Explosion Box Creation

I have been having an absolute blast creating my Explosion Boxes these past couple of weeks!  And of course, I’ve taken it to the extreme!  Not only am I making the two for my girls, but I’m also creating one for my shop, and putting together a stencil template for future boxes.  I have something special planned for each page (front and back), and there will be a TON of places for journaling and photographs.  In addition to the basic construction of the box, I am including:

    • 2 Shaker Cards
    • Waterfall Slider Card
    • 4-6 panel Accordion Books
    • Accordion Pockets
    • 2 different kinds of Pop up Cards
    • A Variety of fun Tags
    • A Zipper Page (inspired by an art journal page from Vicky)
    • Several styles of Paper Dresses
    • A Squash Card
    • A Never Ending Card
    • A 5 inch Dress Form

…in addition to all of the fun items that I purchased to go in the box.

Work in Progress

***Just realized that my waterfall card is upside down…oops!!!***

Knowing me, I’m sure that I’ll add even more items before it’s over with!  I have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to create all of these new items, and know that my time researching will definitely pay off!

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