Tell All Tuesday Series: Christmas

Q-Did you enjoy your Christmas?

Merry Christmas!

Image Courtesy of Pexels

A-We sure did! It was hard to get into the spirit this year with SO many different things on our minds and our plates this season, but it ended up being one of the best Christmas’ we’ve had to date!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Tell All Tuesday Series: Catalogs

Q-Who here remembers the infamous Wish Book?

Sears Wish Book 1986

A-Showing my age a little here, but THOSE were the days! My sister and I would fight over who had first dibs each and every year. (I normally won-I was a bit of a bully) We would spend hours compiling our lists for Santa, and then hope and pray that out most desired items would magically find their way under the tree. To be totally honest, I don’t recall ANY of our Wish Book items ever arriving, but Christmas remained special nonetheless, and we always had amazing gifts!

Every year I asked for a Rock Tumbler and a Painting Set, but they never found their way to my house. I ended up getting both of these items for my kiddos, but they ended up just collecting dust. They were excited when they got the rock tumbler, but it didn’t perform as described (Go Figure). Super disappointing for them, as they had an impressive gemstone collection, which they were hoping to add to. The painting set…not sure that one was ever even opened?!

What are YOUR Wish Book Memories?

Tell All Tuesday Series: Surprises

Q-When was the last time you were given a surprise gift?


Image Courtesy of Pixabay

A-Last Thursday, after my son’s dentist appointment, I received a call from my step-dad. He had heard that I was in the market for a new printer and was curious if I had decided on a particular model yet. I told him that I had heard the HP Envy was a good printer, but that I hadn’t narrowed it down to a specific model. He told me to let him know when I had chosen the one that I wanted.

My mom had talked with me several days prior in regards to possibly purchasing a new printer for my Birthday/Christmas present this year, which was an awesome suggestion since I needed one; it would save me from having to throw it on the credit card! So, I called him back and told him that I was interested in the HP Envy 5660. It had amazing reviews, offered all the functionality that I was searching for, and it was on sale for $100. A few minutes later, I was informed that it would be delivered on Saturday.

He wanted to hand deliver my new toy, so he and my mama came up Sunday morning; he wanted me to start enjoying it right away. Not only did he get me an AMAZING printer, but he supplied me with an additional package of ink. You would think he would’ve stopped there, but nope, there was ANOTHER surprise!

The previous weekend they had been over for my boys birthday party, and he was talking about his new favorite stop-in…Zaxby’s. He had never eaten there because he didn’t like the name, but when he finally tried it, he was hooked. I told him that I don’t go there very often, and that I generally don’t spend $7-8 on a meal for myself. So, he presented me with a gift card so I could get several meals. He’s such a sweetie!

The surprise, the anticipation, and the thought meant the world to me! Being a mom, you generally are forgotten. It’s nice to be recognized and spoiled! Thank you Jim! I love you!

So, when was the last time YOU were given a surprise gift?

It’s Party Time!

It’s amazing how FAST time flies! Just yesterday my babies were in diapers, and now my youngest will be entering his last official year of “childhood.” He will be a full fledged teenager next year. It’s SO disheartening; they weren’t supposed to grow up this quick! To commemorate this very special birthday (the final “Kid” celebration), I am putting together an unforgettable party. Life has been hectic lately, time has gotten away from me, and I definitely got a late start in the planning process, but I have faith that I can pull it off.

Birthday Celebration

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

My boy had originally requested a Space theme party, so that was the direction in which I had allowed my imagination to go in, but then he told me that he wanted a riddle filled scavenger hunt like I had done for his sister on her birthday. He was hoping that I could sweeten the deal and hide a clue up in our tree so he could climb up and get it. I informed him that DEFINITELY wouldn’t be happening, because if I even ATTEMPTED to climb a tree now, I’d either get stuck, or I’d fall out and booger myself up. That’s the last thing the family needs to deal with, and the way our year’s been going…

I actually might end up surprising him since I have a ladder now (I’ll make sure to have a spotter JUST IN CASE). He’d be thrilled to death; my little monkey!

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been stretched so thin lately, but trying to combine these 2 concepts has been a bit difficult for me to do this go around. I generally don’t have problems when I sit down to plan a party, as my brainstorming sessions normally result in an overabundance of fun ideas, but here I sit, trying to work my magic at the very last second. Anyway, I’m gonna scram so I can get the house decorated, the cake made and decorated, gifts wrapped, clues hidden, and the birthday dinner prepared. I hope that you have an unforgettable weekend; we will.

Love you bunches!

Creative Punishments

Back in my teenage years, I was a bit rebellious. I got my first tattoo at the age of 16, and my first piercing followed just 2 weeks later. These were the first of many, which I now regret, but what do you do?! One day I’ll get them removed. Every time that I was presented with an opportunity, I would test the waters in hopes of a reaction. Fortunately, I never seriously damaged my future.


Image Courtesy of Pixabay

In the early days of dating my ex husband, I “accidentally” fell asleep at his apartment. I made sure to wake up early that next morning so I could sneak home before my mom realized that I wasn’t there, only to discover that my car was missing from the parking lot. I was frantic, trying to figure out why in the world someone would steal my “almost” antique 4 door Honda Civic. After realizing that I was left with no other option, I dialed my mama’s number. I said, “Mama! Someone stole my car!” Her reply to me was, “I know. I did. Now get your ass home.CLICK!

Anyone that knows my mama can tell you that she’s ALWAYS happy (or at least appears that way)! She always has a vibrant smile on her pretty face, and she is ALWAYS a delight to be around. This particular incident (momentarily) changed all of that. I knew I was in for it!  You know, looking back, I can only recall 2 times that I royally screwed up. This just happened to be one of them. The other time was when I had my know it all attitude at 13.  I started laughing at her while she was beating me for being disrespectful. I guess she didn’t find that comical.  She ended up throwing a suitcase into my chest and told me to get the “F*@! out of my house.”  I TOTALLY deserved it!

Now that I am entertaining the growing pains of Motherhood, I have learned a WHOLE new respect for my Mama. I’ve been hit coming and going! I’ve been confronted with situations that most parents didn’t even realize existed.  Mind you, 98% of the time, I couldn’t have asked for better behaved children, but like each of us, they’re not perfect. Being a mother would be SO much easier if there was a guidebook that had explicit instructions on how to handle each and every situation! You want to teach them correctly, but at the same time, you want to make sure that you don’t cause irreversible psychological damage that requires extensive therapy to heal from.

Anyway, several years ago, my youngest decided to test the waters. He started stealing and ended up destroying someone else’s personal property. So, I grabbed him up and escorted him to the police station. I told them what his infractions were and told them to lock him up. Unfortunately, they aren’t “allowed” to do that anymore. Apparently, some of these dingbat mothers pursued this effective option and later filed complaints that the officers were “too harsh.” Forgive me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t that the freaking point; to put the fear of God in them?! Some of those parents just need a good beating I tell you!

I’ve tried just about every punishment known to man! What works for one kid, doesn’t phase the next. The Iron Chair (exercise) was effective with my oldest, the simple threat of a spanking terrified my daughter, and my youngest… I still have yet to figure him out. He’s had whippings from his Principal, had absolutely everything taken from him, I have prevented him from taking part in our Christmas traditions (which he loves!) and I have even gone so far as to have him pack his bag, and then taken him on a drive informing him that we were on our way to a boy’s school since he didn’t want to behave for me. Perhaps I’ll discover what works one of these days.  Fortunately, we’re in the clear at the moment.

Over these past 17 years of parenting, and 12 years of working in childcare, I have realized that girls are a WHOLE lot easier to raise than boys are. They’re more expensive, yes, but SO much easier!

Now, it’s your turn. What are some of the creative punishments that have occurred in your life, either from your upbringing or from your personal list of trials and errors as a parent? I’m anxious to hear new ideas!

My First Product Launch

I decided several weeks ago that today, August 26, 2016, I was going to unleash details about my newest product. I have been compiling information for the past 12 years of my life, and have finally decided on the direction in which I want to use this knowledge. My original game plan was to create an informative guide for those in need, then I thought it would be more appropriate as a detailed e Course, but have decided instead to create the Ultimate Inspiration Pack.

Follow Your Dreams

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

We all talk about following our dreams, fueling our passions, but let me ask you this…how do you go about STARTING down this path? My Inspiration Pack will provide you with all the steps necessary to ensure that you start your journey successfully. I will be providing more details as time progresses.

I have been working on an informative breakdown of this new, FANTASTIC product, but my explanation is a bit unorganized at the moment. Last Sunday I spent the day in the Emergency room, and have been on 3 antibiotics since, and then Monday evening my son was involved in his first car accident. So, needless to say, my explanation is clouded by a mother’s emotions and a fuzzy medicated head. This product deserves my best, so I will save it for another day. I wish each of you an exciting weekend worth remembering!

Till next time…

Tell All Tuesday Series: Parties

Q-What is the best party you have ever thrown?

Decorating Party

Baby Boy Helping Decorate Sissy’s Room

A-There are several in my case, and I will eventually turn them into “How To” eBooks so that others can enjoy them as well. For my oldest son’s 3rd birthday, I had a (SpongeBob) Bikini Bottom Blast Barbecue. It was my first scavenger hunt style party, and EVERYONE, children and adults alike, had a blast! I organized an elaborate Space theme Adventure Hunt for the children where I worked. There is a “photo” video on my YouTube channel, but the pictures DO NOT do it justice. We had an Alien Autopsy and everything! For my oldest sons 14th Birthday, I had a Black Ops style scavenger hunt. I REALLY wanted to have some of the family burst in dressed in black with guns and scare the crap out of the boys, but I thought some of the parents may not appreciate that. That same year, I organized an Ugly Dress Fashion Show for my daughter. Certain elements veered toward a scavenger hunt style party, but not so much. I even had a Craft Kit so the girls could create their own flavorful Lip Gloss.

So, as we speak, I am celebrating my daughter’s 15th birthday. I got her a really nice “Big” gift, but decided to (yet again) send her on a hunt for it. During her travels she will collect some of her favorite things (Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, Nail Polish, Starbuck’s Gift Card…) and the grand finale, PRIOR to opening her big gift, she will get a nice loud surprise. I plan to video tape it, and if I get the reaction that I’m hoping for, I’ll be posting it on my channel for you all to enjoy. I have several other parties under my belt, and have a children’s book outline of some terrific parties, but these were my over the top moments that I thought I should highlight.

Now, what is the best party that YOU have ever thrown???

A New Ride

We have hit yet another milestone.  My son got his first set of wheels over the weekend, and baby girl is going to get her permit this next week!

A New Ride

Been running the roads today tending to my vehicle…the passenger window decided to come off track this morning, so needless to say, she is in the shop.  Hoping she’ll be ready in the morning.  Just wanted to touch base and apologize for not having a post prepared.  Have a great night!

Managing your Super Busy Life

For those of you who have subscribed to follow my blog, you are aware that there are several freebies available to you on the club page.  Included among these items, is an eBook that I put together that will aid you in managing your busy life.  I have decided to share this valuable resource with others around the world that are not familiar with my presence here on WordPress, so I have posted this eBook for sale in my Etsy shop.  If you haven’t gotten your FREE copy yet, make sure to click on the link (Join the Club) below (on mobile devices) or on my sidebar (if using a PC) to join the club.  If you would like to support the cause, head on over to my shop and purchase it for only $3.00.

10 Steps: How to Manage your Busy Life eBook

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Make sure to tell ALL of your friends about this great guide of tips and tricks.  I spent a good decade as a single mother, and these are the techniques that worked best for me!

If you’ve already read this eBook, let me know how you felt about it in the comments below…

A Night to Remember

Happy Birthday

Have made huge strides with my new “toys,” but am taking this evening off to celebrate my son’s 17th birthday.  The family is gathering together, and we are having my infamous cheese enchiladas for dinner per request.   Top it off with some chocolate cake smothered in homemade cream cheese icing…YUM!!!  Have a great night.  Will see you again on Friday.