Infinity Dream Award

I have been nominated for the Infinity Dream Award by none other than the beautiful and talented Ms. Erika Kind.  I ran across her blog just a few days ago and have had a wonderful time reading her inspiring tales.  She is an absolute delight, and her peppy outlook on life is refreshing.  She is a true kindred spirit.  Thank you Erika for the nomination, thank you for your inspiring words, but most of all, thank you for making a difference in the lives of others.

The Infinity Dreams Award

The Infinity Dream Award rules:

  • Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
  • Share 7 dreams that you have
  • Nominate your favorite bloggers (Fellow Dreamers) and prepare a question for them.

7 Dreams for my Future:

  • I dream to become an inspiration to my family, my friends, and to the millions of people in this big world who are in need of a voice of reason and experience.
  • I dream to become successful enough in my blog and my business to one day (SOON) work from home.  My children are almost grown, and my husband needs my presence more with each passing day.  I want to be with them all to create memories that will last through the ages.
  • I have begun liquidating our household assets.  Our plan is to move to the beach this time next year.  We have been discussing it for years, but the time has arrived.  The cold weather is pure torture for my husband, and he needs a warmer climate so that he may spend his golden years in comfort.
  • My dream is to become a published author, as well as a motivational speaker.  It is never too late in life to change your destiny, and I want to be a beacon of hope for others.
  • My dream is to make my debut on the Ellen Show.  With an audience base such as hers, I will be able to touch the masses and encourage them to change the rut that they find themselves in.  Not to mention she is absolutely amazing!  She’s funny, she is spunky and full of life, and just to watch her creates happiness in you that you just can’t shake.
  • My dream is to one day create an organization for single mothers and their children.  I have been there, and it is a hard road.  A lot of women who truly need the help aren’t eligible to receive it.  They are told they make too much money.  But I know firsthand, that just because your income looks adequate on paper that is rarely the case.  I have been struggling to put food on the table for the past two years (since losing my food stamps).  That’s part of the reason my husband and I have lost so much weight.  I have lost about 40 pounds and my husband about 60 pounds.  We always ensure that our babies are fed first.
  • My final dream is to get to the point where we can live comfortably.  I would like to be able to go to the grocery store to buy the necessary ingredients for dinner without counting up pennies, or having to reshelf items because I can’t afford them.  I would like to get to the point where I no longer have to fret over a bill, or have to go take out yet another loan just to make sure that it gets paid.  I would like to get to the point where I can once again purchase birthday gifts for my babies.  Never in life have I felt like such a failure!  But I know that the wind of change is upon us.  I can feel it.  My arms are open wide, ready to embrace it…

“That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”  – Friedrich Nietzsche

Erika’s 2 questions which were posed to me are:

1. What is the biggest dream that has already come true?

My dream since youth has been to have children who are healthy, beautiful, and intelligent.  I have been blessed.  I also wanted a husband who was tolerant, supportive, and so loving that he placed me on a pedestal each and every day.  After kissing a few frogs, I finally found my prince.  I have been blessed.

These dreams have come true…

2. What dream are you working on right now?

The dream that I am currently working on, which I discovered to be my life’s calling, is my blog and my Etsy business.  I have always wanted to help others, from the point that I began to talk.  I have always contained an overabundance of compassion for others.  I always thought the medical field or teaching would allow me to do this, but if you have read through my life story, you will see how that turned out.  Through my blog and my business, I will be able to help and inspire others, release my creativity into pieces that others will enjoy, allow my mind the outlet that it needs through my writings, and to be able to provide my family with the things that they deserve.

Plus, if you become a member of my club, you will be able to join me in my “Community Compassion” project that I am putting together.  There is nothing better than helping your fellow man.

So now it is my turn for nominations.  I am super new to the blogging community, but I have run across some individuals who I think are worthy of this award.  Make sure to check these fabulous bloggers out.  They may hold the answers that you are searching for:

For my nominees, I would like to hear your response to these questions:

  1. Who has inspired you to pursue your dreams?
  2. What dreams have you given up on over the years?
  3. What is your driving force in pursuing your dreams now?

Another fabulous site worth checking out is:

Your life is made of two dates and a dash.  Make the most of the dash.  –Author Unknown

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