How I Manage my Finances

So, SUPER stressed out this week! Two weeks ago I missed 2 days of work, which resulted in a scary low paycheck. I had anticipated the approximate amount, but when you physically hold your check up and compare it to your budget sheet, it just makes you want to cry! I was ONLY about $500 shy of having this week’s bills…pocket change, right?!

My Weekly Bill Tracker

So, the point of this post isn’t to discuss my financial woes with you, rather to share how I personally keep track of my bills. It’s simple and detailed, and small enough to tuck into my “purse.”

How to Create a Weekly Bill Tracker

  • Step 1: Grab a sheet of paper
  • Step 2: Write down each week (by date) in columns-as many as you can fit on your paper (From Monday to Sunday)
  • Step 3: Fill in each week with your bills (Include day, date, company, and the amount due)
  • Step 4: Highlight Monday’s bills so you won’t “Forget” which day it’s due on
  • Step 5: Mark off each bill as it’s paid
  • Step 6: Fold it up and keep it with you so you can stay on top of what’s due when and how much it is

TIP: Refer to your budget sheet each week for the following week-stay ahead and (in the long run) save money by avoiding late fees.

You could also plug in Birthdays or appointments in each weekly slot. Personally, I have an additional sheet that contains the appointments, as that works better for me.

If you haven’t yet downloaded your FREE eBook on How to Manage your Busy Life, then you should definitely pounce on it. It is full of little tidbits like this that could prove beneficial to you!

So, how do YOU keep track of YOUR finances?


5 thoughts on “How I Manage my Finances

  1. Erika Kind says:

    I used to keep an account about all things that went in and out. I can say that we spent less money than we do since I stopped doing it! But then again, we are not just buying stuff without thinking. Also I still rather pay cash than by card which makes it more obvious what money you spend!

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