Craft Hacks

A while back, I scoured the Internet and YouTube for DIY solutions for blending tools (as they are SO expensive!), and was surprised by the number of people who were 2 steps ahead of me! Great minds apparently think alike. Not only did I come up with a variety of solutions, but I also discovered quite a few craft hacks that were like, “Well, yeah! Why didn’t I think of that?!” So, I figured I’d spread the word. Below is a compilation of some great tips that I ran across, but there are thousands more online, free for the taking. Let’s get started…

A Painter's Delight

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

DIY Blending Tools

  • Use a binder clip from the office to hold a makeup sponge secure
  • Staple a makeup sponge to a block of wood or you can use Velcro on the block with a piece of felt
  • Use a Q-tip when blending detailed areas
  • Lindsay, The Frugal Crafter creates blending tools with a clothespin, a cotton ball, a rubber band, and a square of fun foam. Click HERE to view video
  • For finger daubers, take a small piece of PVC and use a pencil to push the makeup sponge (which is cut slightly larger than opening) into the pipe to “pillow” on the other side
  • You can use the same technique as listed above with the screw top portion of a water bottle. Wedge the “cut to size” makeup sponge into the screw top and secure with the lid

Craft Hacks

  • Use an ice cube tray or cupcake pan to organize small craft items
  • Use a foot callus remover (i.e. foot grater) for a paper edge distresser
  • Use aluminum foil to sharpen scissors, punches, or cricut blades
  • Use a drill bit for a paper piercer (I have been using this hack for years!)
  • Make your cricut mat sticky again with baby wipes or Clorox wipes
  • Use a $1 plastic place mat for a crafting surface-they are easy to clean and you can toss them when they get funky
  • Use plastic cutlery (knife and spoon) as a bone folder
  • Tic Tac containers are great for washi tape and ribbon dispensers
  • Rubber pencil grips are perfect for x-acto blades, crochet hooks, and knitting needles
  • Use travel spray bottles as misters
  • Drip dry your old markers to create custom inks-store your new ink in travel spray bottles
  • Nail polish remover apparently cleans up acrylic paint-I have yet to test this theory-DO NOT use on wood surfaces!
  • Did you know you can create your own metallic paints using powder eye shadows from the Dollar Store and Mod Podge? I didn’t either. Lindsay, The Frugal Crafter showed me how. The only thing is…you can only make your supply as needed, as it doesn’t store for future projects. Watch the video HERE.
Hack your Life!

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

  • As every crafter knows, baby wipes are ideal for cleaning up your work area and supplies during your artistic process
  • You can create custom stencils with plastic folders and page dividers (See post HERE)
  • To create your very own custom stamp, dig out your x-acto blade and a pink pearl eraser. Draw out your design and start carving
  • You can use any glass “block” as a cling stamp block-I have a heart shaped “vase” that I got from the Goodwill
  • Lint rollers are ideal for cleaning up after glittery or seed bead projects
  • Sick of all of the hot glue “strings” floating around your finished piece? Use your heat gun or hair dryer over them and watch them disappear
  • Have a crochet/knitting project that you work on while you’re on the go? Place your ball of yarn in a small bowl and attach a binder clip from the office on the edge of the bowl. Thread your yarn through the clip and avoid those pesky knots
  • Use a bobby pin as a spacer in your crochet/knitting projects, as well as to prevent your yarn ball from unraveling
  • Wrap your embroidery floss around clothespins for easy storage
  • Use pill organizers to store all of your tiny beads and charms
  • Monofilament fishing line is durable and easy on your budget if you do a lot of beading projects
  • Latex/Non-latex gloves covered in duct tape make a great DIY set of needle felting gloves-no more accidental pricks
  • After working with clay, “wash” your hands with Germ X or a similar product. It strips the tack from your hands allowing you to properly clean your hands

I hope that these craft hacks were helpful to you, and that you found a new technique to try out.

Do YOU have any other craft hacks to add to the list?


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