Tell All Tuesday Series: Friendship

Q-Would you be friends with you?

Close Friends

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

A-I would, and I’ll tell you why. Despite the fact that 98% of the time I’m swamped (working and tending to the kiddos) and have no extra time to devote to a friendship or a fun outing, I am a VERY dedicated friend to those who are close to me. I have only had a handful of friends over the years, but those relationships have received my full, uninterrupted attention. Only in these past few years has my attention been diverted in different directions. But, those lovely few in my world completely understand and support each one of my endeavors. If I were my friend, I would be stimulated (both intellectually and creatively) daily, as I am always entertaining a new, creative thought; never a dull moment with me!

So, would YOU be friends with you?


2 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesday Series: Friendship

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    To be quite honest I would be the friend (to myself) that we chat occasionally, actually do things together even less but be totally okay with that since we both really enjoy our privacy and quiet moments.

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