Tell All Tuesday Series: Parties

Q-What is the best party you have ever thrown?

Decorating Party

Baby Boy Helping Decorate Sissy’s Room

A-There are several in my case, and I will eventually turn them into “How To” eBooks so that others can enjoy them as well. For my oldest son’s 3rd birthday, I had a (SpongeBob) Bikini Bottom Blast Barbecue. It was my first scavenger hunt style party, and EVERYONE, children and adults alike, had a blast! I organized an elaborate Space theme Adventure Hunt for the children where I worked. There is a “photo” video on my YouTube channel, but the pictures DO NOT do it justice. We had an Alien Autopsy and everything! For my oldest sons 14th Birthday, I had a Black Ops style scavenger hunt. I REALLY wanted to have some of the family burst in dressed in black with guns and scare the crap out of the boys, but I thought some of the parents may not appreciate that. That same year, I organized an Ugly Dress Fashion Show for my daughter. Certain elements veered toward a scavenger hunt style party, but not so much. I even had a Craft Kit so the girls could create their own flavorful Lip Gloss.

So, as we speak, I am celebrating my daughter’s 15th birthday. I got her a really nice “Big” gift, but decided to (yet again) send her on a hunt for it. During her travels she will collect some of her favorite things (Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, Nail Polish, Starbuck’s Gift Card…) and the grand finale, PRIOR to opening her big gift, she will get a nice loud surprise. I plan to video tape it, and if I get the reaction that I’m hoping for, I’ll be posting it on my channel for you all to enjoy. I have several other parties under my belt, and have a children’s book outline of some terrific parties, but these were my over the top moments that I thought I should highlight.

Now, what is the best party that YOU have ever thrown???


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