Tell All Tuesday Series: Sizing up your Community

Q-What is the best/worst thing about where you live?

Tennessee Mountains

A-The worst would be the winters here.  The cold weather hurts me more and more the older I get.  It’s definitely not the coldest place I could choose to live, but MUCH colder than I prefer.  The best thing about Tennessee would be the scenery.  It’s a lush, gorgeous state, especially in the fall!

So, on to YOUR community…

What are the best and worst parts of your town/state/province/country?

2 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesday Series: Sizing up your Community

  1. says:

    We live in a small cute town, in the older part where we have a lot of cute, well maintained old houses. We are known for our gingerbread houses so it is fun to be part of that community !! Uptown by the highway, it is all being developed and new, which is also wonderful as we do not have to drive as far to shop now. So, we get the combined benefit of being in a cute older , quiet area, just five minutes from all the shopping and restaurants. Bad part is, Dallas is HOT in the summer and HUMID. We grew up and lived in Southern Calif until we were 40, it got hot where we lived in the dessert, but it was dry. I had not idea what humidity was until we moved here !! But, on the other side, we get snow in the winter, sometimes flurries, sometimes a few inches and one time over a foot, which was thrilling. We never got snow in California !!

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