Mama’s Life Lessons

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Question of the day…

Q-What 3 lessons (good of bad) did you learn from your mother?

A-Lesson 1:  When it comes to men, you ALWAYS trade one set of problems for another.

When I first began contemplating divorcing my ex-husband, my mother gave me this piece of advice.  It was a bold statement and it got my attention.  I pondered on this concept and decided to continue with my plans.  It was an unhealthy existence for me, and my children deserved a better environment to grow up in.  I now have a new husband and a new set of problems, but I would much rather have this set of issues to deal with!  Ultimately, I made the right decision.

Lesson 2:  Follow your heart.

Follow Your HeartI agree with this statement on some counts, but disagree on others.  When my sister and I were young, my mother instilled two pieces of advice in us.  For me it was to follow my heart.  The advice for my sister was to marry rich.  We both have taken the advice to heart, and have stuck pretty close to our path.  Following my heart has caused some turmoil in my life and has caused me to make some bad decisions over the years, but it has also kept me somewhat innocent and compassionate towards others.  I learned a few years back to follow my heart up to a certain point, and from that point on to allow my judgement to take over.  If you have doubt, or have to ask yourself “Should I?” don’t do it.  Trust your intuition.  It is generally right.

Lesson 3:  Friends and men come and go, but family is always there.  Blood is always thicker than water.

Mama always said that when we grew up, that life and distance would get between us and our friends, and we always insisted that was an impossibility.  I’m pushing closer and closer to my 20 year reunion, and would have to completely agree.  My sister and I have managed to stay in contact with our BFF’s over the years, but life, children, and jobs DO get in the way.  Same with men; in this day and age they come and they go.  Family is the ONLY constant in your life.  They see you through the best and the worst of times, and are always there to lean on.  That is, if you are lucky enough to have that kind of family.  I do know there are some that distance themselves, but that is generally not the case.  On a similar note, she taught us about how blood is thicker than water.  Are you ready for my example?

My previous step-father was an alcoholic among other things.  When my mother would try to incorporate  the help of his parents, they would defend him and ignore the fact that there was a problem.  Blood (family/born into the blood line) is thicker (sticks together) than water (the outsiders who married into the family).

What 3 lessons did your mother teach you?


5 thoughts on “Mama’s Life Lessons

  1. Casey says:

    My Mom taught me all men are babies when they are sick….how true is that ladies? She also taught me that I could do whatever I put my mind and that piece of advice has served me very well. My Mom always loves to laugh her way through everything and I love that quality and I am happy to say I am the same way. Glass half full people, it could always be worse. A couple other of my favorite mantras from my mom are “kill them with kindness” and “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Most of all, be goofy.

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