Mustache Blog Tag

My blog has been tagged by Glaiza over at Glimmer of Happiness.  Thank you SO much!   I’ve had a great time answering your prompts!  She has a fantastic blog filled with an abundance of happiness and beauty.  Make sure to stop by and brighten up your day.

Mustache Blog Tag


4 Movies I’ve watched more than once:
1. Rose Red
2. Harold and Maude
3. The Tenth Kingdom
4. Ever After

4 Books I would recommend:
1. 50 Shades of Grey Series by E.L. James
2. Bag of Bones by Stephen King
3. The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King
4. Rose Madder by Stephen King

4 Places I’ve Visited:
1. Germany
2. Austria
3. California
4. Florida

4 Places I wish I was at right now:
1. The Beach
2. The Craft Store
3. My Bed
4. Lambert’s (Home of Throwed Rolls)

4 Television Shows I enjoy:
1. The Walking Dead
2. The Bush People
3. Hot in Cleveland
4. Raising Hope

4 Foods that I like:
1. Cheese Enchilada’s
2. Eggplant Parmesan
3. Deep Fried Veggies
4. Morningstar Farms (Breakfast Links, Strips, and Patties, Corndogs, Grillers, Chik Patties, Griller Crumble) and Loma Linda (Little Links, Big Franks, Tender Bits, Scallops, and Swiss Steaks)

4 Awesome blogs I’d like to Tag…

Connie at Clicky Chick Creates

Evgenia at Living on Annette

Jen at The Pickled Nipple

Lesson Plans for Life

Thank you again Glaiza!  I appreciate your nomination!


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