How to create your VERY OWN Business Binder

Hey Guys! Are you ready to learn how I manage to keep all of my ducks in a row???

My Binder 1

I am SO excited to finally be sharing with you how I created my Business Binder! I’ve mentioned several times in the past how much this book has been a life saver for me, and I’m hoping that it can become just as valuable for you! If you have any additional questions, please shoot them my way. I love to help out in any way that I can!

During the “research” phase of my blog, I ran across a post talking about how important it was to create a “Blog Binder.” Not only does it keep your thought process organized, but it also allows you to stay ahead of the game. It was advised to have at least 2-3 months worth of material available at ALL times to prevent scrambling at that very last second to get your post put together. I implemented that in the beginning, but VERY quickly went through my material. I now try to work on posts 1-2 weeks in advance, and this works out well for me. But, with all things, there are just some posts which end up taking a bit longer. I actually have 2 posts that I have been putting together for the past several months; looking forward to their release! So, let’s get to the meat of the matter….

What is a “Blog/Business Binder,” and what do you need to make one? Well, the binder is a compilation of all things blog/business related. I have my post ideas, my research, ideas for my creations, a calendar filled with posts that I want to release on certain days, and so on. I will give you a breakdown of mine a little further down, so don’t go anywhere just yet.

When it comes to creating one, you can make it as “inexpensive” or “elaborate” as you choose. Since money was tight when I first put mine together, I went down the cheap route. I rummaged through my supplies and found a 1 inch binder, some white copy paper, and a hole punch. I then designed my own calendar, punched holes in all the pages, and secured them all inside. I also tried out the color-coded post-it notes, but passed on those pretty quickly. Basically, you choose several different colors/patterns and those will represent the different topics/categories that you will write about. That way, at a glance, you can see whether you have a good “balance” for your posting schedule. Fantastic concept, but a bit more work than I needed in my life.

My Binder 2

While a lot of people choose to use colored markers/sharpies to create a fun and colorful binder, I prefer having the option to erase, as my mind changes so often. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to throw my post ideas back onto the idea list, because one, I just didn’t have the time to devote to that particular topic, or two, because I just wasn’t feeling it. It’s so much easier just to re-write and erase as opposed to filling in a new calendar. But, as the old saying goes, “whatever floats your boat.”

In my post, Implementing 5 Changes for a Successful Year, I stated that I have decided on a new direction for my blog, as well as for my Etsy shop. I am in Year 3 of my 5 Year Plan, and the time has come to shake things up a bit! I have been watching a TON of marketing videos, and have decided that I need to be a bit more strategic in my planning. In saying this, I am beginning to realize that it’s about time to invest in a larger binder. That 1 inch just doesn’t seem to be cutting it anymore! My ideas are LITERALLY busting at the seams

My Binder 3

A few weeks back I decided to bite the bullet and re-organize my binder, and while I liked the new changes, it still just wasn’t quite right. Thus, I decided to change things up yet again. While my Etsy shop and my blog are certainly 2 separate entities, when it comes down to it, they are really one in the same, as they work hand in hand towards the same ultimate goal. So, I had to figure out a way to join the two within my binder. I put a lot of thought into it, and the breakdown below is what I came up with.

I still find myself struggling to remember where I have put everything, but in time, I believe that this new configuration will make my business run a bit more efficiently.



  • Krista Kemp Designs-My creations-packaging ideas-shopping wish list-chart of my goals and deadlines
  • From Food Stamps to a Future-My mission statement-the direction that I want to take my blog-chart of my goals and deadlines

Idea Bank:
My creation ideas broken down by category-future product lines-possible post ideas-upcoming events and collaborations


  • Blog Editorial Calendar-my post lineup-month at a glance
  • Product Launch Schedule-a list of each item in my newest product line (broken down by color, pattern, and price), my anticipated launch date, and a checklist for my promotion schedule
  • My Social Media Calendar-Sucking miserably in this area!!! Need to get more involved. Each platform is broken down by section, and will allow me to fill in what type of post/promotion/video I will include at each destination
  • Local Selling and Promotion-a “4 month at a glance” breakdown of what I’ve got going on around town; from advertising my shop and blog, to teaching classes, to selling creations at different venues; planning to add some local media advertisement to that list.

Food for Thought:
Upcoming Events (in person and online)-my TO DO checklist

Research and Marketing Strategies:
A safe place for all of my super important notes-a vault of knowledge for numerous upcoming adventures

My Binder 4

So, there you have it. Pretty simple concept, huh?! If you have a blog/business/editorial calendar/binder, I would LOVE to hear how YOU have it organized!


21 thoughts on “How to create your VERY OWN Business Binder

  1. Erika Kind says:

    Wow, that’s a very cool idea! By now my blog business binder are my “categories”. Of course, I have several binders for many other things…. BUT…. they all look not a bit as beautiful as your binder looks! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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