Tell All Tuesday Series: Missing in Action

Q-Did you miss me?

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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A-I sure missed you! When I began my little adventure (my Insurance class) back in November, I had NO idea that I would be absent for this long! I (foolishly) was under the impression that I would come out of the class licensed, and ready to tackle a new job, if that was the direction in which I felt was going to be best for my family’s future. Needless to say, that wasn’t EXACTLY how it turned out!

Class was great…a vacation from reality, if you will. But, as soon as class was over, I was thrown back into my “GO, GO, GO!” routine. Before I knew it, Thanksgiving was upon us, then Christmas, and all through the hustle and bustle of the season, I was working SUPER long hours. Then, out of the blue, I was called in to interview with HCA, which I ended up accepting. When I wasn’t working or running, I was hitting the thousands of flash cards that I had made, trying my best to retain all that I had learned. I finally tested out this past weekend, and am happy to announce that I passed BOTH exams! My hard work and countless hours of studying paid off!

So, I have spent the last two weeks as an HCA employee. I am a Patient Care Liaison, and work in a call center assisting patients who are looking for new physicians. I will eventually be moving over to ER Follow-Up, which basically means that I will be assisting patients who have recently visited the Emergency Room get scheduled for their follow up appointments. So far, I am truly loving my job! I have been working in child care for the past 12 years, and I must admit, it is a refreshing change (a breath of fresh air) interacting with adults on a daily basis, rather than children. There are certain aspects of the job that I do miss, but I am thoroughly enjoying this new opportunity! We even had a “Popcorn Party” on National Popcorn Day! I don’t know of too many organization’s that do that; do you?!  It is a fun atmosphere, and everyone has welcomed me with open arms. I am looking forward to seeing where this new path takes me!

I hope that things start to slow down soon, so that I may get accustomed to this new routine.  I am  anxious to get back to my crafts (oh, how I miss them!) and back to my writing.  Without these two, I am incomplete!  I am super disappointed that I’m not going to be able to meet my deadline for my book/workbook/inspiration pack, but know that I will complete it when the time is right.  Just wanted to check in with you, and let you know that I’m still kicking.  I’m SO happy to be back!


Change is in the Wind

My lovelies…

I had not intended to be out of the scene for so long; I have had my hands in a little bit of everything this holiday season! When I left you last, I was headed off to take an insurance course. The class was wonderful, and I learned SO much! A much needed “vacation” from my daily grind. It just so happened that during that week it was time to renew our insurance policies. It was crazy timing! I understood absolutely everything that the agent discussed with me…FIRST TIME EVER!

Learn Something New Every Day

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On that first day of class I was convinced that I had made a horrible mistake! I was a blubbering idiot compared to the rest of the class (as they were already working in the industry), and low and behold, the first topic we tackled was the Tennessee state laws. NOT my forte, let me tell you! As each day passed though, I grew a little more comfortable in my abilities, and ultimately, became a sponge for knowledge. Learn something new everyday, that’s what I always say. Since class has ended, I have been reviewing my handwritten flash cards ( in excess of 1,000), and am nearing my comfort level to proceed further and take the exam to become a licensed agent. I took a mock exam a few days ago which consisted of 569 questions, and I scored a 95. I would have scored even higher than that if I had not fat thumbed some of the answers.

In addition to my diligent studying, I have been preparing for a memorable and joyous Christmas with my family, and have been stocking our home with delicious treats which come but once a year. Our Christmas was an absolute success, and everyone was surprised and overjoyed with their gifts.

My grandson Maddox turned one yesterday, and has been battling with RSV. I pray that the doctors can find the right medications to give our precious little bundle of joy to provide him the much needed comfort he so deserves.

Change is in the Air

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Also, during my absence from WordPress, I was offered (and have accepted) a position at the hospital in the next town over. I will begin my training on January the 9th. I have enjoyed my time teaching these past 11 years, and have formed some amazing friendships with not only my co-workers, but with my employers and their families as well. As much as I hate to leave, this is a wonderful opportunity, another open door, that I just cannot pass by. I pray that this transition be a smooth one that will enable me to get even closer to my ultimate goals in life. With love and support from my family and friends, I know that I will be successful!

I trust that each of you are happy, healthy, and loving life, and that great things are happening in your day to day. I have TRULY missed our interactions! As we move towards a new year, I wish you all the peace and prosperity that life has to offer. May 2017 be an unforgettable year for us all!

A Little Motivation for your Day…

For those of you who are unaware, I have been burning the candle at both ends lately. I have finally committed to my book, and will be announcing soon, my anticipated launch date. I will tell you that I have given myself just 6 months to complete it. Every time that I put a specific date on a project, something inevitably gets in my way, and I feel like an utter failure for not getting it done “on time.” But, whether I stick to said date, or whether I’m a few days off, the important thing will be that the 1 single project that has haunted my mind for 12 years, will finally be complete. It’s been a LONG time coming!

So, with that being said, I wanted to do something just a bit different than normal today, and I hope that it inspires you in the ways that it has me. I have decided that I am going to live my life from here on with positivity and purpose, and I am welcoming The Law of Attraction into my day to day. I will Ask, I will Believe, and I WILL Achieve!!! I have always been a realist, but I know that I need to embrace optimism into my life. The vibes that I am tossing out into this vast planet will not disappoint! I WILL be successful in all that I pursue, and I WILL conquer my dreams!  On Christmas Day, I will be hitting my 4 year mark in my ultimate 5 year plan. I have been saying since last year that 2016 is GOING to be my year, and I believe, DOWN TO MY CORE, that I am correct in saying this.  The wheels have been placed into motion, and there is NO going back now! I love each one of you for the contributions that you have made in my life! I am SO blessed to share this life with you!

YouTube has an abundance of inspiring, thought provoking, and emotionally gripping videos available for the taking, and I have decided to share 2 of these videos that spoke to my soul with you today. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did!

Become a Lion

Most People

I am anxious to hear your thoughts on these videos!

Tell All Tuesday Series: Change

Q-Are you scared of change?

Tell All Tuesday Series...

A-The prospect of change does frighten me to a certain extent, but without change in one’s life, reality continues on status quo. Change always brings about all of the pros and cons of a given situation. “What if this happens, or that?” “What if I don’t fit in…don’t like it…aren’t capable of performing…it ends up not being a good fit/match?” You can what if a situation to death, but if you are unhappy in your current situation, you owe it to yourself to take that leap and see where it takes you. If that particular situation isn’t the right fit, keep looking. We set our own boundaries, and unless we want to subject ourselves to a miserable existence for the remainder of our lives, we should take that opportunity and all that it entails. It just may be the door we have been searching for all along.

When I first established my 5 year plan, I took a leap into the unknown. A few people backed my decision, but the majority were like, “Aw, that’s nice Krista…Good luck.” Secretly waiting for the moment I would get tired of chasing after my dream. I introduced myself to the world of Social Media which I was clueless about. I put together a ton of crafts and started my Etsy shop. I did the research and figured out how to develop my blog. I created a few videos and threw them on YouTube. Even though they are amateur in quality, it was a starting point that I could grow and learn from. I pump out as much material as I possibly can to each of my outlets while tending to the responsibilities of my every day obligations. Do I get tired? YES!!! Do I ever feel like throwing in the towel and resuming a normal life? YES!!! I take breaks when my mind goes into overload, but I refuse to shove my dreams to the back burner! I’ll “keep on, keepin on” as Joe Dirt would say. Eventually, my long awaited door will appear.

Chasing down a dream is the hardest work I have ever known, but I know that all the hard work will, in time, pay off, and the best part is, I will have EARNED it all on my own! Change is inevitable in our lives. You can approach it with hesitation and fear, or you can welcome it with open arms. Me? I’ll choose the second option ANY day!!!

How about you?  Are YOU scared of change?

Tell All Tuesday Series: Parental Advice

Q-What advice did your parents give you that you wish you had followed?

My Wedding Day
A-It was October of 1999, and I was moments away from walking down the aisle on my daddy’s arm, when he looked me in the eye and told me, “It’s not too late to change your mind.” Of course this struck a nerve and the tears began flowing. So there I am, walking down the aisle on my wedding day, bawling my eyes out, not from tears of joy, but from hurt feelings. The only thing that I have ever wanted out of life was for my daddy’s approval; for him to be proud of me, and to be supportive of my decisions.

That statement haunted me for years, and finally, years after my divorce, my daddy shared the whole story of my wedding day.

Apparently, while I was getting dolled up with the girls, my husband-to-be was playing his guitar in one of the spare rooms. My dad went in there and told him that it was time to put it up and make his way to the chapel, and he basically blew my dad off and informed him that I could wait, which of course pissed my dad off. Deep in my heart, I knew that our marriage wasn’t going to work out. I got a half of a proposal before he passed out in my lap! But, trying to do right for my son, I tried to make it work. But, there’s only so much that you can do on your own! I wish I had followed my daddy’s advice on that one.

What advice did your parents give YOU that you wish you had followed?

Branching Out

Back in 2001, I entertained the thought of creating several support groups. At the time it seemed a far-fetched idea, as blogs and social media were not prevalent in our lives. But now, we are surrounded by global interactions on a daily basis. The desire to create these groups have resurfaced in my mind, and I am anxious to see them come to life!

I have pitched my idea to my VIP members, and am happy to announce that I am bringing my ideas to life. I have created 3 Facebook groups, and I hope to have each of you as new members.

My first group is the “Community Compassion” project. I am anxious to see people reconnect with one another through daily acts of kindness. This group serves as a platform to share stories, experiences, ideas, photographs, and videos of you (or others) giving back to the community. Compassion for others is dying, and I am hoping to rekindle our innocent, thoughtful spirits. To give back to others in need is a greater reward than any we could EVER receive! Join me in helping bring love and communion back into our world. To visit this group, click HERE.

The Community Compassion Project

My second group is called “Single Mothers Worldwide Unite.” While it was designed primarily for women, men ARE welcome. This group is a support community which offers advice and friendship to those trudging down the parenting path solo. I foresee this group offering knowledge (places/organizations that assist single parents, little tidbits of advice that could create a world of positive changes for some, different resources that are available per state or online, and different types of budget friendly activities for children), support, motivation, encouragement, but BEST of all, friendship. It’s hard going down that path alone, and now we don’t have to. To visit this group, click HERE.

Single Mothers Worldwide Unite

And finally, the “Avid Man Haters Unite” club. Despite the title of the group, this is NOT a feminist man bashing forum. It is simply a supportive community where women can go to survive their daily life. It doesn’t matter if you’re happily married, or in an abusive situation. We all experience conflict at some point in time, and simply need a place to vent our frustrations. We are here to offer support, give advice based on our past experiences, encourage one another, and build friendships. We don’t have to endure all of these bad experiences alone! To visit this group, click HERE.

Avid Man Haters Unite

So, there you have it; 3 NEW groups which can positively impact the lives of others. I hope to see you at each of them, and don’t forget to invite your friends. The more members we have, the more people we can help!

Let’s BE the change we wish to see in the world…