Scrap Happy

Baby girl is on her way to the beach with her girlfriend as we speak; first trip without the folks.  I sure hope that she has a great time and is safe!  A few weeks back I got a gorgeous card in the mail from my grandmother.  Hiding inside was a check with instructions to use on “something for me.”  So, after a WHOLE lot of thought, I decided to venture to the craft store.  I spent a good 3 hours browsing the aisles, and ended up getting some amazing items!  My absolute favorite new “tool” is my scoring board.  Best investment I’ve ever made!

Scoring Board

Weekend before last, I was checking out some new videos on YouTube, and discovered that they’ve taken the Exploding Box to a whole new level.  Years ago, I made this project with the kids at work, and they absolutely loved them!  When I saw the new beefed up versions, I fell in love!  Since then, I have been planning out some that I want to do.  One is for my grandma, another I’m putting together for my mama, and I have some ideas for a few for my shop.  Both of my girls deserve a super cool gift, and these are absolutely perfect!  I made yet another trip to the craft store and picked up some supplies to use in their boxes (in addition to all of the great stuff that I already have in my stash).  See all the goodies I found…



Oh, The Possibilities!

Grandma loves gardening and nature so that is the theme that I have decided on for hers.  My mom is a life-long quilter, so a sewing theme seemed most appropriate.  I plan to include some photos and special memories that I have of each of them (and will definitely share with you the finished projects when I get done with them).  I’ve been having a wonderful time in the craft room, thus, the decrease in my blog activity.

Loads of Fun!

In addition to my boxes, I am creating some new items for my shop.  Needless to say, my nose has been stuck in scrapbook paper for the past couple of weeks.  Like I said, my scoring board has been a GREAT investment!  I’ve been scoring and slicing like crazy!

Teaser Alert: I am putting together some fun party boxes and gift bags…

Just wanted to touch base with all of you (my lovelies) and let you know that all is well in my world…just spending a lot of time doing what I do best.  Have a fantastic weekend!


8 thoughts on “Scrap Happy

  1. Belinda O says:

    I think I owe you for a craft challenge of some sort. When my computer crashed, I lost that link and a One-Note page with notes. No promises but I’ll try to get back on track 🙂 If it wasn’t your challenge I’m really lost!

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