Raising Children: A Mother’s Point of View vs. A Teacher’s Point of View

Temper Tantrum

I was raised to be seen and not heard.  Children in this day and age are given whatever they want so their parents don’t have to listen to their fits.  I know, I see it EVERY morning at work!  Goodness gracious woman, grow a pair!  Like hell am I going to let a 3 year old child dictate to me how things are going to be!  I don’t veer completely to the be seen and not heard side, but I am definitely on that end of the spectrum in regards to parenting techniques.

My children were taught manners and respect, and I have instilled good morals, values, and ethics in them over the years.  I am by no means anywhere close to being a model parent (the PTO mom, the uppity cheer mom, the carpool soccer mom) but I think that I’ve done a pretty damn good job on my own.  They take accelerated classes in school, make superior grades, have work ethics to die for, and receive new life lessons on a daily basis.

I have been instilling in my daughter her need to be self-sufficient.  If she wants that glamorous hotty-toddy life, then she needs to forget about the boys, keep her head in the books, and earn it.  Right now, she has the potential to be the valedictorian of her graduating class.  Her plans currently include becoming a neonatal physician, and her wish is to attend either Vanderbilt here in Tennessee or attend Penn State.  Talk about a go-getter, right?!

My boys have career paths chosen as well, but they are not as concerned with a ton of schooling.  My oldest son has always wanted to go into archaeology, but I have expressed that there probably aren’t as many positions in that field, as fun as it would be.  He is contemplating Video Game design or Forensics with the FBI.  My youngest, who is currently 10, loves to build things, and has the desire to go into carpentry.  All of these career paths are respectable and have the potential for creating a very comfortable life for my babies.  I couldn’t be more proud of them!

Let me just say, there are still some spectacular parents left in this world, and I say to them more power to you!  But, the majority of today’s parents’ focus on what is easiest for them at that moment.  You know the whole instant gratification thing.  They let their children call the shots.  What they are going to wear, what toys they have to have right that second, I don’t want a nutritious breakfast, gimme a pop tart!  Uh, no!  They may get out of disastrous situations at that moment, but they are NOT doing any favors for their child.  That child is going to grow up expecting what they want, when they want, only to discover that the world doesn’t work that way.

Crying Child

I know you all have seen those unruly kids on talk shows where their parents have become afraid of them right?  This is the future for these children and parents.  Why wait until tomorrow to fix what needs to be fixed today?  Children need discipline, routine, structure, and to be told “No.”  I have never seen the like of children that argue with adults.  They need to be dropped down a notch and recognize their place in society.  They are children, and they need to respect their elders!  I was raised with the old school parenting techniques, and they have proven to be tried and true.

Are you firm in your parenting or do you let your children call the shots?