t seem to get my creative release which is driving me insane, and I am SO exhausted, all I do lately is work and sleep.  My brain is beyond fried trying to keep up with all that’s on my plate, and it’s next to impossible to even form a rational thought!  I really hope this weekend will provide me the fuel that I so desperately need.

I finally went in and talked with an attorney, and the news that I received was absolutely disheartening!  For years I have been patiently awaiting this opportunity, this moment of truth, only to walk out with a burst bubble, and a little poorer for the experience.  I have decided to take this entire situation/ordeal and compile it together in a book, so that others can benefit from my short comings.  No one should have to go through what I did!  More details will be supplied at a later date.

So there you have it; a little peek into my crazy life.  I hope that you have an awesome weekend, and that you have the opportunity to enjoy some great weather.  I’ll catch you on the flip side…

***Was planning to post this yesterday, but life took over.  Had to run and get my boy a new pair of shoes-he’s hit a MASSIVE growth spurt, and my 14 year old was putting in applications everywhere that she knew might hire her.  Talk about initiative!  Sorry for the late post.***

One Lovely Blog Award

The sweet Erika Kind nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award quite some time ago, and I am SO embarrassed that it has taken me so long to put this post together.  I had planned to work on it this past weekend, but I spent the entire weekend in bed sleeping.  Apparently I needed it.  Erika has a remarkable blog, is a fantastic singer, and just recently published her 5th book, now available on Amazon or on CreateSpace.  She is a remarkable woman, an inspiration to everyone that she interacts with, and a source of sunshine in this sometimes cruel world.  Her posts speak to my heart each and every day.  I am SO lucky to have run across such a genuine and loving soul!  Erika, thank you SO very much for this nomination!  It is GREATLY appreciated!

One Lovely Blog Award


  • Thank the person that nominated you and give a link to their blog
  • List the rules.
  • Display the award on your post of the award.
  • List seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate (up to) 15 bloggers for this award and comment on one of their posts to let them know you have nominated them.

7 Facts About Krista Kemp:

1: I have been pregnant 3 times, which has resulted in my 3 children who I wouldn’t trade for the world!
2: I have been married 2 times, and have decided that I will never marry again.  My husband is my perfect match, and no one will EVER be able to fill his shoes!
3: One of these days I am going to teach myself to play the violin.
4: I LOVE Mexican food!
5: My favorite colors are Purple and Kawasaki Green.
6: I USED to love kids!
7: I have always held extremely high aspirations, which have resulted in a substantial amount of disappointment over the years.  I refuse to give up though…

My Nominees:

April4June6: A Journal of Self-Transformation
Kerfe and Nina over at: Method Two Madness
Belinda over at Changing my World with Words
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Michelle over at: Michelle, Books and Movies Addict
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Carl over at: I Know I Made You Smile
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Spearfruit…it’s my life

Erika, I thank you again for this nomination!

Tell All Tuesday Series: Blog Name

Q-Do you like your blog name or wish you had chosen a different one?


Image Courtesy of Pixabay

A-I love the name of my blog! It’s powerful, self-explanatory, and highly inspiring. It’s the type of title which beckons its readers to venture in and take the time to explore the contents. I have absolutely NO regrets!

How about you? What are your thoughts on your blog name?

Tell All Tuesday Series: What’s in your Bag?

Q-What do you carry in your purse/wallet?

Tell All Tuesday Series...

My Purse

A-My purse is actually a backpack.  Over the years, toting kids around, and being a “tourist,” I found it easier just to throw a backpack over my shoulder.  They have a ton of pockets, and more than enough space for anything that you might pick up when you’re out and about.  I do have several purses, but I don’t use them very often.  They’re just too small!  Inside my backpack you will find:

Inside my Purse

  • Jack and Sally Wallet with Cards Galore
  • My Keys
  • A Bottle of Bath and Body Works Lotion
  • My EOS and a Tube of Cherry Chap Stick
  • A Bottle of Tums
  • A Baggie of Ibuprofen
  • Spare Pair of Glasses for Hubby
  • My Accordion Business Card Holder
  • Scrap Papers with Ideas Scribbled on Them
  • About 10 Pens
  • A Wide Tooth Comb
  • My Shades
  • A Big Stack of Appointment Cards

The other bag that I carry around contains:

Inside my Bags

  • My Business Binder
  • An Umbrella
  • A Baggie of Ibuprofen
  • A Pair of Thick, Fuzzy Socks
  • A Pair of Gloves
  • Pens, Pencils, and Erasers
  • Projects I’m working on

These two bags go absolutely everywhere with me.  So, there you have it.  A little peek into my private spaces.  You should feel lucky…I don’t let ANYONE look in my bags!

Krista a.k.a. The Bag Lady

What do YOU carry in your purse/wallet?

Sell on Etsy: Exclusive Insider Tips

WARNING: Extremely LONG, yet informative post…

A while back, sweet Tingting over at Empower Love, sent me an email asking if I would be willing to give her some insider tips on setting up her Etsy shop, Lovassion, as well as what to expect when selling on Etsy. I was more than happy to oblige, and went about compiling every little tidbit I could think of that could prove beneficial to her. While creating this list, I realized that there were probably thousands of others out there with the same questions, so I decided to write up a little post on the topic. I’m positive that there are a TON of other tips that could be added to the list, but this is what I’ve put together so far. Feel free to add additional information in the comments below.

Okay, so you’ve already established the fact that you TOTALLY dig being creative in your spare time. Your friends and family members have been giving you the third degree for months about when you’re going to start selling your creations, because you’re “THAT GOOD!,” but the thought of selling at craft shows just doesn’t fit into your schedule. The next best solution is to sell online. WHAT???!!! Well, why not? You put in the same amount of time creating your masterpiece, then you take some killer photos, write up a little bit of information about what it is and what it’s used for, and then you hit “Publish.” Simple as that! And the best part of selling online is that you can make sales even while you sleep! Who wouldn’t want to make money while they’re catching some ZZZ’s?

Make Money While you Sleep

So, you’ve been giving it some thought (have been doing the “Should I, Shouldn’t I” dance around in your head) and are finally considering selling your items online, but are unsure if you should go through with it. Now I pose this question to you, what are you waiting on? Yeah it’s scary to try something new, to shake up your routine, but the worst thing that could POSSIBLY happen is that you lose a couple bucks. Whoopty Doo! (How many Redbox movies have been total flops that you wasted your money on?!) So, my advice to you is to stop wasting your time and your thought process on this, and just take the plunge. Better yet, if you click on this link “OPEN YOUR OWN ETSY SHOP NOW!” you will get your first 40 listing for FREE!!! Yes, you read that right, FREE! That way you can test the waters without coughing up the cash. How cool is that?!

***PS: If you use my link, make sure to go through ALL the prompts without clicking out of it to ensure that you receive your 40 free credits-I have no control over this process.***

While the whole idea of selling online is extremely daunting when you first go into it, and you start doubting your talent and abilities, fear not. It’s not as brutal as you may think! “Well what if no one likes my work?” you may ask. “What if I don’t make any sales?” What if, what if, what if… Well, here’s one for you, what IF your art is SO well loved that you become an overnight sensation? Highly unrealistic, but crazier things HAVE happened!

So let’s delve into the topic at hand. I’m going to skip the self-explanatory process of actually “opening” your shop, as I trust you are quite capable of doing this on your own, but I am going to offer you some food for thought. So, let’s begin…

Shop Name
The first thing that you need to do is to come up with an unforgettable shop name. Make it easy, and one that people will remember. Make sure that YOU like it, and that you enjoy saying it. You are going to be spending A LOT of time advertising, so make it something fun and something that will look good on a business card or flyer. I believe that you can only change your mind on the shop name once, and if you’ve already established some customers, this will be confusing for them; so avoid this at all costs. You want for their overall experience to be amazing! Plus, you don’t want to waste your energy on changing everything around just because you want to change up your shop name. Best tip: Try to center your name around what you plan to create and carry in your shop. You wouldn’t want to have a shop named “The Gun Show” if you have a line of baby doll clothes; know what I mean?

Shop Pages
Now it’s time to create your shop pages. It goes without saying that the most important page on any online site is your “About” page. People like to put a face with a name; especially if they’re purchasing items from you. What is your shop’s focus, or your mission statement? What are some personal tidbits that relate to your new business venture? How did you get into your craft, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time, what are your hobbies? Share a little bit of info about your family, your pets, and so on. This is supposed to be a short, sweet, and to the point kind of thing, so be conscientious in what you write. Your customers want to connect with you, not hear your life story; their time is precious after all! If you’re a blogger in addition to being a shop owner, share this information as well. They may be interested in reading some of your posts.

In addition to your “About” page, you are going to want to fill in your shop’s policies. It is best to find another established shop that is similar in nature to yours. Use their policies as a guideline, but DO NOT COPY! Everyone is unique, as is their shop. By copying their work/words, not only are you infringing on their “property,” but you are cheating yourself. Once people catch on that you’re a fraud, your business WILL suffer. Start out honest, and allow yourself the opportunity to prosper.

Make sure to include detailed information in your policies; the more information you offer, the more legitimate your business will appear to others. Spend some time thinking about your sales, whether you are going to offer international shipping, what your return policy is going to be, and whether or not you will honor exchanges. People research these topics prior to making a purchase and they want to feel “protected” when they finally decide to buy. Put their mind at ease, and make their experience as painless as possible.

Now that you have the “business” side of things done, you are going to want to jazz up the appearance of your shop, and it ALL starts with your banner! You can create your own custom banner on Canva (in addition to a multitude of other websites/photo shop programs) or you can purchase one on Etsy. There are several shops devoted to creating banners for other shops. It is a good idea to have several banners on hand; to advertise your sales, the holidays, when you temporarily close up shop to go on vacation, and so on. Make sure that your banner caters to your “brand.” (What your shop/creations are all about (the “feel”).) If you are a vintage/antique dealer, a banner covered in kitty cats and rainbows would not only look completely out of place, but it would make you look like an unprofessional and complete doofus. Instead you would want to choose retro images/colors that would complement your shop. Make sure that you take the time to make things look top notch. You have a TON of competition, and online, first impressions mean absolutely everything! Whatever you do, DO NOT rush this process! Take your time and get it right the first go around. You’ll appreciate it down the road, trust me.

Alright, so your initial set up has been tended to, your shop is packed with informative information, and your shop face looks stellar; now the time has come to advertise. YEAH!!! First, you will want to invest in some business cards. You can design your own, or you can choose from thousands of pre-made designs. VistaPrint has a massive selection to choose from and they offer some fantastic deals, but there are a TON of other places that you could get them printed from as well. As with the banner, choose something that promotes your “brand.” Make sure that they are similar in nature to your banner, focusing on the same color palette, and exposure. You wouldn’t want a “soft” feel (a blush pink watercolor with tiny white polka dots) on your shop page and then pass out a business card with a “sharp” feel (a neon pink zebra print). Your customer would be like, “WTF???!!!

Once you have your business cards/brochures/flyers/post cards/what have you printed up, you are going to want to start a buzz around town. Pass them out everywhere that you go, post them anywhere you can find a spot, tell your friends, family members, co-workers, even strangers on the street about your new shop. Get excited about it! How would you respond if someone walked up, handed you a business card and said (IN A MONOTONE VOICE) “Hi, come check out my new shop.”? Now, think about someone who bounces over to you and in a bubbly tone says “Hey, I just opened my Etsy shop. I have a TON of fun jewelry for sale that you would just love!” Which shop would you take the time to check out? Point made.

One misconception that folks have when starting a business is that once the shop is open to the public, it’s time to sit back and reap the rewards. Nothing could be further from the truth! You HAVE to get out there and promote yourself; do the legwork, get involved in social media, connect with others around your community. Tell everyone that you run across about this fantastic new business that you just opened. If you have your own blog, share the great news with your followers. Write up posts about new items that you’re creating, share videos on your YouTube channel about how you make your creations, organize how to tutorials, create announcements that you can share on your multiple social media spots. Whatever you can think to do to get the word out about your new business, do it! YOU are the one who determines whether your shop will be a success or not.

One aspect of selling items online that had never even dawned on me when I opened my shop was my packaging/shipping plan. I had been selling on eBay for so long that it just never clicked up there in my overstuffed noggin that I should go about things a bit differently. When Tingting started sharing what her packaging plans were, I was like, “Well, yeah! Why didn’t I think of that?” You know, one of those BIG RED TRUCK moments! You definitely want to make your packaging supplies reflect your personality and your overall business scheme; from your color palette to the little extras that you tuck in your packages.

Fun Packaging

What works with eBay shipping, is frowned on from Etsy customers. Would you be happy getting a ratty, well used box with your item just plopped inside, or would you prefer to get a pretty package that looks as though you just purchased it from a boutique? Exactly! Thank you card inserts are a fantastic idea, as well as discount codes for your customers to use on their next purchase, and don’t forget to throw in a little freebie gift; that is always appreciated. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you do SOMETHING to sweeten the deal and make your customer feel that you value their purchase. After all, the best advertising is by WORD OF MOUTH! Give them a reason to brag about your shop!!!

One MAJOR thing that you need to familiarize yourself with when creating items for your shop, are Copyright and Trademark items. A while back, I had sewn a couple of baby items, only to discover that another company owned the rights to that particular name and style. My “Taggy” Blanket was the item, and using the term “Taggy” in addition to the style of “loop” that was sewn between the two swatches of material that I had used, was in direct violation. I received an email from an attorney stating what my infraction was, and was advised to remove said items from my store front, or that legal action would be enforced. Well, hell, I didn’t know! I was new to the business, and I had seen a million other people on Etsy selling them, so I didn’t think anything of it. It was then that I decided that it was time to stop being naive, and start researching the Etsy forums. WHOA! Talk about hitting the motherload! There are an insane amount of threads dedicated to this very topic! I learned that titles like “Cadbury Purple,” “Shabby Chic,” “Onesie,” and “Tiffany Blue” (among others) were completely off-limits!!! If you even think about using these, consider yourself in violation. There are a ton of shop listings that still use these terms, but in due time, they will get busted.

When selling on Etsy, if you, as a shop owner, are found in violation of ANY of their terms of use, they have the right to terminate your shop immediately without warning. It is up to you to research and understand these rules. Playing the “Well, I didn’t know!” card won’t get you anywhere. Running a shop, and keeping it stocked with new items takes A LOT of time, so you don’t want to ruin your progression OR your reputation because of something silly. Do your research people; know the rules and follow them.

Okay, so I mentioned the Etsy forum up above. The forum is a SUPER valuable resource that you should definitely take advantage of! It is designed for shop owners, as well as for Etsy customers, and it is jam packed FULL of valuable information! Word to the wise though; be cautious when you decide to make yourself known. Since everyone has access to this forum, if you feel like talking smack about that crazy difficult customer that you had recently, there IS a possibility that they could see it.

Say you get research happy, and have a question about a specific topic, head on over to the forum and type your inquiry into the search bar. I’m willing to put money on the fact that you will find your answer. There are a multitude of fabulous articles available for you, and your peers are very involved and descriptive in their threads! Make sure to build friendships with your fellow Etsians. Join Etsy groups and teams if you are in a position to do so, and if you are given the opportunity to get together with your “neighbor” Etsians at a meet up, jump on it.

Running an Etsy shop can be lonely, and if you can interact with likeminded individuals close by, do it. You will then have the opportunity to brainstorm, encourage, and support one another when it’s needed the most. They are a tight knit network, and this could prove extremely beneficial to your growth. The more friends you make, the more your shop will advance. Not only will your new friends take the time to promote your new shop, (as you should do for theirs!) but they will also offer you valuable insight that could help you keep your shop looking sharp. Take the time to follow your friends on their various social media platforms; write up short posts bragging about their shop/creations, and nine times out of ten, they will do the same for you. You know the old saying, “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.” But, make sure NOT to compare yourself, your shop, or your success level with your new friends. Doing this is extremely unproductive and damaging to your self-worth! Everyone is unique, and we all have our different way of doing things. Be happy for your friends; be supportive when they need it and rejoice at each of their successes! If you surround that friendship with negativity, you will be the one who suffers from it.

Most Etsy shops cater to one “type” of item in their shop; be it crocheted items, jewelry pieces, vintage items, handmade greeting cards, and so on. Not only is it better for business, but it is less confusing for your customers. If your craft centers on several different items, you may want to consider opening up an additional store. Personally, I have a wide variety of items that I enjoy creating. I get bored focusing on only one “type” of craft. But, in my shop, the theme is pretty consistent. I use a lot of bright colors, and my “style” teeters on Hippie/Boho art. It may come off as confusing to some, but it works for me, and I haven’t seen any major issues regarding my sales. So, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?!

Etsy Fees
Currently, the listing fee for each item that you post to your shop is 20 cents. The total (of new listings and the number of sales you make) at the end of the month will make up your monthly bill. When you make a sale, Etsy will take a small percentage from that sale, and will then take the remaining funds and direct deposit that amount into the bank account that you have on file. At the end of each month, they will automatically debit your monthly bill from said account. I believe that “due dates” are different for everyone, but don’t quote me on that.

It goes without saying that having breathtaking images on your shop are a necessity. Since you do not have your beautiful creations displayed nicely in a brick and mortar shop somewhere, then you need to ensure that you give your customers the best possible “First Impression” they can get. How are you going to do that??? With PICTURES, of course!!! Etsy allows you to upload 5 pictures per listing. Make sure that you use all 5 of these, and that you only choose your best images. Make sure to include different angles to give your customer the full effect.

Getting the Best Shot

So let’s pretend that you have two shops selling a similar Turquoise Knitted Infinity Scarf that would accessorize your new maxi skirt perfectly. They both have their scarves priced the same, but one shop has bright, sharp photos, while the others’ photos are dark and unfocused. Which shop would YOU purchase that scarf from?!

While doing a photo shoot for your creations, make sure to accentuate the beauty of each individual piece. You have two options here. You can either create photos with white (Gallery Style) backgrounds, or you can utilize the nature around you. A lot of shop owners swear by the “White Backdrop,” but you should choose whichever method will do your creation justice. Carolina over at Yesterday After, displays her jewelry on stones and leaves, among other props, and I feel that her usage of nature really add to the beauty of each piece!

In saying this, don’t place that rhinestone bracelet in a “busy” environment. That will only take away from its elegant beauty; instead photograph it laying on a piece of driftwood down by the ocean. Don’t photograph that scarf lying flat on a tabletop, instead display it on a female model in a secluded valley surrounded by freshly fallen snow. Use the nature that you have around you to your benefit. Photos taken in natural light end up serving you best, and they complement the radiant tones and hues of your creations. Natural light (but not direct sunlight) accentuates its truest beauty. Make sure to eliminate as many distractions as you can from your photos, and take those few extra seconds to ensure that you wind up with a nice clear/sharp shot. Photo editing can do wonders for your photographs, and I have heard that Foto Fuze is a fantastic program. Apparently, in this program, you can remove backgrounds from your images, but I personally, have never used it.

Second, I want to encourage you to watermark your photos. You take the time to plan, execute, download, edit, and upload these originals photographs; make sure that no one else can claim these bad boys as their own work. As much as I hate to admit it, there are thousands of these characters out in the world. The placement of your watermark can be anywhere on your image. You should choose what works best for you. Keep in mind that watermarks are extremely helpful when it comes to pinning images on Pinterest. Say that you run across a “I gotta have it!” item on Pinterest. You click the image, and discover that the link is broken. Well, now how are you going to buy it? Well, if the shop name is on that image, the person could then search out that particular shop, find the item and buy their “PRECIOUS.”

SEO-Search Engine Optimization
So, on to SEO, that essential “tool” that determines whether your shop will get exposure or not. If you are a blogger, then you KNOW how important SEO is in getting noticed. Let’s begin by discussing Titles, Tags, and Descriptions. First of all, they need to sync together so that your content will get more exposure on Google searches, but PLEASE, DO NOT become obsessed with this! Same goes for the pictures. While it is super important to have bright, clear photos, if you get tunnel vision on getting that one perfect shot, then you are wasting your creative energy. Do the best that you can, and then forget about it.


While putting together a listing, keep in mind that the source of your keywords will generally be from your title, from the first TWO sentences in your description, and from the tags that you choose to use. You want to be consistent here, to ensure that if someone types your keyword into a search bar (i.e. Google), that your listing will pop up as a result. When it comes to creating your title, DON’T be vague and use a title like BEAD BRACELET. Instead, break it down like this: Amazonite Bracelet, Virgo Bracelet, Zodiac Bracelet, Astrology Bracelet, Beaded Stretch Bracelet, Blue Stone Bracelet, Boho Bracelet. This covers a wide variety of specific terms that a person may be searching for. Also, common misspelled words could be included into your list, so that way, if the person types in the incorrect spelling, your listing will still show up.

When you get down to your description, it should start out something like this: This classy amazonite bracelet features a charm with the Zodiac/Astrology sign, Virgo. This Boho style bracelet stretches and features blue stones and glass beads… See what I did? You want to plug in your keywords, but at the same time, make your sentences fluid, and easy to read. When you get down to your tags, you need to make it a point to use ALL 13 tags. This not only will benefit your potential customer, but it will increase traffic to your shop. Utilize this feature. Examples of tags would be: Amazonite Bracelet, Virgo Bracelet, Zodiac Signs, Astrology Signs, Virgo, Beaded Bracelet, Stretch Bracelet, Blue Stones, Glass Beads, Boho, Charms, Gift, Jewelry

Some additional tips for your description include adding personal details. For example, what kind of fabric is used, what are some different uses that your creation may serve, what are some special features that it offers, or you could even share the proper care instructions. Think about what they would do with your creation at a brick and mortar store prior to purchasing it. They would feel it, smell it, play with it, and so on. Get excited when you describe your creation. The more information that you can offer your customer, the more likely you are to get their sale. Also, who would benefit from it, where could you display it, how can it be used? What inspired you to create this piece? How much time did you spend creating it? Make sure to share a little of your creation’s backstory. That extra explanation will make your customer treasure it that much more.

Additional Features of a Listing
There are two more important parts of a listing. The shop section (Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings…), and the materials used. The sections will break your shop into a more organized platform for your customers to view, and the materials used will give your customer a more realistic idea as to the quality of your item. Use them to your advantage. The more information that you share the more knowledgeable in your craft you will appear. The more organized your shop is, the more your customer will experience a pleasurable shopping experience. It’s a win-win all the way around!

If you can find an appropriate occasion/style/recipient in the list, use those as well. If someone is searching under a broad category, and your item is Whimsical, you will want to make sure that your creation is seen. By using “Whimsical,” for your style, your creation will be included in those search items.

Also, make sure to include measurements and extra details about your items size. It would be like when I ordered my plate for metal stamping. I was expecting a 2-3 inch square, and when it arrived, it was like ½ inch! Talk about being disappointed! If they had included their measurements, or at least showed it photographed next to another item for size reference, it would have eased the blow. Make sure that your customers are fully aware of what they are ordering. Provide that information on the front end. It will save you from experiencing a lot of frustration when you have to cough up a replacement/refund.

I’m no expert on the subject, but some additional advice that I can send your way is to post new items often. Every time you post an item/renew an item, your products get bumped up in the search menu, thus allowing your shop to gain more exposure. More exposure=more sales. Several shop owners have said to post 3 to 5 new items each day to stay fresh. If you have that kind of time, more power to you! I personally, don’t. I do what I can, when I can.

I have also read that 75 is the magic number on Etsy. Not sure how true this is? But apparently, once you have listed 75 items in your shop, sales take off. Also, and this is HUGE, DO NOT be a stats fanatic!!! Comparing your numbers to someone else is unproductive. Use that extra energy to create new items for your shop, or create a new stellar blog post about your creations, or put together a tutorial for your YouTube channel. Use your time wisely, productively, and your numbers and sales will show it. Another thing; on the forum, there are countless people worried about their reviews. While they are great to have (positive ones anyway), they don’t deter people from purchasing from you. I would much rather have NO reviews, than BAD reviews! You can politely ask your customers to review your products, but if they don’t, make sure that you don’t hound them. That makes you look bad, and will only result in a negative review.

Like in all business, customer service is key for a company; but more so when doing business online. Make sure to give your customers a great first impression. Say I’ve been shopping around for a new iPhone case. I find two that I really like at two different shops. I send each shop a short list of questions prior to placing my order. One responds in 5 minutes, while the other takes 4 days to respond. Which one do you think I would do business with? With that said, stay on top of your convos! I check mine multiple times per day. I want to make sure that my questions are answered ASAP.

So, how much should you charge for your creation? I hear this question being posed on every platform that I frequent! My advice to you here is to look to see what your fellow Etsians are charging. That way you can get in the ball park. Also make sure to include the cost of your materials, labor, and your packaging products. DO NOT short change yourself!!! If you charge too little, you cheapen the quality of your creation. The higher you charge, the more value your creation will have, and the better your sales will be. It’s all psychological, let’s just leave it at that.

Making Purchases

Let me begin by saying that I am NO expert when it comes to shipping. I have not shipped internationally yet, but am planning to do so once I have the time to research how it all works. During the early stages of my research, I discovered that it is a safe bet to choose 2 shipping destinations when trying to get an idea on shipping fees. For American sellers, we would choose Canada and Australia, as these two countries are the closest and furthest away from us. If our creation can ship to Australia for said price, then it will ship to all of the other countries slightly cheaper. Also, make sure to check what items are allowed INTO each country. Some countries have regulations on certain types of materials, and will refuse these items across their border. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. I read that France has super strict import rules-check out the USPS website for additional information.

One thing that I do know from experience is that a customer is more likely to purchase an item if Free Shipping is offered, as it simplifies the sale for them. But, if that’s just not your thing, make sure that you charge an appropriate fee. There are a TON of equations available on Pinterest that can help you out there. Just make sure that you don’t overcharge (folks just REALLY don’t like feeling that they got gypped), and that you don’t end up losing money (It’s never fun eating your profit!). If you want to save a ton of time at the post office, be aware that you have the option to print out your shipping labels through Etsy. I’ve never tried this, but have heard wonderful things about it!

I’m going to go ahead and include these little tidbits, but keep in mind that these figures were compiled PRIOR to the recent increase in postal prices.

  • First Class International is apparently the cheapest method-this only applies to packages 4 ounces and under
  • A 4 ounce First Class International package ranges around $9+
  • There are extra custom charges when shipping internationally-something to consider
  • Make sure to include tracking on your packages, and insurance if it is a higher priced item
  • You can insure through Etsy Insurance on the Shipping Label page
  • Etsy has a Shipping Calculator
  • Etsy Shipping Labels are apparently cheaper and tracking is included for free-One perk to using them is the auto fill in function-Saves writing/typing for you!

And finally, I am sharing with you a “Critique Worksheet” that is used by established shop owners to evaluate theirs and others’ shops. Use these prompts to your advantage, and set your shop up right from the beginning. Having to go back and “tweak” this or that is SO time consuming! It is NOT something that you want to do, trust me!

I hope that this has proven a helpful post to at least a few of you. And if you’re a shop owner and you have additional tips to add, please do so in the comments below. Let’s get these folks the info that they’re searching for. Over the years I have obtained a TON of knowledge from bloggers, and I hope to return the favor.

Shop Critique Worksheet

Polish your shop-Top Notch Photography
1. Is the shop using all 5 photos in each listing-does it show product details?
2. Is the shop using photos to accurately depict the size and scale of the item?
3. Do the photos have subtle backgrounds that don’t distract from the item?
4. Is the shop cropping photos in a complimentary way and are they using the image cropping tool to adjust their thumbnail photos?

Get Found-Optimize Search with Titles and Tags
1. Is the shop using descriptive key words/phrases in each title/tag/description that answer questions about their product such as: What is the item’s:

  • Category
  • Color
  • Style
  • Size
  • Purpose
  • Who is it created for and how?

2. Is the shop using all 13 tags and describing the item’s style in their titles and tags?
3. What keywords would you personally use in search to find items in this shop? ___, ___, ___
4. Is this shop using words from question 3?

Curate your Shop-Create a Cohesive Brand
1. Does this shop feature a diversity of products with varying price points to keep their shoppers engaged?
2. Are the shop policies filled out? Do they instill a trust in the buyer?
3. Is the shop telling a story and communicating a style?
4. Does the avatar and banner reflect the shop’s style and personality? Do they complement the item photos?
5. Are the item’s descriptions full, and do they tell a shopper why they should buy this item?

Ship It Out-Successful Shipping and Handling Policies
1. Is the shop listing its location correctly so that local shoppers can find them?
2. Does the shop offer international shipping options?
3. Does the shop offer reduced shipping when purchasing with another item?
4. Does the shop clearly outline their shipping, insurance, return, and refund policies?

Price It Right-Price to Sell and Thrive
1. Is the shop pricing high enough to cover material, labor, and their profit after fees are taken?
2. Does the shop price items to attract their desired customers?
3. Does the shop support its pricing structure with detailed descriptions about their process and materials used?
4. Does the shop provide a range of items with various price points?

Did you find this post helpful?

The Miranda Sings Award

I was recently nominated for the Miranda Sings Award by the amazing Erika Kind.  Erika, thank you SO very much for nominating me for this fantastic award! It has been an absolute honor to receive this.  Make sure to visit Erika’s blog.  It will change your life!

This award was created by Claudia’s ThoughtsIt’s sole purpose is to celebrate YOU.  Let all of your blogging friends know what makes you happiest when thinking about yourself.

The Miranda Sings Award

  • Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who nominated you.
  • Include the featured image on your blog post.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers (or as many as you can think of) and link your awardees in the post.
  • List 7 things you love about yourself (This can be about your appearance, your personality, your achievements, etc.)
  • Don’t use negative connotation. (I.e. Don’t say things like – I’m prettier than an average person or People have told me I’m smart. You ARE pretty. You ARE smart etc!

7 Things I LOVE about myself:

1: I love my CREATIVITY-It provides beauty in my otherwise crazy world.
2: I love my DETERMINATION-It keeps me on track and allows me to hone in on my beautiful future.
3: I love my COMPASSION-My bleeding heart keeps me humble.
4: I love my CLARITY-Having a clear focus allows me to continue on my path without getting bombarded by the road blocks along the way.
5: I love my EXPERIENCE-These moments have prepared me for my journey in life.
6: I love my CONVICTIONS-I stand firm; saying what I mean, and meaning what I say.
7: I love my STRENGTH-This has allowed me to face each catastrophe in my life without faltering.

My Nominees:

Gretchen over at Drifting Through My Open Mind

Maria over at Four Mariah’s

Trying Not to Hate over at Deep Breaths

Alamelu over at Silk Quilling Colours

Lori over at Lori Greer in Portland

Mia (a.k.a. The Wheat and Tares) over at The Grizzle Grist Mill

Lisa over at Lisa Talks About…

Inked Thoughts and Midnight Monologues

Lynn over at Lynn Thaler: Random Life Thoughts

Erum Explores

Erika, thank you again for this nomination!  I sure do appreciate this honor!

How to create your VERY OWN Business Binder

Hey Guys! Are you ready to learn how I manage to keep all of my ducks in a row???

My Binder 1

I am SO excited to finally be sharing with you how I created my Business Binder! I’ve mentioned several times in the past how much this book has been a life saver for me, and I’m hoping that it can become just as valuable for you! If you have any additional questions, please shoot them my way. I love to help out in any way that I can!

During the “research” phase of my blog, I ran across a post talking about how important it was to create a “Blog Binder.” Not only does it keep your thought process organized, but it also allows you to stay ahead of the game. It was advised to have at least 2-3 months worth of material available at ALL times to prevent scrambling at that very last second to get your post put together. I implemented that in the beginning, but VERY quickly went through my material. I now try to work on posts 1-2 weeks in advance, and this works out well for me. But, with all things, there are just some posts which end up taking a bit longer. I actually have 2 posts that I have been putting together for the past several months; looking forward to their release! So, let’s get to the meat of the matter….

What is a “Blog/Business Binder,” and what do you need to make one? Well, the binder is a compilation of all things blog/business related. I have my post ideas, my research, ideas for my creations, a calendar filled with posts that I want to release on certain days, and so on. I will give you a breakdown of mine a little further down, so don’t go anywhere just yet.

When it comes to creating one, you can make it as “inexpensive” or “elaborate” as you choose. Since money was tight when I first put mine together, I went down the cheap route. I rummaged through my supplies and found a 1 inch binder, some white copy paper, and a hole punch. I then designed my own calendar, punched holes in all the pages, and secured them all inside. I also tried out the color-coded post-it notes, but passed on those pretty quickly. Basically, you choose several different colors/patterns and those will represent the different topics/categories that you will write about. That way, at a glance, you can see whether you have a good “balance” for your posting schedule. Fantastic concept, but a bit more work than I needed in my life.

My Binder 2

While a lot of people choose to use colored markers/sharpies to create a fun and colorful binder, I prefer having the option to erase, as my mind changes so often. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to throw my post ideas back onto the idea list, because one, I just didn’t have the time to devote to that particular topic, or two, because I just wasn’t feeling it. It’s so much easier just to re-write and erase as opposed to filling in a new calendar. But, as the old saying goes, “whatever floats your boat.”

In my post, Implementing 5 Changes for a Successful Year, I stated that I have decided on a new direction for my blog, as well as for my Etsy shop. I am in Year 3 of my 5 Year Plan, and the time has come to shake things up a bit! I have been watching a TON of marketing videos, and have decided that I need to be a bit more strategic in my planning. In saying this, I am beginning to realize that it’s about time to invest in a larger binder. That 1 inch just doesn’t seem to be cutting it anymore! My ideas are LITERALLY busting at the seams

My Binder 3

A few weeks back I decided to bite the bullet and re-organize my binder, and while I liked the new changes, it still just wasn’t quite right. Thus, I decided to change things up yet again. While my Etsy shop and my blog are certainly 2 separate entities, when it comes down to it, they are really one in the same, as they work hand in hand towards the same ultimate goal. So, I had to figure out a way to join the two within my binder. I put a lot of thought into it, and the breakdown below is what I came up with.

I still find myself struggling to remember where I have put everything, but in time, I believe that this new configuration will make my business run a bit more efficiently.



  • Krista Kemp Designs-My creations-packaging ideas-shopping wish list-chart of my goals and deadlines
  • From Food Stamps to a Future-My mission statement-the direction that I want to take my blog-chart of my goals and deadlines

Idea Bank:
My creation ideas broken down by category-future product lines-possible post ideas-upcoming events and collaborations


  • Blog Editorial Calendar-my post lineup-month at a glance
  • Product Launch Schedule-a list of each item in my newest product line (broken down by color, pattern, and price), my anticipated launch date, and a checklist for my promotion schedule
  • My Social Media Calendar-Sucking miserably in this area!!! Need to get more involved. Each platform is broken down by section, and will allow me to fill in what type of post/promotion/video I will include at each destination
  • Local Selling and Promotion-a “4 month at a glance” breakdown of what I’ve got going on around town; from advertising my shop and blog, to teaching classes, to selling creations at different venues; planning to add some local media advertisement to that list.

Food for Thought:
Upcoming Events (in person and online)-my TO DO checklist

Research and Marketing Strategies:
A safe place for all of my super important notes-a vault of knowledge for numerous upcoming adventures

My Binder 4

So, there you have it. Pretty simple concept, huh?! If you have a blog/business/editorial calendar/binder, I would LOVE to hear how YOU have it organized!

6 Ways To Be More Successful In Everything In Life

Lead Your Greatness put together a fabulous post a while back that I just HAD to share.  I hope that you are as inspired as I was when I read it.  Take the time to explore their blog.  You will be SO glad that you did!

Today is your Day!

The 6 Ways to be More Successful in Everything in Life are:

Number One: Know Yourself

Number Two: Be Optimistic

Number Three: Focus on Details

Number Four: Act Like you Already Have It

Number Five: Trust Your Feelings

Number Six: Be in the Present Moment

To explore each of these topics, head on over and check it out HERE.

Do YOU have any points to add?