Fall Photo Hunt

Are you ready for a little fun? I am going to list 10 items below, and I want for you to go on a little scavenger hunt and see which items you can find from the list. Involve your friends, co-workers, your spouse/partner, or create a new, special memory with the kiddos. Make sure to take some pics and share them with us in the comments below.

Fall Photo Hunt

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Are you ready???

1. Classy Fall Decorations
2. CHOOSE ONE: Apple Orchard, Corn Maze, or a Decorated Hay Bale
3. A Clever Pumpkin Design
4. A Massive Pile of Fall Leaves for Jumping In
5. An Intricately Designed Spider Web
6. Tacky Halloween Decorations
7. A Giant Pile of Acorns
8. A Disfigured Pumpkin/Gourd
9. A Bushel of Indian Corn
10. A Spooky Haunted House

I can’t wait to see who can find them all! Make sure to share your finds in the comments below…

Exciting News!

Happy Reunions

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

I wrote a post a week ago entitled, Long Lost Friends. I would like to report that after 12 LONG years, I have finally found my girlfriend Diana! Not only did I find her and her husband, but they were “Friends” with our other set of neighbors, DeAnne and Eric. I am SO excited, and hope that we can ALL get together and catch up. They were all such great friends to me during my time overseas! Things are looking up!

Have a fantastic weekend!

It’s Party Time!

It’s amazing how FAST time flies! Just yesterday my babies were in diapers, and now my youngest will be entering his last official year of “childhood.” He will be a full fledged teenager next year. It’s SO disheartening; they weren’t supposed to grow up this quick! To commemorate this very special birthday (the final “Kid” celebration), I am putting together an unforgettable party. Life has been hectic lately, time has gotten away from me, and I definitely got a late start in the planning process, but I have faith that I can pull it off.

Birthday Celebration

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

My boy had originally requested a Space theme party, so that was the direction in which I had allowed my imagination to go in, but then he told me that he wanted a riddle filled scavenger hunt like I had done for his sister on her birthday. He was hoping that I could sweeten the deal and hide a clue up in our tree so he could climb up and get it. I informed him that DEFINITELY wouldn’t be happening, because if I even ATTEMPTED to climb a tree now, I’d either get stuck, or I’d fall out and booger myself up. That’s the last thing the family needs to deal with, and the way our year’s been going…

I actually might end up surprising him since I have a ladder now (I’ll make sure to have a spotter JUST IN CASE). He’d be thrilled to death; my little monkey!

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been stretched so thin lately, but trying to combine these 2 concepts has been a bit difficult for me to do this go around. I generally don’t have problems when I sit down to plan a party, as my brainstorming sessions normally result in an overabundance of fun ideas, but here I sit, trying to work my magic at the very last second. Anyway, I’m gonna scram so I can get the house decorated, the cake made and decorated, gifts wrapped, clues hidden, and the birthday dinner prepared. I hope that you have an unforgettable weekend; we will.

Love you bunches!

Exciting Announcement

Are you stuck in a perpetual, never ending rut where you often lose sight of what to think, say, or even do? Do you feel trapped by your present reality with no prospect of freedom in the near future? Do you absolutely loathe rolling out of bed and heading off to your prison (a.k.a. Job) each and every day? Do you feel as though no matter how hard you try, you just can never get ahead? Honestly, how many times have you crouched down into a corner, crying your eyes out, praying desperately for a drastic change in your life?

Exciting Announcement

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

If any of this sounds familiar, then I have a valuable announcement for you! For the past 12 years of my life, I have been seeking out and compiling a massive list of all the answers that each of us are ultimately in search of, and it all boils down to just ONE simple question…

What is my purpose in life?

In only 6 short months, I will be releasing to the world, exactly HOW to go about finding that ONE personalized answer!

When I was just 26 years old, I found myself consumed by a mid life crisis, far sooner than I should have. My sanity, reason, and logic had completely left the building! But, it was during this catastrophic period that I found the answers that I had been searching so desperately for. I unknowingly underwent an intense and emotional self-evaluation session, and soon discovered SO many things about myself that I had previously been clueless to. Since that time I have been progressing forward with pure intention and purpose. This was a very difficult time for me, one fraught with disappointment and heartache, but one that I wouldn’t trade for love or money. This transformation process allowed me to forgive myself and others, and to leave the past back where it belonged. It provided me the tools, insight, and the path that I was intended to travel down next. To say it was a life changing experience would be the understatement of a lifetime!

This step-by-step transformation process is 100% effective (provided you are honest and putting your heart and soul into it), and I am living proof that it really does work, as I have progressed From Food Stamps…to a Future. This discovery quest not only enabled me to make peace with all that had been sent to destroy me, but also presented a single idea on which to grow and prosper from. This was my seed. I planted that idea, watered and cared for it daily, and it has caused me to blossom into the empowered and driven woman that stands before you today. It helped me to realize where my passions lay, what I wanted and expected from myself and others, and which steps I needed to take to get me to my ideal life. In short, it opened that door so I could finally start following my dreams.

Because of this process, I was able to formulate my ultimate 5 year plan. It has served as the foundation of my blog, it fueled my passion to create Krista Kemp Designs on Etsy, and it has inspired me to strive for bigger and better things at each new stage along the way. It is opening doors so that I may expand and branch out into new industries. Speaking, coaching, and leading all stand in my future, and it will eventually allow me to open my organization to help those in need that others turn away. Each idea, each entity that my imagination concocts and entertains all fit perfectly together to construct that grand puzzle which is my future. Each and every avenue that I want to tackle coincides with a project that I’ve already begun. My future, my fate is answering each question before it’s ever even realized or presented. My destiny paved the road for me years ago, and it has been leading the way to accomplishing my dreams since. I no longer dread life, I now look forward to it!

Motivational speakers, life coaches, and your daily influences always want to throw around the idea of following your dreams, being successful in your life, turning your burning passions into future wealth and abundance, and so forth. But, the vast differences among us, our unique lifestyles make it difficult to provide just ONE specific proven way of going about it. There is no such guidebook in existence! What may work brilliantly when executed for one person, may be an utter flop for the next. This step by step process will provide YOUR unique answer, and aid you in realizing what steps YOU need to take to get the ball rolling. If you are serious about changing your present reality, and are willing to dedicate yourself to making the necessary changes to create your ideal life, then you have officially received your Golden Ticket. A professor of mine once said, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life. How are you going to spend it?

My First Product Launch

I decided several weeks ago that today, August 26, 2016, I was going to unleash details about my newest product. I have been compiling information for the past 12 years of my life, and have finally decided on the direction in which I want to use this knowledge. My original game plan was to create an informative guide for those in need, then I thought it would be more appropriate as a detailed e Course, but have decided instead to create the Ultimate Inspiration Pack.

Follow Your Dreams

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

We all talk about following our dreams, fueling our passions, but let me ask you this…how do you go about STARTING down this path? My Inspiration Pack will provide you with all the steps necessary to ensure that you start your journey successfully. I will be providing more details as time progresses.

I have been working on an informative breakdown of this new, FANTASTIC product, but my explanation is a bit unorganized at the moment. Last Sunday I spent the day in the Emergency room, and have been on 3 antibiotics since, and then Monday evening my son was involved in his first car accident. So, needless to say, my explanation is clouded by a mother’s emotions and a fuzzy medicated head. This product deserves my best, so I will save it for another day. I wish each of you an exciting weekend worth remembering!

Till next time…

Managing your Super Busy Life

For those of you who have subscribed to follow my blog, you are aware that there are several freebies available to you on the club page.  Included among these items, is an eBook that I put together that will aid you in managing your busy life.  I have decided to share this valuable resource with others around the world that are not familiar with my presence here on WordPress, so I have posted this eBook for sale in my Etsy shop.  If you haven’t gotten your FREE copy yet, make sure to click on the link (Join the Club) below (on mobile devices) or on my sidebar (if using a PC) to join the club.  If you would like to support the cause, head on over to my shop and purchase it for only $3.00.

10 Steps: How to Manage your Busy Life eBook

On Sale Now

Make sure to tell ALL of your friends about this great guide of tips and tricks.  I spent a good decade as a single mother, and these are the techniques that worked best for me!

If you’ve already read this eBook, let me know how you felt about it in the comments below…

How to Make a Never Ending Card

So, I’m sure that you’ve seen those wicked cool cards that flip, and flip, and flip, and…

Yeah, those. How cool are they, right?! So, I finally ran across a tutorial on YouTube that explains, step by step, how to create one, so I took notes (on dimensions) and discovered just how super easy they really are to make. To see the video, click HERE.

A lot of people draw on them or throw some pics on them and give them to their special someone for Valentine’s Day. Me? I grabbed some patterned scrapbook paper and inked up the edges to give a distressed look, and will include them in my exploding boxes. A little something extra for that overall “WOW!” factor that I’m going after. Here are some pics of where I’m at with them right now. I’m sure that I’ll do something more to them before it’s all said and done.

Well, let’s get to those dimensions so you can throw a few together for yourself. If you have any questions, throw them my way; I love helping others out!

First, know that you will have 4 sides to display whatever you choose. For the “base” of the never ending card, you are going to need 2 squares that measure 4 inches x 4 inches (or bigger/smaller depending on your needs). I used a heavy duty Kraft card stock from Hobby Lobby. I don’t want a dinky piece of paper that will rip after only a few uses! Once you have these, you are going to want to score both squares vertically at 1 inch and again at 3 inches. Crease these in both directions with a brayer or bone folder to ensure flexibility within the card. Once you’re happy, you are going to cut both squares in half (at the 2 inch mark). NOTE: You are cutting horizontally-NOT between your score lines; you want those on all 4 of your new 2 inch x 4 inch rectangles.

Once you are good to go, I want you to place your new rectangles like this Never Ending Card Construction 2 in front of you.

Next, grab your choice of adhesive-most folks use their double sided tape dispensers (a.k.a. snails), but I opted to use a little tacky glue instead to prolong the life of the card-it’s a good thing my “practice” one had tape on it though, as I adhered too many sides together and it wasn’t working properly, so pay close attention to this next part…

You are going to add a small corner’s worth of adhesive:

Never Ending Card Construction 3

Now, lining up the corners, place your “landscape” rectangles on top of your “portrait” rectangles like so…

Never Ending Card Construction 4
and apply pressure.

If using glue, allow to dry. Now, you’re going to want to make sure that she works properly. Open and turn, open and turn, open and turn, open and turn. How cool is that?! AND, the best part is that YOU created it!

All that’s left now is to decorate. If you choose to use scrapbook paper, you are going to need:

  • 8-2 inch x 2 inch squares
  • 8-1 inch x 2 inch rectangles
  • 8-1 inch x 1 inch squares

NOTE: Make sure that you plan where each of them go if you are using multiple styles of paper to ensure that they coordinate properly.

For those of you who are in a hurry and just looking for the dimensions, here they are again:

  • Base Paper-4 inch x 4 inch (2 squares)
  • Optional Scrapbook Paper:
    • (8 squares) 2 inch x 2 inch
    • (8 rectangles) 1 inch x 2 inch
    • (8 squares) 1 inch x 1 inch

Well, that just about does it. What did you think of this project? Have you ever made these before? Do you think you’ll try it out? If so, I’d love to see it! Drop me a line…

Scrap Happy

Baby girl is on her way to the beach with her girlfriend as we speak; first trip without the folks.  I sure hope that she has a great time and is safe!  A few weeks back I got a gorgeous card in the mail from my grandmother.  Hiding inside was a check with instructions to use on “something for me.”  So, after a WHOLE lot of thought, I decided to venture to the craft store.  I spent a good 3 hours browsing the aisles, and ended up getting some amazing items!  My absolute favorite new “tool” is my scoring board.  Best investment I’ve ever made!

Scoring Board

Weekend before last, I was checking out some new videos on YouTube, and discovered that they’ve taken the Exploding Box to a whole new level.  Years ago, I made this project with the kids at work, and they absolutely loved them!  When I saw the new beefed up versions, I fell in love!  Since then, I have been planning out some that I want to do.  One is for my grandma, another I’m putting together for my mama, and I have some ideas for a few for my shop.  Both of my girls deserve a super cool gift, and these are absolutely perfect!  I made yet another trip to the craft store and picked up some supplies to use in their boxes (in addition to all of the great stuff that I already have in my stash).  See all the goodies I found…



Oh, The Possibilities!

Grandma loves gardening and nature so that is the theme that I have decided on for hers.  My mom is a life-long quilter, so a sewing theme seemed most appropriate.  I plan to include some photos and special memories that I have of each of them (and will definitely share with you the finished projects when I get done with them).  I’ve been having a wonderful time in the craft room, thus, the decrease in my blog activity.

Loads of Fun!

In addition to my boxes, I am creating some new items for my shop.  Needless to say, my nose has been stuck in scrapbook paper for the past couple of weeks.  Like I said, my scoring board has been a GREAT investment!  I’ve been scoring and slicing like crazy!

Teaser Alert: I am putting together some fun party boxes and gift bags…

Just wanted to touch base with all of you (my lovelies) and let you know that all is well in my world…just spending a lot of time doing what I do best.  Have a fantastic weekend!

10 Ways to Jump Start Your Summer

So many of us are facing the most emotional time that each year has to offer…GRADUATION!!!

A New Beginning

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

While the kiddos are stressing out over their finals, delighting over the fact that graduation is but days away, ecstatic that they are FINALLY about to embrace and move forward into these bright and prosperous futures that have been laid out before them, the newest group of empty nesters begin their exhausting journey into the unknown.

On one hand, we are proud of our child’s accomplishments and looking forward to watching their development during these first stages of adulthood, but then a wave suddenly washes over us and the tears begin to flow.  Then the heart wrenching questions flood in…”Oh, where has the time gone?”, “What happened to my baby?”, “What am I going to do with my time now?!

Devoting 18 years of our lives to the interests and well-being of our children consumes us!  Releasing them to fend for themselves is a VERY scary endeavor that we all must face at some point during our travels.  Let’s just hope that we did our job right the first go around, right?!

But, for the time being, let’s focus on something just a bit LESS stressful.  During this last little hurrah, before the kiddo’s ship off to college or to their new careers, let’s ensure that we create summer memories that they will forever treasure.  I’ve done a little brainstorming, and have come up with 10 kick ass ways to jump start your (last) summer with them.  Feel free to add to the list in the comments below…

Making Memories

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Summer Starter #1:

Throw a Luau themed Pool Party and invite all the family and friends to partake.  The more, the merrier, so they say!  Make it a potluck and have everyone pitch in.  Hook up the Karaoke machine or crank up the tunes.  Host a  wet T-shirt contest or play Sharks and Minnows.  Anything goes.  The point is, have a GREAT time!

Summer Starter #2:

Raid the Dollar Store and purchase every can of Silly String that you can put your hands on.  Gather everyone up and have a friendly Silly String fight out in the back yard.  See if THAT doesn’t put a smile on everyone’s face!

Summer Starter #3:

Spend the day at your favorite park.  Take the ENO, play on the playground equipment, throw a Frisbee around, take a picnic lunch.  Whatever you choose to do, DON’T forget the camera!

A Day at the Park

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Summer Starter #4:

Dig the Slip and Slide out of the attic and hook her up.  Spend the day “racing” to see who the reining champ will be.

Summer Starter #5:

Gather everyone together for an “Old Fashioned” BBQ/Cookout/Picnic.  Bust out the grill and have everyone bring a side.  Spend the day visiting and reminiscing of days gone by.  When dusk sets in, start up a bonfire and roast marshmallows or whip up a batch of S’mores.

Summer Starter #6:

Head outdoors and play an innocent game of Hide and Seek in the dark.  We used to do this at my Uncle’s ranch in amongst the hay bales.  LOADS of fun!

Summer Starter #7:

Plan an outing at your nearest amusement park.  Carnival Food, Roller Coasters, Adrenaline…You couldn’t ask for a better day!

Summer Starter #8:

Have everyone suit up and head outdoors for a day of skipping through the sprinkler.  Race through the shower of water and see who can stay the driest.  Do cartwheels through the spray.  I wonder who gets shot in the eye first?!

Simple Summer Fun

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Summer Starter #9:

Get everyone together for a day of tranquility out on the open water.  Rig up your boat, rent one, or borrow one from a friend.  Pack up the skis and inner tubes and throw your inhibitions out the window.  Spend the day being young and free.  Life IS for living after all!

Summer Starter #10:

Make sure to stock up on plastic water guns or water balloons while you’re shopping at the Dollar Store getting some Silly String.  Wage a war and see who gets soaked first.

Well, there you go…10 fun ideas to jump start your summer in the right direction.  Set the emotional turbulence aside for the time being, and make sure that it’s a summer to remember!

What summer starters would YOU add to the list?

Dates with Mommy

Normally, when you think of dating, you envision a man and a woman going out on the town for a night of fun. But, the purpose of this particular post is to give you some fantastic “date night” ideas that you can use with your kiddos.

Precious Moments

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Over the years I have done my very best to set aside time for each of my children, and ensure that they get the quality time with me that they (and I) need and deserve. Our mommy-daughter and mommy-son dates have proven to be cherished memories that we all treasure and reminisce over. Just last weekend my sweet baby girl was asking for a mommy-daughter day.  In saying this, you have two options:

So, you can either opt for activities that require money like:

  • A day at the zoo
  • Your local science center/museum
  • Laser tag/Paintball wars
  • A lazy day canoeing down the river
  • Getting the works at a nail or hair salon
  • Hitting the arcade or go-cart track
  • Heading out for a round of golf/putt-putt
  • Going to the bowling alley or pool hall
  • Enjoying a day at the closest water park (swimming pool)
  • Grabbing lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant
  • Stopping by the Roller Rink or Ice Rink
  • Grabbing the newest flick at the theater while you’re out and about
  • Horseback riding in a serene location
  • And so on…


You can choose the relatively freebie route which includes these fun activities:

  • Have a spa day at home-do each other’s makeup, nails, and hair
  • Watch the sun set together
  • Have a slumber party with junk food and movies
  • Go out and do grave rubbings together
  • Head to the library, rent some books, and then read them together
  • Have a dance party in the living room
  • Gaze at the stars and point out the constellations to one another
  • Have a prissy garden tea party with all the fixings
  • Pull out the coloring books and have a contest
  • Go on a bike ride together
  • Blow up a ton of balloons and see who can burst the most with only their butt
  • Have a dress up fashion show/montage-at home, a department store, or at your local thrift shop. Take a ton of pictures or a video of this moment-also fun to do at the costume shop
  • Have a Karaoke party and bellow out the tunes together
  • Craft Hour-pick a craft, gather up the necessary supplies, and have a blast-paint party-art journaling/scrapbooking-knitting/crochet/needlepoint/cross stitch/sewing, woodworking, and so on
  • Have a Nerf Gun fight in the house AND in the dark
  • Go on a camping trip together
  • Dig out the Lego’s/K’Nex and see who can come up with the best creation
  • Grab a couple of cones or sundaes at your closest ice cream shop
  • Head to the park and play on the equipment-it’s an even better experience the older they get-it’s a reminder of their youth
  • Be your child’s paparazzi for the day-grab every shot you can while you’re out together and then compile these memories in their own personal “tabloid” magazine-you can make these on your home pc, at the drug store, at big box shops, or online
  • Head to the park and fly a kite together-have a picnic with all of your shared favorites-roll over and point out the pictures in the clouds-make “flower” tiaras together
  • Bust out the board games-challenge them to a video game-shuffle out the cards and teach them something new
  • Start a daily journal that you pass back and forth-write little snippets and draw fun pictures for them to enjoy-my daughter ran across ours from 7 years ago recently-she loved going through it and remembering our special times together
  • Have a fun game of hide and seek-do it at home, head to the mall, play at your local toy store (my super cool aunt does this one with her boys)-simply pick your location and get ready to have the time of your life
  • Grab the jug of bubbles and your massive collection of wands and see who can burst the most bubbles in a specified amount of time-it’s a TON of fun!
  • Put together a pile of clothing/shoes/accessories and have a dress up race-run as fast as you can to the pile and compete to see who can get “dressed” the fastest and get back to their starting point first
  • Have a water balloon fight-rub them down with oil to make it a bit more challenging
  • Dig out the Halloween box and grab the face paints-let your imaginations run wild, but don’t forget the camera
  • Have a hot tub? Jump in and enjoy each other’s company-talk about life, hobbies, aspirations…
  • Put together a fun scavenger hunt to enjoy together
  • Stuck indoors? Build an old school fort out of chairs and sheets-don’t forget the flashlight for ghost stories
  • Throw a surprise “I LOVE YOU” party for your child-balloons, cake, ice cream, I Love You gifts, cheesy party games and funky music in the background

So, of course, there are a million and one additional ideas available for you in this world, but these are the few that I was able to throw together during a brain storming session at work. It’s not about WHAT you do, but that you’re doing SOMETHING together. These spontaneous moments are the ones that will stick out in their minds, the ones that will impact them the most. Give them incredible memories that will last them a lifetime!

What mommy/kiddo “date night” ideas would YOU add to the list?