Tell All Tuesday Series: Camping

Q-What are some of your fondest camping memories?

Camping Memories

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

A-We did a WHOLE lot of camping in my younger years, so I have a ton of memories to pull from. Unfortunately, I have yet to treat my kiddos to this experience. This is a HUGE regret in my life! I am hoping to get the chance to remedy this soon.

Memory #1: Dishpan Baby
When my sister and I were little, we were given baths in this giant (at that time) antique dishpan on top of the table. It’s crazy that at one point in time we were small enough to actually fit in there!

Memory #2: Fly Funeral
One year we borrowed (if memory serves) my grandparents camper; it was one of those ugly pop out, low rent models. I recall standing at the back of it, mesmerized by the numbers of flies that were buzzing about, and swatting at them with a fly swatter. After I killed a good many of them, I felt remorseful and began to cry. It was in that moment that I decided to give them a mass fly funeral. I was such a stupid little kid!

Memory #3: Gadgets and Goodies
My daddy was a “professional” camper, and always went fully prepared; from screen tents to surround the picnic tables to the mini gas grill. One item that he had that I thought was SO cool was the “Grilled Cheese” apparatus. You throw your bread and cheese inside this metal square and then you hold it over the fire. The perfect grilled cheese every time!

Memory #4: A Sticky Mess
A camping trip just isn’t complete without toasting marshmallows over a roaring fire. My absolute favorite way to eat my marshmallows is burnt to a crisp. I poke my stick in the fire, and pull that baby out blazing. I then blow it out and peel the black, singed, flaky outer layer off, toss it in my mouth and repeat the process, layer by layer.

Memory #5: Campfire Karaoke
When we started camping with my stepdad and his crew, we were treated to a little campfire karaoke party. Everyone would pass around the beers and bust out the guitars. I loved laying on the ground stargazing while listening to their jam sessions. Great memories!

So, what is YOUR fondest camping memory?


8 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesday Series: Camping

  1. MumsOrchardHouse says:

    Oh gosh, idk how to choose but much like you, I grew up camping A LOT & for that I am so thankful. I distinctly remember camping out on a remote island one time & all us kids were in a tent, huddling around a single flashlight as I read “scary” stories and for some reason that image is so clear in my mind. On that same trip, we woke up to realize the dogs had eaten the rest of our food because the storage hadn’t been closed tight. So, what do you do on a remote island? You dig for clams and eat em’ for breakfast! We had a fabulous time!

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  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    Went to a summer camp up in Michigan. Fondest memory was our swimming test to decide if you were a shark or a guppy. To be a shark you had to swim 1/2 mile out to a platform, rest and then swim 1/2 back. Sharks could swim anywhere – I was a shark!!

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