Fall Photo Hunt

Are you ready for a little fun? I am going to list 10 items below, and I want for you to go on a little scavenger hunt and see which items you can find from the list. Involve your friends, co-workers, your spouse/partner, or create a new, special memory with the kiddos. Make sure to take some pics and share them with us in the comments below.

Fall Photo Hunt

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Are you ready???

1. Classy Fall Decorations
2. CHOOSE ONE: Apple Orchard, Corn Maze, or a Decorated Hay Bale
3. A Clever Pumpkin Design
4. A Massive Pile of Fall Leaves for Jumping In
5. An Intricately Designed Spider Web
6. Tacky Halloween Decorations
7. A Giant Pile of Acorns
8. A Disfigured Pumpkin/Gourd
9. A Bushel of Indian Corn
10. A Spooky Haunted House

I can’t wait to see who can find them all! Make sure to share your finds in the comments below…


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