Tell All Tuesday Series: Catalogs

Q-Who here remembers the infamous Wish Book?

Sears Wish Book 1986

A-Showing my age a little here, but THOSE were the days! My sister and I would fight over who had first dibs each and every year. (I normally won-I was a bit of a bully) We would spend hours compiling our lists for Santa, and then hope and pray that out most desired items would magically find their way under the tree. To be totally honest, I don’t recall ANY of our Wish Book items ever arriving, but Christmas remained special nonetheless, and we always had amazing gifts!

Every year I asked for a Rock Tumbler and a Painting Set, but they never found their way to my house. I ended up getting both of these items for my kiddos, but they ended up just collecting dust. They were excited when they got the rock tumbler, but it didn’t perform as described (Go Figure). Super disappointing for them, as they had an impressive gemstone collection, which they were hoping to add to. The painting set…not sure that one was ever even opened?!

What are YOUR Wish Book Memories?

9 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesday Series: Catalogs

  1. Erika Kind says:

    Haha… reminds me of my excitement when I passed on my big Matador box to my kids. I loved to build things with it and was busy for hours… but they…. hmm….it is more our fascination we want to live through again… lol!

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  2. says:

    my wish books were a bit farther back than yours are, lol !! I remember how I daydreamed over that book. I was obsessed with the Barbie stuff, so many wonderful things, some I did get. What a wonderful childhood to have such an experience. None of the stuff we have now, but I am very happy that I experienced life before major technology took over our lives, shoot, I remember at 10 years old getting our first color tv, what an amazing thing that was !! We had exactly ONE tv in the entire house in those days and the old fashioned rabbit ears or antena on the roof. We had Atari with pong as our only video games and in my late teens or around 20 , not sure exactly, we could play the machines at the restaurants, pac man, astroids and so on. I still remember actual dial phones , and the first push button phones were actually push buttons. I am only 55 and such a difference from then to now !!! I am glad I am getting to experience both !!!

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    • Krista Kemp says:

      It is amazing indeed how far we have come! My husband and I talk of “the old days” quite often. He has a lot of the same memories as you. We had the older style phones when I was growing up…I loved our rotary dial! Great memories!


  3. Sparkyjen says:

    I never actually got hold of a Wish Book until adulthood. I was raised in a religion that doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Now, I collect a few of the older Wish Books to share with my dementia folks. They are easily found on Ebay. We reminiscence about the toys they received and most usually played with. In their day, technology was almost non-existent. So when you asked for a toy, you played with it, cared for it, shared it, and maybe even started collecting similar toys like it. I’ve seen many a lit up face when I’ve sat together with some of my seniors. They love being prompted, and with the Wish Book recall many a wonderful holiday season.

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    • Krista Kemp says:

      That’s awesome what you are doing for your folks! To reminisce can do wonders for our soul! We never really had the money for electronics when I was growing up. I remember creating my own handheld game boy out of paper. I created a slide through comic book style action board so I could pretend that there was actually a game on the screen that I was playing. My toys were played with often, but were kept in immaculate condition! I have quite a few of my collections still…Strawberry Shortcake (original line that still smells heavenly), plush Care Bear collection, My Little Ponies, Rose Petal Place, Barbies, and so forth. It’s was great hearing from you Jennifer! Thank you for sharing your memories with me!

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