One Lovely Blog Award

I want to thank The Veggie Cooker for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  She has an amazing blog that is packed full of some AMAZING vegetarian recipes!  Make sure that you venture over her way and have a look for yourself…

One Lovely Blog Award

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7 Facts About Me

Fact # 1: Despite these insane rumors that have been circulating about me, I’ve got a bit of a confession to make. I…CANNOT dance. My baby girl and my sister, however, can move and groove with the best of them. Me, forget about it! I look like a frog with its foot caught in a mouse trap.

Fact # 2: My absolute favorite perfume is Calvin Klein’s Euphoria. It’s clean, subtle, sweet, and musky all at the same time. The perfect combination for me!

Let's be Euphoric Every Day!

Fact # 3: My mama surprised me with a Cricut machine (years ago for my birthday) after I had mentioned during a casual conversation that I would like to have one. I absolutely love my machine, and have used it for a ton of different projects, but I’ve recently found myself longing for a Sizzix machine. The majority of the YouTubers that I watch use theirs for spreads, and they have some of the cutest die cuts! This will be one of my next big investments.

Fact # 4: Despite my many efforts over the years, I have realized that I just was not blessed with a green thumb. I have always wanted a garden filled with my favorite vegetables, but am realizing now that this will most likely never come to pass. I somehow manage to over water every time I try to grow something. Perhaps I’ll just put hubby in charge of the gardening.

Fact # 5: Do you remember this old jingle?

“Comet…It makes your teeth turn green.
Comet…It takes like Listerine.
Comet…It makes you vomit.
So have some comet…and vomit…today.”

When I was a little girl, I remember sitting in the bathroom watching my mama clean the tub. She would sprinkle her green bottle of comet all over the basin of the tub, and would then scrub the entire thing, inside and out. I remember telling her that one day, “I was going to be SO rich, that I wasn’t going to have to USE comet!” I’m surprised she didn’t smack me; I would have! Well, here I am (20 years later) following in her footsteps. I am a proud user of comet (the smell of Ajax reminds me of the concentration camp) and I follow her cleaning “steps” down to a T. I’d be in hog heaven if I could just get to the point financially, where I could hire someone in to do the cleaning; I’ve officially had my fill. But, know this, I will ALWAYS have a bottle of comet in my cleaning closet.

Comet, It Makes your Teeth Turn Green...

Fact # 6: I decided forever and a day ago, that when I finally had a home with a craft room, that I was going to paint the walls Fire Engine Red. I want vertical stripes that alternate between a matte and a glossy finish, as red entices my creative juices. I also want an “island” in the center of the room with a flat surface on top and a ton of cubby holes and drawers underneath for craft supplies. In addition to that, I want a giant (double door) walk in closet that’s floor to ceiling craft supplies organized in tidy little labeled boxes. I love getting messy with my projects, but at the end of the day, I need a clean and organized area.

Fact # 7: When my mom divorced my first step-dad, we moved into a house without a microwave. Oh, gracious! A teen without a nuke box! Good thing I knew how to cook. At that time, I had an obsession with making a batch of Spaghettios after school, but had never up to that point prepared them on a stove top. But there’s a first time for everything. I threw a can into a pot, sprinkled a nice layer of Tony’s on top and brought it to a boil. Ah! The best bowl of Spaghettios ever! If you’ve never tried it, make it a point…SO good!

So, there you have it.  7 new facts about me, Krista Kemp.

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Thank you again for the nomination!  This award is greatly appreciated!

One Lovely Blog Award

YouMeanMe from Saving Without Scrimping, has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  She has a fantastic blog that focuses on living and loving life on a budget.  She has some very informative posts that are well worth the read!  Head on over and check her out; you just might learn something new…

One Lovely Blog Award

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7 Facts About Me:
1: Despite my nearly grown children, my wifely obligations, my full-time job, and my business ventures, I sometimes forget that I’m an adult!  While I realize that I’m a grown woman, and can go and do as I please, sometimes it just strikes me, and I’m like “Oh, yeah.”  Does anyone else experience these moments?

2: I read a blog post the other day, from Escape Adulthood, discussing our desire to become millionaires. (To see this post, click HERE) It was a fantastic read, and it got me thinking. I have never been obsessed with becoming a millionaire, nor having an abundance of wealth; my desire has always been to reach a “comfortable” status. I don’t want a BIG fancy mansion to live in (too much to clean!), I’m not concerned with a bright, flashy car (it’s just a means of transportation), and shopping sprees don’t interest me in the least. I only want to get to a point where there is more than enough to pay the bills each month, money to set aside for the children and their futures, and to be able to go to the grocery store and not have to tally up what each item costs. I want financial freedom (of sorts); relief from a lifetime of struggle, that’s all.

3: Since becoming an adult, and living out on my own, I have never made an attempt to get social with my neighbors. While I know hundreds of people around town, who each know me by name, I like to keep my life private.

4: The Twenty Something Social Recluse wrote a post last week about being a people pleaser (see post HERE). As much as I hate to admit it, I am a bit of a people pleaser. I always put the needs and wants of my family over my personal needs, and I try to keep the peace among my friends and co-workers, but I only allow others to push me up to a certain point. I detest being taken advantage of, and will eventually stand my ground if I feel it needs to be done. I know that I need to exercise a bit more authority, but I have always been taught not to rock the boat or burn the bridge, and to NEVER bite the hand that feeds you!

5: I have been driving for 20 years now, and can honestly say that I have never been involved in a wreck that was deemed my fault.

  • My first wreck, at the age of 16, was when a State Trooper flew in front of me before school and slammed on his breaks to avoid missing his morning stop at the awful Waffle House.
  • The second, I was stopped at a red light after school, when two vehicles plowed into the back of me, causing me a painful case of whip lash.
  • The third, was a Holier Than Thou, Private School mom, who side swiped me. She informed me that “she forgave me, but that she hoped that the Lord would do the same.” Really?!
  • The fourth, I was coming home from work, going slowly through my ghetto apartment complex, when an attorney peeled out of his parking space, thus smashing into the side of my car. He never looked to see if anyone was coming, and was in too much of a rush to exchange insurance information with me.
  • The fifth and final wreck, happened just a few years back. I was taking my son to the orthodontist when I was rear ended by a drunk who wasn’t paying attention to traffic.

I was not the cause of any of these accidents, but I AM responsible for every one of my speeding tickets over the years. I have a bit of a lead foot, and I am faced with too many tasks to tend to each day. I don’t have time to get behind the joy riders or the blue hairs that monopolize the road. I zip in and out of traffic, taking advantage of every “hole” that comes available. Just for the record though, my last ticket was in 2005. I am LOVING my “good driver” insurance rate!

6: I started collecting candles when I was 14 years old, and have obtained some really neat ones over the years. I also have an obsession with incense. I have been buying and burning them for as long as I can remember. My favorite scent is Patchouli.

7: While I was born cursed with these “Big Bones,” I was blessed with my tiny hands, feet, and stature. My engagement ring is a size 5 (and twirls around it is so loose), and I wear a size 4 in little kid shoes. I save a TON of money when it’s time to invest in a new pair, as kid’s shoes are generally half the price as their adult versions!

At my last doctor appointment, I measured in at 5’2. I haven’t grown an inch since 5th grade, and my oldest 2 have been taller than me for some time now. You win some, you lose some…

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Thank you again YouMeanMe.  I really appreciate your nomination!

Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogging Award-1
Tricia over at From Sometimes I Cook has nominated me for the “Versatile Blogger Award.”  She has an amazing blog full of yummy recipes, fun projects (Make sure to check out her Majora’s Mask DIY post-she did a fabulous job!!!  I LOVE Zelda…), posts on life (home, fashion, seasons), and her travels.  You will truly enjoy your time there!  Thank you Tricia for the nomination, I truly appreciate it!

Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award
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Versatile Blogger Award

Who is Krista Kemp?
So, are you guys sick to death of hearing about me yet?! If so, I’m sorry, and if not, here are 7 more facts to get you going…

Fact 1: My daddy was a bit of a gypsy when I was growing up, so I had the opportunity to travel all across the United States as a kid. I have been to the majority of the 50 states, and have loved every moment of it! Each state holds its own mystique, and I am so thankful that I was fortunate enough to explore them. I look forward to the day when I can begin my travels again.

Fact 2: I never went to the Prom. Like most little girls, I dreamed of attending my prom. The magic, the music, the fun, but I was cheated out of that experience. I had the guy (my ex-husband), but I guess he just didn’t deem me worthy enough to take. It’s just another one of the many disappointments that have occurred in my life.

Fact 3: I was introduced to Greek Mythology in the 8th grade, and have found it fascinating ever since. The stories contain so much magic! I always thought it would be neat to name my daughter “Persephone” (The Flower Child), but was ridiculed by family members when I suggested it. I also find the renaissance era intriguing. I suppose that is why I enjoy movies from that time period. I would never want to live during those times (poor things had to piss in a pot and toss it out the window), but the ambiance that surrounds that time is dark and romantic.

Fact 4: I was born in Orlando, Florida (The Sunshine State) and lived there until I was 6 years old. We then moved to Tennessee which is where I grew up. At the age of 19, I was packing up my house and moving overseas to Germany with my son, Kody, on my hip. I returned home to Tennessee at the age of 23, only to discover that it was not the same as I had left it. I have been stuck here since, and am longing for the day when I will be able to move to Orange Beach, Alabama. This white sandy beach calls my name and welcomes me home. Soon…

Fact 5: I have always had an eclectic flair, and Mr. Tim Burton helped me to realize that. I enjoy abstract pieces of art, I wish to adorn my home with bohemian decor, and my hippie spirit demands simplicity and freedom. Throw it all together, and you’ve got me. There is no general “theme” in my home, and there is no rhyme or reason. I have what I like, and I throw it wherever it is going to make me the happiest; simple as that.

Fact 6: I LOVE going to Amusement Parks! I love the thrill of the roller coasters, the food is divine (All Junk!!!), and the excitement that’s in the air! When I was little we had season passes to Disney World, and while living in Tennessee, I had a season pass to Opryland (before they shut it down to build a freaking mall). I have visited several other parks, and have loved every one of them. They are exhilarating, and they bring out the best in everyone.

Fact 7: Ever since I was a little girl, I have been intrigued by psychology. To know the mind, how it works, and to realize how each of us tick is beyond fascinating! The brain is such a complex organ, one which mystifies. To understand why people do what they do, say what they say, or to think the things that they do, is phenomenal. Due to this fascination, I took every psychology course that was offered throughout my schooling. After all, knowledge is power!

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Thank you again, Tricia.  I am honored!