How to Fix Ingrown Toenails for Good

With summer being in full swing, the days getting hotter as each week passes, and the clothes shedding and getting skimpier each day, my attention has been drawn to feet. Yes, you heard me right, feet! Everywhere you look, you see someone in flops, with toes exposed to the world. You can tell A LOT about a person by their feet believe it or not. Do they have years worth of skin/callus accumulation or are they well maintained? Are their nails trimmed and manicured, or did they bypass grooming that area all together? Some people actually go overboard in the cutting department and end up doing more harm than good.

Toes in the Sand...

The topic that I have chosen to discuss today is Ingrown Toenails. Thousands of people suffer from this painful and unattractive condition, but 9 times out of 10, THEY are the root cause of the problem! Years ago, I spent SO much time “maintaining” my nails that I caused my toenails to become ingrown. I had a tool that would scrape any trapped debris out from underneath the nail, and I actually became a bit obsessive with it. I always went WAY too far, and ended up causing the surrounding skin to bleed and, over time, flair up with gooey infection. I jacked them up SO bad, I wouldn’t dare slide on a pair of flip flops!

One day my boyfriend (husband now) noticed them and told me to quit using that stupid scraper and let the nail grow beyond the end of the toe; not much…just a bit. From that day on (once the infection healed) I have not had any problems. I still have my scraper, but have learned self control; thank goodness!

Several co-workers have asked my advice on the topic, and once they followed this one simple step…

Let the Nail Grow and LEAVE it Alone!!!

their problems disappeared. A few people have more extreme cases and should discuss it with their physician, but for the masses, this one tip WILL work. I wish that I could provide you with a before and after comparison, but when I was going through it, the last thing pointed towards my toes was a camera; sorry.

If you are suffering with ingrown toenails, these bulleted points should aid in some relief:

  • Soak daily in a hot, Epsom salt foot bath
  • Boil out the infection with Hydrogen Peroxide and then sterilize with Rubbing Alcohol
  • Before bed, pack the wound with medicated Neosporin or the round jar of Carmex-cover with a band aid and thoroughly clean the area when you wake

I’m sure there are a million other things that you could do to provide relief, but these 3 tips are what my brainstorming session provided.

Have you ever suffered the pain and embarrassment of Ingrown Toenails? Do you have any additional tips, tricks, or sources of relief to add to the list? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…

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