10 Ways to Jump Start Your Summer

So many of us are facing the most emotional time that each year has to offer…GRADUATION!!!

A New Beginning

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While the kiddos are stressing out over their finals, delighting over the fact that graduation is but days away, ecstatic that they are FINALLY about to embrace and move forward into these bright and prosperous futures that have been laid out before them, the newest group of empty nesters begin their exhausting journey into the unknown.

On one hand, we are proud of our child’s accomplishments and looking forward to watching their development during these first stages of adulthood, but then a wave suddenly washes over us and the tears begin to flow.  Then the heart wrenching questions flood in…”Oh, where has the time gone?”, “What happened to my baby?”, “What am I going to do with my time now?!

Devoting 18 years of our lives to the interests and well-being of our children consumes us!  Releasing them to fend for themselves is a VERY scary endeavor that we all must face at some point during our travels.  Let’s just hope that we did our job right the first go around, right?!

But, for the time being, let’s focus on something just a bit LESS stressful.  During this last little hurrah, before the kiddo’s ship off to college or to their new careers, let’s ensure that we create summer memories that they will forever treasure.  I’ve done a little brainstorming, and have come up with 10 kick ass ways to jump start your (last) summer with them.  Feel free to add to the list in the comments below…

Making Memories

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Summer Starter #1:

Throw a Luau themed Pool Party and invite all the family and friends to partake.  The more, the merrier, so they say!  Make it a potluck and have everyone pitch in.  Hook up the Karaoke machine or crank up the tunes.  Host a  wet T-shirt contest or play Sharks and Minnows.  Anything goes.  The point is, have a GREAT time!

Summer Starter #2:

Raid the Dollar Store and purchase every can of Silly String that you can put your hands on.  Gather everyone up and have a friendly Silly String fight out in the back yard.  See if THAT doesn’t put a smile on everyone’s face!

Summer Starter #3:

Spend the day at your favorite park.  Take the ENO, play on the playground equipment, throw a Frisbee around, take a picnic lunch.  Whatever you choose to do, DON’T forget the camera!

A Day at the Park

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Summer Starter #4:

Dig the Slip and Slide out of the attic and hook her up.  Spend the day “racing” to see who the reining champ will be.

Summer Starter #5:

Gather everyone together for an “Old Fashioned” BBQ/Cookout/Picnic.  Bust out the grill and have everyone bring a side.  Spend the day visiting and reminiscing of days gone by.  When dusk sets in, start up a bonfire and roast marshmallows or whip up a batch of S’mores.

Summer Starter #6:

Head outdoors and play an innocent game of Hide and Seek in the dark.  We used to do this at my Uncle’s ranch in amongst the hay bales.  LOADS of fun!

Summer Starter #7:

Plan an outing at your nearest amusement park.  Carnival Food, Roller Coasters, Adrenaline…You couldn’t ask for a better day!

Summer Starter #8:

Have everyone suit up and head outdoors for a day of skipping through the sprinkler.  Race through the shower of water and see who can stay the driest.  Do cartwheels through the spray.  I wonder who gets shot in the eye first?!

Simple Summer Fun

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Summer Starter #9:

Get everyone together for a day of tranquility out on the open water.  Rig up your boat, rent one, or borrow one from a friend.  Pack up the skis and inner tubes and throw your inhibitions out the window.  Spend the day being young and free.  Life IS for living after all!

Summer Starter #10:

Make sure to stock up on plastic water guns or water balloons while you’re shopping at the Dollar Store getting some Silly String.  Wage a war and see who gets soaked first.

Well, there you go…10 fun ideas to jump start your summer in the right direction.  Set the emotional turbulence aside for the time being, and make sure that it’s a summer to remember!

What summer starters would YOU add to the list?


11 thoughts on “10 Ways to Jump Start Your Summer

  1. Erika Kind says:

    The summer break in the US is endless. We only have 6 weeks. I am glad I never needed to care about summer camps when they were little. I start working in 10 days and the kids have to be by themselves half of the days. But they are big enough and take care of themselves anyway. A good feeling!

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