Exciting Announcement

Are you stuck in a perpetual, never ending rut where you often lose sight of what to think, say, or even do? Do you feel trapped by your present reality with no prospect of freedom in the near future? Do you absolutely loathe rolling out of bed and heading off to your prison (a.k.a. Job) each and every day? Do you feel as though no matter how hard you try, you just can never get ahead? Honestly, how many times have you crouched down into a corner, crying your eyes out, praying desperately for a drastic change in your life?

Exciting Announcement

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If any of this sounds familiar, then I have a valuable announcement for you! For the past 12 years of my life, I have been seeking out and compiling a massive list of all the answers that each of us are ultimately in search of, and it all boils down to just ONE simple question…

What is my purpose in life?

In only 6 short months, I will be releasing to the world, exactly HOW to go about finding that ONE personalized answer!

When I was just 26 years old, I found myself consumed by a mid life crisis, far sooner than I should have. My sanity, reason, and logic had completely left the building! But, it was during this catastrophic period that I found the answers that I had been searching so desperately for. I unknowingly underwent an intense and emotional self-evaluation session, and soon discovered SO many things about myself that I had previously been clueless to. Since that time I have been progressing forward with pure intention and purpose. This was a very difficult time for me, one fraught with disappointment and heartache, but one that I wouldn’t trade for love or money. This transformation process allowed me to forgive myself and others, and to leave the past back where it belonged. It provided me the tools, insight, and the path that I was intended to travel down next. To say it was a life changing experience would be the understatement of a lifetime!

This step-by-step transformation process is 100% effective (provided you are honest and putting your heart and soul into it), and I am living proof that it really does work, as I have progressed From Food Stamps…to a Future. This discovery quest not only enabled me to make peace with all that had been sent to destroy me, but also presented a single idea on which to grow and prosper from. This was my seed. I planted that idea, watered and cared for it daily, and it has caused me to blossom into the empowered and driven woman that stands before you today. It helped me to realize where my passions lay, what I wanted and expected from myself and others, and which steps I needed to take to get me to my ideal life. In short, it opened that door so I could finally start following my dreams.

Because of this process, I was able to formulate my ultimate 5 year plan. It has served as the foundation of my blog, it fueled my passion to create Krista Kemp Designs on Etsy, and it has inspired me to strive for bigger and better things at each new stage along the way. It is opening doors so that I may expand and branch out into new industries. Speaking, coaching, and leading all stand in my future, and it will eventually allow me to open my organization to help those in need that others turn away. Each idea, each entity that my imagination concocts and entertains all fit perfectly together to construct that grand puzzle which is my future. Each and every avenue that I want to tackle coincides with a project that I’ve already begun. My future, my fate is answering each question before it’s ever even realized or presented. My destiny paved the road for me years ago, and it has been leading the way to accomplishing my dreams since. I no longer dread life, I now look forward to it!

Motivational speakers, life coaches, and your daily influences always want to throw around the idea of following your dreams, being successful in your life, turning your burning passions into future wealth and abundance, and so forth. But, the vast differences among us, our unique lifestyles make it difficult to provide just ONE specific proven way of going about it. There is no such guidebook in existence! What may work brilliantly when executed for one person, may be an utter flop for the next. This step by step process will provide YOUR unique answer, and aid you in realizing what steps YOU need to take to get the ball rolling. If you are serious about changing your present reality, and are willing to dedicate yourself to making the necessary changes to create your ideal life, then you have officially received your Golden Ticket. A professor of mine once said, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life. How are you going to spend it?

In the Blink of an Eye…

A very dear friend of mine passed away on Monday afternoon after suffering a massive stroke Friday evening.  His unexpected death has left me at a loss for words, and has hit closer to home than I would have ever thought possible.

He was gone...

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He and his wife are such loving and caring people, and throughout all of the ups and downs of their marriage, they remained best friends and lovers.  To see them embrace one another to express their love was not an uncommon sight.  Their love stood the test of time, it grew with each year that passed, and it will continue on even after death.

My heart aches for this precious woman (my sweet friend as well as my boss), and I can empathize with how she must be feeling during this horrific, life-altering time.  I dread the moment when I will have to face the loss of my own husband; it will be devastating, and I am certain that I will become (and remain) an absolute basket case!

When you are lucky enough to find that one special soul during your travels in life, it completely alters your reality.  You somehow fuse together and become one single entity.  You come to rely upon one another in all things.  How could you possibly survive without your other half?!  Overnight, you simply become a shell of that person that you once were.

My heart goes with this family, as well as my prayers.  May they EACH find the comfort and support that is needed during this difficult grieving process.

His presence will be missed by many!

Rest In Peace Mr. Jerry…

5 Major Goal-Setting Myths That Keep You Stuck

Michael Hyatt put together an amazing post a while back that I wanted to share.  This man has an amazing site, and more valuable/life-altering posts than you can imagine.  Make sure to take the time to explore his site.  You will be SO glad that you did!

Setting Goals

His 5 Major Goal-Setting Myths That Keep You Stuck are:

Myth #1: Your Past Determines your Future

Myth #2: Safe Goals are the Best Goals

Myth #3: You Fail if you Fall Short

Myth #4: Writing your Goals is Unnecessary

Myth #5: Specificity Doesn’t Really Matter

To explore these myths, visit his post HERE.

Can you think of any additional myths?