The 11 Things About Me Tag

I have been tagged by Nicole from The Domesticated Goddess.  She has an amazing blog, and her decision to follow her dreams and stay home with her family has been an inspiration to me.  Thank you Nicole for tagging me.  I have truly enjoyed your questions!

Tag, you're it!

Questions for Me from The Domesticated Goddess:

  1.  What is your favorite movie that you watched this summer?

At the beginning of summer, my husband and I rented John Wick with Keanu Reeves in it. Super Movie! We really enjoyed it. We have seen a few movies since then, but they just didn’t make that much of an impression on us. So, I’m going to stick with John Wick as my favorite.

2.   If you had to choose between good looks or being smart, which would you choose?

I would go with intelligence. Beauty fades over time, but knowledge lasts through the ages. The things that you learn, you share and teach to others in your life, and the process continues.

3.  What TV show is your guilty pleasure and you’re embarrassed to say you watch?

My husband is King of the Remote, so I watch whatever he has on. I’m normally too busy working anyways. One show that we enjoy is The Walking Dead. It comes on at my bedtime, and even though I know I’ll be dragging Monday morning, I can’t help but stay up to watch. I’m not embarrassed that I watch this show though.

4.  What is your favorite place to go on vacation?

My favorite vacation destination is Orange Beach in Alabama. It is known to most as “Gulf Shores.” There is just nothing better than those white sandy beaches! This is the beachfront that I will one day call home.

5.  How do you like your coffee?

I have tried many different types of coffee over the years, and must say that I just have never acquired a taste for any of them. I don’t care for Sweet Tea either, which is a sin here in the south.

6.  What is your favorite dessert?

Ah…Desserts! How do you choose just one favorite? I guess I would have to go with Carrot Cake, even though I’m not so sure I would classify that as my absolute favorite.

7.  What song do you put on when you need something to brighten your day?

Prince all the way! There isn’t one particular song that gets me going; they all do. I pop in my greatest hits album and go to town. He’s such a squirrely little man, and his songs make me want to sing at the top of my lungs and dance. I always pop in his CD when I start cleaning house. May as well make it fun, right?

8.  What is something new that you have wanted to try, but have not done so yet?

How to answer? Needle Felting, Metal Stamping, Decal Making, Embroidered Beading, The Art of Tatting, Resin Making, Jewelry Creating, Adult Clothing Design…I could go on ALL day! Time is short, and materials are scare for me at the moment. I will get to them all one of these days. I have recently been playing with crocheted beading. I have been having a blast!

9.  What life lessons do you wish you had listened to when you were younger?

My father told me, before he walked me down the aisle on my wedding day, that it “wasn’t too late to change my mind.” If I had known the whole story then, I probably would have followed my father’s advice.

10.  Would you rather have a big mansion or a nice home in the country with lots of land?

Years ago I would have opted for the country home with land. But I honestly don’t want the upkeep. I would rather have a beachside condo with a maid! Let everyone else take care of the menial tasks. I’m spent! I’d rather spend my time being creative and productive.

11.  What is your favorite holiday?

I would have to go with Halloween. Not huge on dressing up and going out trick or treating, but I LOVE the decorations. That type of décor speaks to my creativity.

My Nominees:

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Questions for my Nominees:

  1.  What is the most embarrassing thing in your night stand?

2.  What is your favorite thing to do on a stormy day?

3.  Do you sing in the shower?

4.  What is your favorite book?

5.  How many career titles did you have chosen as a child? Did you follow through with any of them?

6.  What is the meaning of life from your perspective?

7.  Do you prefer fruits, vegetables, or meat?

8.  Do you write your posts on the PC or on paper?

9.  Where is your favorite place to shop? Why?

10.  What is the most exhilarating thing you have ever done?

11.  Do you have a bucket list?

Nicole, thank you again!  I have had a blast!


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