Tell All Tuesday Series: Missing in Action

Q-Did you miss me?

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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A-I sure missed you! When I began my little adventure (my Insurance class) back in November, I had NO idea that I would be absent for this long! I (foolishly) was under the impression that I would come out of the class licensed, and ready to tackle a new job, if that was the direction in which I felt was going to be best for my family’s future. Needless to say, that wasn’t EXACTLY how it turned out!

Class was great…a vacation from reality, if you will. But, as soon as class was over, I was thrown back into my “GO, GO, GO!” routine. Before I knew it, Thanksgiving was upon us, then Christmas, and all through the hustle and bustle of the season, I was working SUPER long hours. Then, out of the blue, I was called in to interview with HCA, which I ended up accepting. When I wasn’t working or running, I was hitting the thousands of flash cards that I had made, trying my best to retain all that I had learned. I finally tested out this past weekend, and am happy to announce that I passed BOTH exams! My hard work and countless hours of studying paid off!

So, I have spent the last two weeks as an HCA employee. I am a Patient Care Liaison, and work in a call center assisting patients who are looking for new physicians. I will eventually be moving over to ER Follow-Up, which basically means that I will be assisting patients who have recently visited the Emergency Room get scheduled for their follow up appointments. So far, I am truly loving my job! I have been working in child care for the past 12 years, and I must admit, it is a refreshing change (a breath of fresh air) interacting with adults on a daily basis, rather than children. There are certain aspects of the job that I do miss, but I am thoroughly enjoying this new opportunity! We even had a “Popcorn Party” on National Popcorn Day! I don’t know of too many organization’s that do that; do you?!  It is a fun atmosphere, and everyone has welcomed me with open arms. I am looking forward to seeing where this new path takes me!

I hope that things start to slow down soon, so that I may get accustomed to this new routine.  I am  anxious to get back to my crafts (oh, how I miss them!) and back to my writing.  Without these two, I am incomplete!  I am super disappointed that I’m not going to be able to meet my deadline for my book/workbook/inspiration pack, but know that I will complete it when the time is right.  Just wanted to check in with you, and let you know that I’m still kicking.  I’m SO happy to be back!


Tell All Tuesday Series: Debriefing

Q-What do you do to debrief from a stressful situation/day?


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A-When I find myself highly stressed, I lock myself in the bathroom and run a nice HOT bath, FULL of bubbles. It’s soothing, it warms my generally cold body, and it allows me the much needed time to relax and unwind. My best ideas come to me here, and I have found that I can generally find the answers that I’ve been searching for when given this opportunity. Life centers back into alignment; all is right with the world once more.

So, what do YOU do to debrief?

Tell All Tuesday Series: Freedom

Q-What would FREEDOM mean to you?


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A-A few nights ago, I ran across a video on YouTube that covered this exact question. A young man and his lovely new wife were up to their eyeballs in student loans and consumer debt. They had just had their first child, and were debating on whether or not to purchase their first home. After all, that IS the traditional order of things. But, everything within them was screaming, “NO! Don’t do it!” as the already existing financial strain was beginning to take a toll on their marriage. They sat down together at the kitchen table and took the time necessary to HONESTLY evaluate this one single question.

They concluded that their idea of “Freedom” was to rid themselves of all but 2 backpacks worth of possessions, and travel around Australia. That night was the ultimate tipping point of their existence, and it opened up doors that have made all the difference in their lives. They got rid of all of their possessions, paid off each loan and debt, and then hopped a plane to Australia with baby girl in tow. They had decided on a change (a drastic one at that), they executed their plan in a timely fashion, and they haven’t looked back since! This experience completely liberated them, and allowed them to follow their dream. They agree that it was BY FAR the best decision that they have ever made!

In my present reality, there are 4 factors that I believe would grant me Freedom…

One: Purge my Possessions:

I have been working on purging my home for a good year now, and have made a dent, but after watching that (and several other) videos, I have concluded that it’s time to increase my speed. While I HAVE been diligently putting my “Sell” items up in the attic as I go through closets and drawers, and have been posting and selling items on numerous online venues, my possessions are at a snails pace getting out that door! People blow up my phone constantly (sometimes waking me in the wee hours of the morning), wanting to meet up (Gotta have it, Can’t wait!!!), then…CRICKETS. I’m on the verge of just donating it all!

Advantages to Purging:

  • No Clutter
  • Easier to keep house-healthier environment
  • Free up time to focus on more important things
  • Less stress and worry
  • Monetary profit can pay down outstanding debts

Two: Work from Home:

My husband is almost twice my age. The older he gets, the more dependent he becomes on me, both mentally and physically. Plus, I only have a few years left to enjoy having my babies at home. I work from home on all of my business ventures anyway, so why not put myself into the position to focus on these projects full-time?!

Advantages to Working from Home:

  • Be there to care for my children and my husband
  • Sick days-even when I feel awful, I can still make progress and keep the funds rolling in
  • No juggling act to concern myself with in regards to appointments and deadlines
  • Exhaustion-If I NEED a 30 minute power nap, I’ll have that option
  • Need I say…All of the comforts of home

Three: Become a Property Owner:

As a renter, there are always those nagging hypothetical scenarios that plague you in the back of your mind…What if they won’t let us renew…Sure wish I could paint these stark white walls…I wish I could have a pet for the kids…If I could only grow a victory garden…Ah, to have a pool… Not to mention the fact that a mortgage is generally a WHOLE lot cheaper than renting. Yes, if something goes wrong or needs fixed/replaced, it’s all on you, BUT each item that you upgrade ONLY benefits the ultimate cause. You’re making an investment towards your future, and the resale value of your home, if you so choose.

Advantages of Owning Property:

  • Freely making changes to your property
  • It’s an investment for your future, or can serve as estate for your family
  • Saving money each month to use in other directions
  • No chance of hard feelings if a disagreement occurs with your landlord
  • The satisfaction of OWNING in and of itself

Four: Putting Myself on a Pedestal:

Being a mother, a grandmother, and a wife, my natural instinct is to put the needs of those most important to me FIRST. Whatever time, money, or energy that is left at the end of the day, I can devote to my needs and wants. While (in theory) this is a good mindset to have, MY needs are JUST as important as theirs are! I need to start placing myself higher up on that pedestal, and allowing myself the things that I want and need from life. As the old cliche goes… “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy!”

Advantages of Placing Myself on a Pedestal:

  • A happy, balanced life
  • I’d be making an investment in myself, which only increases my value to others
  • The more time I spend on me, the less stress and worry I will have, thus the happier and more content I will be
  • I will be better able to appreciate each blessing in my life
  • If I focus more on me, I will be agitated less, have fewer mental/creative blocks, and will increase the years that I have left to live

These 4 categories, I believe, will allow me the freedoms that I need from life. So, what does FREEDOM mean to YOU?

***I do realize that today is Wednesday.  This was my post for yesterday.  My granddaughter got sick at school, and I was tending to her until her mother got done with work.***

Managing your Super Busy Life

For those of you who have subscribed to follow my blog, you are aware that there are several freebies available to you on the club page.  Included among these items, is an eBook that I put together that will aid you in managing your busy life.  I have decided to share this valuable resource with others around the world that are not familiar with my presence here on WordPress, so I have posted this eBook for sale in my Etsy shop.  If you haven’t gotten your FREE copy yet, make sure to click on the link (Join the Club) below (on mobile devices) or on my sidebar (if using a PC) to join the club.  If you would like to support the cause, head on over to my shop and purchase it for only $3.00.

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Make sure to tell ALL of your friends about this great guide of tips and tricks.  I spent a good decade as a single mother, and these are the techniques that worked best for me!

If you’ve already read this eBook, let me know how you felt about it in the comments below…

A Little Pep Talk

I had a very interesting conversation with a co-worker/dear friend this morning. She feels that I am lacking confidence in my abilities, and that I am allowing outside influences to delay my progression within my business. While I have an overstuffed idea bank and a TON of projects in the works, she feels that I’m not utilizing my potential to its fullest capacity. She said that I am extremely talented, and that it’s just a matter of time until I am successful, but that I need to up my game.

Constructive Criticism

I’m SO glad that I am able to acknowledge and appreciate constructive criticism!

As much as I hate to admit it, she has me pegged. I decided this year that I am going to start making new videos for my YouTube channel, but I have had some difficulties wrapping my mind around which topics to cover (any ideas or requests?). Plus, every time I bust out the video camera, I just feel like an absolute doofus talking to myself; I suppose that it’s time to get over that stigma. I also am horrible about allowing my loved ones to pull at me, which ultimately cause me to get behind in my projects. I’m still working on obtaining that “Happy Balance” between my home life and my work life after my exhausting day job ends. It seems that every time I turn around, I’m expected to cook or run out and get food (in amongst all of the errands, appointments, and “Mom, I need a ride.” times). I feel like we’re ALWAYS eating!

I have decided that this year I am committing myself to my book (the one that discusses my 5 year plan), and while I’m pouring a lot of time and energy into not only writing it, but putting together all of the little extras that will accompany it, my girlfriend feels that I need to keep my other pieces heading out the door as well. So, I guess that I need to take a step back, finish up these other projects that are internally tugging at me and get them listed in my shop, so I can free up my mind to focus on the “BIG PROJECT” that I have in the works.

I’ve been saying since late last year, that 2016 is going to be my year, and while I have a lot of personal battles that I intend to finalize, in addition to (hopefully) purchasing my first home, and getting this book into the hands of those that desperately need it, these past couple of months have thrown curve balls at every turn. But, things always seem to get more complicated right before the forces align and things work out the way that they’re intended to. My stubborn streak and my perseverance will ensure that I refuse to accept defeat, now that I am SO close to achieving my dreams. If I can tough out these last several hurdles, pardon the pun, I’ll be shitting in tall cotton!

I hope that you have a fantastic weekend!

5 Major Goal-Setting Myths That Keep You Stuck

Michael Hyatt put together an amazing post a while back that I wanted to share.  This man has an amazing site, and more valuable/life-altering posts than you can imagine.  Make sure to take the time to explore his site.  You will be SO glad that you did!

Setting Goals

His 5 Major Goal-Setting Myths That Keep You Stuck are:

Myth #1: Your Past Determines your Future

Myth #2: Safe Goals are the Best Goals

Myth #3: You Fail if you Fall Short

Myth #4: Writing your Goals is Unnecessary

Myth #5: Specificity Doesn’t Really Matter

To explore these myths, visit his post HERE.

Can you think of any additional myths?

Implementing 5 Changes for a Successful Year

For those of you who are unaware, my grandson was finally released from the hospital. YEAH!!! He was one day shy of turning a month old. Things are FINALLY getting back to normal here, and with a few days off of work (Thank You Snow!), I am finally able to form a rational thought. I’m about a month behind in my “Goal Planning” for the year, but better late than never is what I say!


So, I have been giving this year A LOT of thought (as this is Year 3 of my 5 Year Goal), and I have decided on 5 changes that I want to implement. I feel that these changes will REALLY help me in obtaining my ultimate goal, and this is the year for diving in head first.

So, let me give you the little run down of my list…

  • #1 My “Studio”
    This past weekend I dug into my craft studio with the full intention of making it work FOR me, rather than against me.   I have been SO busy these past couple of years trying to get this ball rolling, that my craft supplies have managed to get extremely jumbled and disorganized. Prime example: I went on a hunt for my hole punch a couple of months ago. Not only could I NOT find my one hole punch, I couldn’t even track down my 3 hole punch! That thing’s HUGE! You would think it would be easy to find, but nope! I spent the entire weekend going through things, and I have yet to run across either of them. Instead of having my beading stuff here, and my paper crafting items there, and so on, I am simplifying it. Remember those awesome plastic drawers I was telling you about? Well, those bad boys are being filled with “Tools” in one drawer, “Adhesives” in the next, “Paints and Inks” in the next, and so forth. Enough of this, “That clay tool would sure make this distress job easier!” Now, I’ve got it ALL together; I’m loving it! Still have a little work left to do, but she’s coming together nicely.


  • #2 My Editorial Calendar
    Putting this binder together has been one of the best things that I have ever done! Not only does it hold the posting schedule for my blog, but I have all of the ideas for my creations contained inside as well. My craft supply wish list, my book ideas, my sporadic thought process scribbled in the margins, my marketing plans, and the list goes on and on. This book has proven to be a life saver on quite a  few different occasions! BUT, I do believe that by re-evaluating and then re-organizing it, I can create an even more valuable resource.


  • #3 Commitments to Projects
    I have thousands of creations stuck in my mind that are screaming to be released. But, I have decided that I need to hone in on just a few specific projects, and take the extra time necessary to make these creations top notch. I have been dabbling with my book (which this blog is based on) for some time now, and I have decided that the time has come to get stubborn and make it a priority. The path/keys to my success will be contained in those pages, and I want to share them with others around the world. I have decided to STOP procrastinating, and just get the thing written all ready. The sooner I can release this book from my mind, the sooner I can get to all the others. My list is massive, and my time is short. I have SO much that I NEED to share!


  • #4 Breaking Free from the Comfort Zone
    When I started down this path, I definitely detoured away from my comfort zone, but the time has come to shake things up just a bit more. I have decided that this is the year that I am going to really make my presence known to others. I am planning on reaching out to my local media, getting more involved on my social media, getting my YouTube channel out of the crib and into school, and sharing some of my creations around town. I would love to start teaching some local craft classes, but I’m still rolling that one around. I have been giving a lot of thought into putting together some eCourses; just have to work out the kinks. Being successful doesn’t happen overnight after all!


  • #5 Re-Evaluate My Schedule
    I work non-stop and stay SO tired that when I finally do have the opportunity to get some productive work done, my brain is too fried to make it beneficial. I believe that I need to take a step back from my work, and establish a healthy balance in order to be successful, and capable of creating more. I honestly believe that if I do less, I’ll become more, which will be a WIN-WIN for everyone involved.

So, there you have it; my list of changes for a successful new year. We’re only a month in, let’s make this the best year yet!

What changes are YOU implementing this year?

Balancing Work, Kids, and a Blog

Blogging With BabyThere is no magic solution for managing all of these, so the best thing to do is to just let go.  I used to be a fanatic when it came to organizing my schedule, but I have learned over the years that it was just a bunch of useless worry, stress, and frustration that I did not need in my life.  It has already added too many years to my life.  You can organize up to a certain point, which is great, but to stick to your plans down to the wire, will just drive you insane!  Each day presents it’s own schedule, especially with my children, as they are not great with informing me of plans/activities in advance.  It used to drive me insane, but what do you do?!

I go to work, try to squeeze in what craft time I can during naptime (if I’m lucky) and then after work, I take each obstacle/errand as they come.  If I have time to work on a new creation, SUPER!  If I am able to work on a future blog post, FANTASTIC!  If I’m bombarded with school functions, rides here/there, or grocery trips, so be it.  That’s just the way that particular day was supposed to go.  But, I ALWAYS make sure to tote a project or my business binder along with me, just in case…  Can’t waste that golden opportunity when it arises.

If you are a blogger, how do you balance it all?