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Hi my loveys; I have some fantastic news to share with you this evening!

First, the Go Fund Me campaign (A New Lease on Life) that I organized for my husbands dental work has received 3 donations so far! Casey, Stephanie, and Linda, Thank you SO much for your contributions!!! Your generosity is truly appreciated! Also, quite a few of you have been sharing the link for this campaign on your blogs and on various social media sites, and I wanted to take this opportunity to express just how much I appreciate your help in getting the word out. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when we all work together!

Second, I have been saying since this time last year that 2016 was GOING to be MY year! Those who have followed along beside me on this journey can attest that this just has NOT been the case, despite my optimistic and hopeful outlook. At every single turn, conflict and obstacles ( A LOT of which I have not shared) have plagued my path. But, I believe that the tides are FINALLY beginning to shift.

Nose in the Books

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

A fantastic opportunity presented itself to me (an open door if you will) this past week, and I wasn’t EVEN going to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I pounced on it! Things like this never happen to me, so you can imagine just how psyched I am! I have been given the chance to enhance my knowledge by attending a certification course. I am thoroughly excited for this newest chapter in my life, and am anxious to see what may develop next. Investing in yourself is ALWAYS a smart idea! I will be attending class all next week, so if it takes me a while to get back with you, please forgive me. My nose will be in the books. Wish me luck…

I hope that you have a fabulous weekend, and that you will create memories that will last a lifetime!

Tell All Tuesday Series: Your Thoughts on Dentistry

Tell All Tuesday Series...

Question: How do you feel about the Dentist?

Answer: I am obsessed with my teeth! I am SO obsessed, that I actually started college in hopes of obtaining a degree in Dental Hygiene. I even went so far as to go through the 4 hour observation that was required prior to starting class (which was a cut in my work day and a loss of money when I really needed it as a single mother).

I was fine with all of the blood and gore procedures, like root canals, bridges, and so on, and then a little boy came in to have a tooth extracted. Everything was going wonderfully until I heard his tooth “POP” when it came free from the gum line. That was it! Game Over! Cannot Deal! So, I reconfigured my educational goals, and made the proper adjustments. My major changed from Dental to Business and finally to Computer Science.

Dental Care

So, anyway, dental care has always been a HUGE deal in my family! My mother always made sure to stay on top of dental visits, and when the time came around, she provided my sister and I with braces. Since moving out on my own, I have had to take over the upkeep of my dental care. Only within the past year have I had dental insurance. So, needless to say, all of the work done over the years has been paid out of pocket. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars have been dished out for these bad boys, and they are far from perfect, despite my efforts.

I absolutely LOVE going to the dentist, and would go every single day if they would allow me! There is just NOTHING better than the feeling of freshly cleaned teeth!

How about you? What are your feelings towards the Dentist?