3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge: Day One

Mia (A.K.A. The Wheat and Tares), over at The Grizzle Grist Mill has nominated me to participate in the 3 Quotes for 3 Days Challenge.  It has taken me a few days to accept this challenge, as my appointments have had me running the roads NON-STOP this past week.

Mia has a fabulous blog FULL of spiritual inspiration, in addition to her Tuesday’s Treats and her Friday’s Angles, I SO enjoy those!   I look forward to seeing each new post, and suggest that you venture over to her world and see what’s going on.  You won’t be disappointed!  Thank you Mia for nominating me to participate in this fun challenge; I truly appreciate it!

The Rules for the Challenge:

  1. Three quotes for three days.
  2. Three nominees each day (no repetition).
  3. Thank the person who nominated you.
  4. Inform the nominees.

My 3 Quotes for Day One:

Ethics of Life

Quote 1:

     “Six ethics of life:

  • Before you Pray-Believe

  • Before you Speak-Listen

  • Before you Spend-Earn

  • Before you Write-Think

  • Before you Quit-Try

  • Before you Die-Live”

Quote 2:

Facing Difficulties

“Sometimes you face difficulties, not because you’re doing something wrong, but because you’re doing something right.”

Quote 3:

Burning Bridges

“Sometimes you just have to turn around, give a little smile, throw the match and burn that bridge.”

My 3 Nominees:

Tingting over at Empower Love

Worlds Beauty Web

Whispers of a Wallflower

Thank you again Mia!  Keep inspiring others!


What ONE famous person would you love to meet?

I would love to meet Stephen King. Years ago, when hubby and I first began dating (and his insecurities were in full force) he asked me if I was talking to anyone else. Me, being the smart ass and bookworm that I am, told him, “Well, of course!” I was having an affair with Stephen King’s mind. I never tire of reading this man’s work, exploring the worlds that he creates and resides in, and I can only assume that it would be the meeting of a lifetime; an intriguing encounter.

Author Stephen King

Image Courtesy of a Google Search

Who would YOU want to meet?

The 10 Best Things About Fall

Is it just me, or does everything about Fall just seem to scream comfort?  As much as I dislike the cold weather, the following is a list of 10 things that I look forward to each Fall season.

Loving Fall

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

1. Changing Leaves

There is something so serene about the leaves when they begin to change colors. I adore being outdoors, and this time of year provides a beautiful landscape to truly appreciate. The simple things in life make me the happiest!

2. Over Sized Sweaters and Hoodies

When it starts getting cool, I begin dressing in layers. The best part about this is being able to slip on a soft, comfy, over sized sweater or hoodie. It provides an abundance of warmth, and allows you to go about town without feeling self conscious about your waist line.

3. Thanksgiving Dinner

The ONLY day of the year in which I actually have a variety of dishes to choose from that I enjoy. There’s nothing better than a delicious meal accompanied by your favorite people in the world!

4. Extra Hour of Sleep

If you’re anything like me then you NEVER get enough sleep! I always look forward to this fantastic time of year.

5. Comfort Food/Beverages

When I think of comfort food, Pot Roast, Beef Stew, Chili, and Vegetable Soup pop into my mind. These dishes warm your belly, are extremely nutritious, and just make you feel good. Hot beverages provide the same desired feelings.

6. Thankful Heart

There is just something about the fall season that brings about a grateful heart. You are more apt to acknowledge and appreciate all of the blessings that you have in your life.

7. Curling Up with Hubby

I don’t care how we end up spending that time, be it watching a movie, or sharing our day, these moments are the best, and will always remain treasured memories.

8. Fuzzy Socks

When the weather starts changing, my pigs feel like little ice cubes. I look forward to slipping on my fuzzy socks each and every day! Not only do they keep me warm, but they are so soft and cozy.

9. Hot Bubble Baths

I’m that friend that STAYS cold! When I get frozen to the bone, the only relief that I have found is a nice hot bubble bath. Not only do I get clean and smell good, but the relaxing alone time does wonders for my creativity and mental well being.

10. Camping

Although it’s been years since I’ve had the opportunity to go camping, I have very fond memories of it growing up. Hikes, bike rides, sun sets, exploring nature, campfires, burnt marshmallows… Great times!

Do you agree with my list of 10, or do you have an alternative list in mind? What are YOUR favorite things about Fall?

Exciting News!

Happy Reunions

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

I wrote a post a week ago entitled, Long Lost Friends. I would like to report that after 12 LONG years, I have finally found my girlfriend Diana! Not only did I find her and her husband, but they were “Friends” with our other set of neighbors, DeAnne and Eric. I am SO excited, and hope that we can ALL get together and catch up. They were all such great friends to me during my time overseas! Things are looking up!

Have a fantastic weekend!

The Missing Link

We watched the grand baby last Saturday morning, and prior to his arrival, hubby and I made sure to straighten up the blankets on the bed so he would have a nice flat surface to play on. While slinging the blankets around, hubby’s NEW tablet went flying through the air and landed face down on our hardwood floor. NO!!! Fortunately, we had purchased the replacement coverage, so it was just a matter of going up and talking to our trusty Geek Squad.

Tablet Catastrophe

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

After dropping the grand baby off and picking up a new replacement tablet, we decided to grab  some lunch. We stopped in at the Olive Garden (my favorite!) and low and behold, our waitress was one of my old kids from work. Years ago, before I started teaching preschool, I spent my days and evenings with the school-agers. I had the oldest group (4th and 5th grade) and there were about 6 girls that surrounded me at all times. They loved me, respected me, admired me, and loved our brainstorming sessions. At that time I was still in the “research” phase of my business ventures, so we would come up with different ideas for craft projects, books, games, and so forth. One of my girls loved to draw, so I told her that one day we should collaborate together (as adults) on a book. Who would’ve thought that it would actually come to pass?!

If you’ve been with me for a while, then you know that I’ve had an “Heirloom” picture book (you know, those sentimental books they sell at Hallmark) waiting in the wings for several years now. I even wrote a post about it-Future Best Seller-Check it our HERE.

The 2 factors preventing it’s publication have been:

  •  A Publisher/Funding for Self-Publishing
  •  An Illustrator

Back in July (at my daughter’s birthday party) my step-father expressed an interest in financially backing a self publishing venture, so I tried my hand at putting together some illustrations. Unfortunately, my hand drawn and digital portrayal of the story just doesn’t do it justice! I had sat down again this past Friday evening with a new angle to try my hand at, only to get disgusted and set it aside. I suppose the Universe was trying to tell me something.


Image Courtesy of Pixabay

So, throughout the course of our meal, Hope and I caught up, and she shared with us some of her recent drawings (she just so happens to be attending Art School). OMG!!! She’s absolutely AMAZING!!! Her “style” syncs up PERFECTLY with mine; you couldn’t plan out a better match, let me tell you! My missing link, that piece that completes my puzzle, has been placed before me on a silver platter. Needless to say, we are hooking up this weekend to get our collaboration going. I am NOT going to pass up this opportunity! We can rise to the top together…what fun! It’ll be nice to finally have a creative partner. It gets SO lonely sometimes!

I’m hoping to get this bad boy printed up and available in shops in time for Christmas…

The Law of Attraction is finally opening the right doors for me. Do you have any experiences with the Law of Attraction? I would LOVE to hear YOUR story!

Tell All Tuesday Series: Surprises

Q-When was the last time you were given a surprise gift?


Image Courtesy of Pixabay

A-Last Thursday, after my son’s dentist appointment, I received a call from my step-dad. He had heard that I was in the market for a new printer and was curious if I had decided on a particular model yet. I told him that I had heard the HP Envy was a good printer, but that I hadn’t narrowed it down to a specific model. He told me to let him know when I had chosen the one that I wanted.

My mom had talked with me several days prior in regards to possibly purchasing a new printer for my Birthday/Christmas present this year, which was an awesome suggestion since I needed one; it would save me from having to throw it on the credit card! So, I called him back and told him that I was interested in the HP Envy 5660. It had amazing reviews, offered all the functionality that I was searching for, and it was on sale for $100. A few minutes later, I was informed that it would be delivered on Saturday.

He wanted to hand deliver my new toy, so he and my mama came up Sunday morning; he wanted me to start enjoying it right away. Not only did he get me an AMAZING printer, but he supplied me with an additional package of ink. You would think he would’ve stopped there, but nope, there was ANOTHER surprise!

The previous weekend they had been over for my boys birthday party, and he was talking about his new favorite stop-in…Zaxby’s. He had never eaten there because he didn’t like the name, but when he finally tried it, he was hooked. I told him that I don’t go there very often, and that I generally don’t spend $7-8 on a meal for myself. So, he presented me with a gift card so I could get several meals. He’s such a sweetie!

The surprise, the anticipation, and the thought meant the world to me! Being a mom, you generally are forgotten. It’s nice to be recognized and spoiled! Thank you Jim! I love you!

So, when was the last time YOU were given a surprise gift?

Birthday Success

I just wanted to share that my son’s birthday party was an absolute blast! He had SO much fun, and declared it the “BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

12th Birthday

Our menu consisted of (at his request):

  • Cheese Enchiladas
  • Chicken Quesadillas
  • Refried Beans
  • Chips, Salsa, and Homemade Guacamole
  • Butter Cake with Homemade Chocolate Icing
  • Vanilla Ice Cream

He wanted planets to adorn his cake, and despite my numerous hours of scouring every single shop in town, I came up with only stars. Couldn’t even find any aliens! What is that?! Do not EVER just assume that your local party shop will have exactly what you need…you will be sorely mistaken!

On to the entertainment…

I began the fun by presenting my boy with an envelope that said, “Are you ready to have some fun?” Contained within the envelope was the first clue which would kick off his scavenger hunt. The clue read, “It has 4 legs, but does not run. What is it?” It took a few minutes of searching under every chair and table in the house before he actually looked under the table he had been eating at. I had strapped a gift under the table with a TON of tape. I couldn’t risk it “accidentally” falling prematurely! On the front of the package (Flamin’ Hot Cheetos) was his second clue. “What loses it’s head in the morning and gets it back at night?” This would be my poor pillow; I never give her enough attention. Propped against it was a GIANT (1 Gallon) jar of pickles. Kids request the strangest things, don’t they?! Nah, I love em too! Slapped on the front of this fancy package was the next clue…”What has a net but can’t catch?” Thank goodness the rain let up long enough for our game because his next gift/clue was hidden out by our basketball hoop. I had pulled out the jumbo umbrella just in case. This particular gift was a jar of glow in the dark neon green slime (which was one of his favorite gifts by the way) and the clue attached read, “Rub a dub dub, there’s a clue in the…” Well, who in their right mind couldn’t guess that one, right?! He takes off running to the tub and returns holding a cylinder shaped package that’s covered on both ends with silver curling ribbon. His eyes light up when he pulls 16 candy sticks from the Cracker Barrel out of the wrapping paper. This next clue had everyone stumped for a few minutes. The clue read, “I start with an “E,” I end with an “E,” but I usually contain only one letter. What am I?” The consensus was EYE until I told them they were putting too much emphasis on the phrase “letter.” They finally concluded that it was an envelope. So my boy takes off to discover his newest package, only to holler back, “I can’t find it!” He was looking for a wrapped gift rather than an actual envelope. Who would’ve thought?! I go and save the day, and he returns to the group with his envelope in hand. On the front of the card is a dirty sock puppet with google eyes, and the card’s sentiment read “Son, no one else could fill your shoes…and no one would even go NEAR your socks!  Anyway, Happy Birthday.” Inside the card I wrote..”Birthday boy, Make sure to wear fresh socks on Tuesday. We have a special birthday surprise for you!!!”

Sock Puppet

His big birthday surprise was a trip to our local Family Fun Center. A co-worker of mine gave me a Groupon Coupon that equaled $40 of fun and games for FREE. You CANNOT pass up an opportunity like that! The catch was, you had to use it ONLY Monday-Thursday. Well, Mondays and Wednesday’s I work around 10 ½ hour days, and Thursday my little guy has a dentist appointment, so therefore we were left with Tuesday. He was SO excited when we pulled up, and I can’t tell you how many “Thank You’s!” I received before the night ended. A moment that will always stand out in time!

Birthday Celebration

So, back to the hunt…

Inside the card was a slip of neon green paper which contained the clue, “I grow up big and tall, but lose my clothes in the fall. What am I?” Without a second thought, he took off outdoors. I had originally planned to drag out the ladder and tuck this next package in among the branches so he could get his wish and climb a tree for the clue, but there had been a consistent rain earlier that morning, and that was the last thing I needed was an emergency trip to the hospital because I had created a slippery situation for my kid. I wedged it into the base of one of our smaller trees, and he knew right where to go. Great minds think alike I suppose! The tree revealed another long cylinder shaped package. This one contained about 100 pieces of interconnecting glow sticks. What kid doesn’t adore glow sticks? Plus, it KINDA goes along with the space theme. This gift held the clue, “What has a tongue that can’t taste, eyes that can’t see, and a sole that will never die?” They figured that one out immediately. He just had to figure out WHICH shoe I had his gift/clue hidden in. He finally decided it was most likely the shoe rack in his closet, which of course was correct. There he had a box of tasty runts, and the clue which read, “Alive without breath, as cold as death. What is it?” He was obsessed with the answer being the freezer, so he searched them both inside, outside, up, down, and all around. Mama threw out possible solutions, but she was unaware that we had recently adopted a few small fish. Sitting beside our little fish tank was the new Avenger movie, Civil War, and the next clue. It read, “Take a walk and step outside, this is where you go for a ride.” He swore up and down it was in my car and proceeded to search each crease and crevice of it. I thought he was just pretending to be confused because he had been outside beside his bike when he was waiting for his party guests to arrive. I had another card for him, tucked in the spokes of his bike tire. Apparently he hadn’t been paying attention after all.

Monkey Card

Once we were back together as a group, he opened up this latest card. He caught a glimpse of the monkey with pooched lips on the front and said, “Really Mom?!” The sentiment read “It’s your Birthday…so close your eyes, pucker up, and kiss another year good-bye!” I added this little bit…”We have super exciting news for you!!! Your name has been added to the EXCLUSIVE Lego Club. With your membership you will receive the club magazines. and you will be the first to know of upcoming events. There are TONS of other perks! (Username/Password were included) Your first magazine will arrive in a few weeks.  Love You!” Tucked inside this card was the handwritten clue, “What is long and skinny, but soft on it’s tip?” A few guesses were thrown out, but Q-tip was finally mentioned. Hiding behind the Q-tips was a box of berry flavored Sour Patch Kids, and the final clue…

“Roses are red, violets are blue. If you put me in this, I’ll look like new!”

Washing Machine!!!” he screams, and takes off running. When he looks in, sees his package and starts pulling it out, he repeatedly comments on how BIG it is. He knows that he has finally reached the grand finale. On the front of the alien gift wrap is a piece of bright blue paper folded in half that says, “Happy Birthday Kolin!” and inside it says, “We love you SO much!” He rips into the package, sees that his HAD TO HAVE birthday present was inside, and starts ripping the paper faster. Inside was the new Lego Dimensions set for the PlayStation. Oh what a glorious day!

Later in the evening, before picking up my oldest from work, we stopped by the store so he could spend his birthday money. He loaded down his buggy with a TON of Lego Dimensions characters, so I asked him how he was intending on paying for all of these sets? He said, “with my birthday money Mama.” What he failed to realize was that he had almost $1,000 worth of product in the cart, and only about $200 to spend. He widdled down his choices, and then we made sure that he would have enough money to cover everything. Before we headed to the front I asked him one single question (just like I ALWAYS have before the children make a large purchase), “Are you sure THESE are the ones you want?” He looked at me and said, “Mama, why do you always have to give me a guilt trip?”

WHOA!!! Didn’t see that one coming!

Apparently that was how my younger 2 had always interpreted that question. I simply wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t regret their purchase decisions, because a lot of the things that they have bought over the years are not returnable. How in the world they had twisted that absolutely baffles me?!

So, needless to say, the party and all of the birthday celebrations were a complete success! I hope that you have enjoyed the overview, and hope that it has sparked some creative ideas for YOUR next party.

Gotta ask…Have YOU ever planned a scavenger hunt before?

Disclaimer: The clues used in this scavenger hunt were found in various locations online. I DO NOT claim credit for them.

Tell All Tuesday Series: Long Lost Friends

Q-What friendship do you genuinely miss?


Image Courtesy of Pixabay

A-While living over in Germany, I developed a very close friendship with my downstairs neighbor, Diana. We did EVERYTHING together, from traveling to playing games all night. She would even come in and drag my ass out of bed when I was homesick and take me out on the town. We tried to stay in contact when our tours ended, but our busy lives and lack of internet service at that time put a wedge between us. I have searched for her since and have come up short every time. I have even tried to find her husband and her son online. She was such a good friend to me; a soul sister if you will. I hope that one of these days we will cross paths again, as great girlfriends are hard to find.

I would love to hear your story! What friendship do YOU genuinely miss?

It’s Party Time!

It’s amazing how FAST time flies! Just yesterday my babies were in diapers, and now my youngest will be entering his last official year of “childhood.” He will be a full fledged teenager next year. It’s SO disheartening; they weren’t supposed to grow up this quick! To commemorate this very special birthday (the final “Kid” celebration), I am putting together an unforgettable party. Life has been hectic lately, time has gotten away from me, and I definitely got a late start in the planning process, but I have faith that I can pull it off.

Birthday Celebration

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

My boy had originally requested a Space theme party, so that was the direction in which I had allowed my imagination to go in, but then he told me that he wanted a riddle filled scavenger hunt like I had done for his sister on her birthday. He was hoping that I could sweeten the deal and hide a clue up in our tree so he could climb up and get it. I informed him that DEFINITELY wouldn’t be happening, because if I even ATTEMPTED to climb a tree now, I’d either get stuck, or I’d fall out and booger myself up. That’s the last thing the family needs to deal with, and the way our year’s been going…

I actually might end up surprising him since I have a ladder now (I’ll make sure to have a spotter JUST IN CASE). He’d be thrilled to death; my little monkey!

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been stretched so thin lately, but trying to combine these 2 concepts has been a bit difficult for me to do this go around. I generally don’t have problems when I sit down to plan a party, as my brainstorming sessions normally result in an overabundance of fun ideas, but here I sit, trying to work my magic at the very last second. Anyway, I’m gonna scram so I can get the house decorated, the cake made and decorated, gifts wrapped, clues hidden, and the birthday dinner prepared. I hope that you have an unforgettable weekend; we will.

Love you bunches!

Tell All Tuesday Series: Friendship

Q-Would you be friends with you?

Close Friends

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

A-I would, and I’ll tell you why. Despite the fact that 98% of the time I’m swamped (working and tending to the kiddos) and have no extra time to devote to a friendship or a fun outing, I am a VERY dedicated friend to those who are close to me. I have only had a handful of friends over the years, but those relationships have received my full, uninterrupted attention. Only in these past few years has my attention been diverted in different directions. But, those lovely few in my world completely understand and support each one of my endeavors. If I were my friend, I would be stimulated (both intellectually and creatively) daily, as I am always entertaining a new, creative thought; never a dull moment with me!

So, would YOU be friends with you?