How to Make a Squash Card

Are you ready to learn another really cool card technique? As with the last one, this is super easy to make. It can serve as a stand alone card, or you can pair it with a standard greeting card.  You can also include it inside of an explosion/surprise box, or you can place it inside of a pop up card like I am doing. There is no right or wrong way to make it. So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Squash Card 1

You are going to need a minimum of 2-7 inch x 7 inch heavy duty card stock squares (you are welcome to make as many as you would like depending upon your needs). As with the Never Ending Card, you are going to want to enhance the life of the card by using a sturdy “base” paper. Once you have your squares prepared, you are going to grab either a ruler or your scoring board. Then, with a stylus or your bone folder, you are going to score your squares at 3.5 inches vertically and again at 3.5 inches horizontally.  You are going to fold your top right and your bottom left in like so:

Repeat this process for each square. Now, you are going to adhere your squares together.

Using your double sided tape, glue stick, tacky glue, or whichever sticky substance you prefer, you are going to apply it to the top left corner of your square. You are then going to take another of your prepared squares and place the bottom right corner on top of the sticky corner from your first square. Make sure that your edges line up and then press to create a tight seal. Repeat this step for each additional square that you choose to use.

Squash Card 4

Once you have constructed your squash card, it is time to decorate. If you choose to use a pattern scrapbook paper, you are going to want to create 4-3 1/4 inch x 3 1/4 inch squares, 2 of which you are going to slice in half diagonally (I folded mine and then measured about 3/4 cm from the edge to create a slight gap between them) per how ever many squares you decided to create. You can use the same pattern for all, or you can shake it up; completely up to you! I chose to ink the edges of my pattern paper (and base paper) to give the distressed illusion. Taking the time to do this just really seems to make it pop off the page! You also have the option to color/paint/doodle on your base squares as opposed to using paper. It all depends on the project that you have in mind.

Once your decorating session is complete, it’s time to place it in it’s new home (if you so choose). Like I said, you could throw it in a greeting card, a pop up card, an explosion/surprise box, or in a gift bag/box. It could stand alone as a stocking stuffer, tuck it in your kids’ lunchbox, or it could serve as a fun little “note” to leave under your BFF/honey’s windshield wipers. Fill it with photos, expressions of your love, or little doodles to brighten their day. Share the love without breaking the bank. It’s a win-win all the way around!

For those of you in a hurry that are just looking for the dimensions, here they are again:

  • A Minimum of 2- 7 inch x 7 inch squares-Score at 3.5 inch (vertically and horizontally)
  • For Decorative Paper: 4 pieces of 3 1/4 inch x 3 1/4 inch squares per each “base” square that you create

So, moment of truth…

How did you like this tutorial? Have you ever made a squash card before? Do you think this is a DIY project that you’ll tackle? If you decide to, I would love to see how it turns out!


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