Tell All Tuesday Series: Valentine’s Gifts

Q-What has been your absolute BEST Valentine’s gift?

Valentine's Gift
A-Over the years, I have received some phenomenal gifts, from heartfelt, handmade items to a day at the spa. But, my absolute best Valentine’s gift was a giant white teddy bear (not one of those cheap cheesy ones either!). My boyfriend (back in High School) picked me up from school on Valentine’s Day, and when I opened the car door, I saw this giant teddy bear sitting in my seat. It was holding a dozen long stem red roses in one hand, and a giant pack of Reese’s peanut butter cups in the other. Upon further inspection, I realized that there was a necklace around it’s neck, and a pair of earrings in it’s ear. WOW! How did I get so lucky?!

This particular boyfriend always went out of his way for me! For our “6 Month Anniversary,” he surprised me with 6 CD’s from my favorite artist, another anniversary he gave me a gorgeous hunter green handmade cigar box filled with roses and little love letters, and on another, he had planned a candlelit pizza (Triple Decker from Pizza Hut) dinner. My gift that night was an intricately carved block of ice that contained a single red rose and a ring. He always gave me the “Perfect” gifts, because he actually took the time to listen to me.

That’s one thing that A LOT of men miss! If you want to truly please your woman, you HAVE to listen and put conscious thought into your gifts, and if you don’t “Give Gifts” anymore, perhaps you should re-think that. We LOVE to brag to all of our friends and co-workers about what a great man we have! Make sure to give us a reason to.

While flowers are nice, they are quick to die, and while most of us love chocolate, getting a box just helps pack on those pounds that we are constantly trying to rid ourselves of. Honestly, both are just a HUGE waste of money!

If you REALLY want to blow our minds (and make our peers green with envy) simply pay attention to us when we talk. Is there an item that we have been dying to have, but that we refuse to spend the money on? Have we been rattling on about how great this new singer is? Have we been expressing how tired and worn out we are? Well, HELLO!!!, there’s your perfect gift!

Get that impractical, but strongly desired item; get us a CD or concert tickets for that new singer, give us the day off to rest and relax. Take care of the kids, do the errands, clean the house, and cook the meals. It’s the little things that matter the most to us, the small details, the genuine thought that was put into it, the “OMG! He WAS listening when I said that!” Those are the moments we love to brag about. Trust me, the rewards of going that extra mile will definitely be worth it!

How about you? What has been YOUR best Valentine’s gift?


14 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesday Series: Valentine’s Gifts

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    Valentine’s Day is such a made up, mass marketed holiday…ugh.

    I try not to wait for one day a year to let my wife know she is special, I try to do it every day.

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  2. Belinda O says:

    I foolishly told my boyfriend one year to save his money and not send me any flowers at work. Of course Valentine’s Day came and I felt so bad when everyone else got flowers and I didn’t. Fortunately he figured things out and went down to the local florist, where, unbeknownst to both of us, my sister was working. She put together a beautiful bouquet (probably worth a lot more than what she charged him!) and in a way, it was a gift from both of them. It was definitely the best bouquet of any in my office 🙂

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  3. Erika Kind says:

    Oh, my what a surprise that must have been. And how thoughtful by such a young man. You are so right, Krista. We are most happy when the man pays a little attention to what we say. It doesn’t have to be something big. But only the proof that he listened is the most beautiful dedication of love!

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  4. Sarah's Attic of Treasures says:

    Bobby age 7 . He felt bad that his mom didn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day. ( His best friend’s mom had a date, my sister had a date…I never dated. ) So he made arrangements with a neighbor to drive us (Bobby and I) to our favorite PIZZA PLACE and eat. Bobby would be my date.
    He actually paid our neighbor to drive. I’ll never forget us getting to Fargo’s and Bobby holding the door open for me. Krista, he wore his church suit and tie. I had to dress UP. He paid for everything.
    How did he do it?
    He’d called my dad in Illinois and asked him how he could take me out.
    My dad gave him instructions. BOBBY made dad Promise not to tell me.
    Dad sent money to my sister who gave it to Bobby. Or something like that. Dad and Donna were both in on it. So of course mom knew. I had to clue except Donna telling me to do whatever Bobby said. I even had flowers . 2 roses because I loved them.
    We went there every year after that. Except I drove us.
    Bobby did chores for people to earn some of the money to pay my dad back
    Thanks for the memories.

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