Blessings in Disguise

Hello my friends! I trust that you had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend. Mine was QUITE eventful to say the least!

Black Screen of Death

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

So, for those of you who follow me on Facebook, you are already aware that my trusty PC has finally given up the ghost. My daughter borrowed it one day, and she wouldn’t boot properly the next. I have concluded that there is a hardware issue, and suspect that the solder on one of the components has broken loose, which is NOT something that I feel super comfortable tackling as a DIY project, despite my A+ training. I am hoping that our computer whiz down the road can get this issue resolved, and if so, my kiddos will have a “new” laptop to work on for school projects. But, in the meantime, I needed a reliable PC. I have way too many things going on daily that require a dependable computer! So, I applied for a store credit card and purchased the “perfect” PC for me. I didn’t need all the bells and whistles, and was able to find a great deal on a new HP. I am anxious to get it all set up the way that I need it.

In addition to this fiasco, my hair dryer went out (the very next morning might I add) and our PS3 has been on the fritz for the past several months, AND my hubby’s new tablet that he got for Christmas has been going haywire. So, we went ahead and upgraded to a PS4, and I will probably replace his tablet with a Samsung Chrome Book (after I do some research) that has a stellar price tag on it while I’m at it. Also, my “Big” Christmas gift this past year (we were actually able to buy each other a few things) was an external hard drive that I’ve been eyeballing for the past 12 years. I almost lost my pics of the kids growing up back in 2008, and I refuse to put myself in that position again, thus the need for an external. But, it was a dud! I sent it back with full intention of replacing it, but an unexpected bill popped up (go figure!) that needed that money, so I was out my gift. I figure since I’m charging, I may as well cross all my t’s and dot all my i’s. I have quite a collection of saleable items that I’ve been compiling for my household liquidation, so I should be able to get this card paid off pretty quickly. PLUS, it will help boost my credit score even more, so when we go to apply for a home loan (which is coming soon…) it will work in our favor.

It’s super scary to make multiple large purchases like this, but when you’ve got all the details mapped out and a game plan in mind (like I do), it will end up being a blessing in disguise.

So, I know that I missed my Tell All Tuesday question this week (as well as my Wednesday post), but it is next to impossible to compose a post on my little iPhone. I do hope that you will forgive me.

But, my question for the week was this…

Q-In regards to large purchases, are you an impulsive shopper?

Tell All Tuesday Series...

A-Oh my no! I spend months (sometimes years) contemplating the purchase, and I ensure that I cover all my bases. Research, specs, customer reviews, and so on. The couple of times that I have been backed into a corner (like with my vehicle) with a lack of any other options, I have gotten burned financially, and I do mean fried to a crisp! Overall, I am very methodical in ALL that I do. Spontaneous travel…now that’s another story for another day.

When life throws chaos in your path, you have to cope the best way that you know how, and I’m hoping that this weekend offers me the opportunity (mainly the time) to get all of my ducks back in a row. As I’ve mentioned before, I am the cog that keeps this family running efficiently, and I need to get all the kinks ironed out and get us back to a somewhat “normal” schedule again. It’s hard enough keeping 2 teen work schedules (in addition to mine) on track without a TON of wasted gas and back peddling. I have too much going on to waste what little time I’m given each day.

Okay, so as you know, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my latest creations (my Exploding Boxes for my Mama and my Grandma). I have been having an absolute blast with them, but they are SUPER time consuming! I honestly thought that I’d be damn near finished with them by now! My newest addition (my Flower Pop Up Envelope) has been an extremely tedious process. Was going to create a line of them for my Etsy shop, but am STRONGLY reconsidering! Ready to move on to the next item on the list! Anyway, I thought that I would put together a couple of posts/tutorials on how to create some of the items that I have been creating for these boxes. I learned these techniques from fellow bloggers, and felt it only appropriate to pass along the information. Make sure to stay tuned. Good stuff is in the NEAR future…


-SIDE NOTE: Hubby ended up getting a new Samsung tablet for a GREAT price, and I ended up getting a 5 TB external hard drive (only a few dollars more than the 2TB I got at Christmas!!!). I saved SO much money…great sales!!!


4 thoughts on “Blessings in Disguise

  1. says:

    I lost pictures many years ago on our first computer and so now I down load all my pictures on the computer and when full, I put the SD cards in our safety deposit box at the bank. I have an external hard drive, but it is a pain in the butt and we have not been able to get stuff on it, and then when our youngest daughter told us she had an external hard drive die and take all the stuff on it with it, I decided keeping the cards was best for now . I was making discs with my previous computer, , but this computer has not been cooperative with that project. I made the mistake of buying a cheap computer around four years ago , with the monitaor part of the computer, so no tower , and it is just not a good cd burning one , not like a tower is. I need to upgrade soon, but for now, I keep all the SD cards once they are full. I am sure it is more expensive, but it gives me peace of mind until I can get a new computer and start making discs again. Once I get a new computer, I will take all t hose cards home and burn them onto cds. I will eventually figure out how to get them on the extermal hard drive too, and once I have discs, I can reuse the SD cards. A know there is a better way, lol !!
    I think backing them up several ways is best. I have a cloud, but cannot seem to get the computer on it, only the phone and Ipad.
    I am terribly inept with my computer skills. I know there is more I could do, but I have no clue how to do it !!
    I envy the kids who grew up with computers and make it all seem so effortless !!

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    • Krista Kemp says:

      Man, that all sounds SO complicated! But totally worth it! I didn’t grow up with a PC, so I understand where you’re coming from. The majority of my computer knowledge is self taught. My college education focused on programming skills more than anything of use in a day to day operation. I plan to have back ups of backups…just an external isn’t enough to satisfy my mind. Great hearing from you girl! I hope your remodeling projects are going well!

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    • Krista Kemp says:

      Girl, it’s been pouring since New Years Eve!!! All blessings in disguise. I’m keeping my chin up, and I know that I’ll be better for the experiences down the road. Finally getting my new PC configured how I need it. Setting up system images, restore points, backup files, and system restore discs. Should be back operational shortly. I am totally digging my new external hard drive!!! I’m so glad that you dropped a line…I always love hearing from you Lynne! I hope that things are peachy in your world and that you have an amazing weekend!


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