The 10 Things I Miss Most About Being a Kid

While a lot of people, things, and experiences could be added to this particular list, I am going to stick with my Top 10. Are you ready?

Child's Play

#10: Getting Snow Days Off
Not crazy about the snow, as pretty as it may be, but there is NOTHING better than waking up and realizing that you get to stay home and do whatever you feel inclined to do.
[CONFESSION: I get jealous of my kiddos when they get a snow day. Most parents are like, “Oh Geez! Another snow day?!” Me? I hate going off to work knowing that I could be spending this time with my babies!]

#9: Dinner Time
When you become an adult, you have to come up with dinner ideas, rummage through your kitchen cabinets to see what ingredients you have available, then head to the store to stuff your buggy full of groceries only to hand over WAY too much of your hard earned money to some kid at a register who really doesn’t understand the value of a dollar to purchase all these items that mysteriously made their way into your cart. Then you get to head home, and after ferrying those crazy number of bags into the house, you have to find a spot for all of these new items that you just bought. AND, if that wasn’t bad enough, then you have to actually cook before you have the opportunity to eat! Talk about a pain! The best part of being a kid is running to the dinner table when someone hollers “DINNER!” You don’t have to worry about a thing, all you have to do is eat.

#8: Being Catered to When You’re Sick
My mama was the absolute BEST whenever I got sick! She would bring in the barf bucket, a box of Kleenex, a glass of Sprite filled to the brim with ice cubes, and a bowl of ice cream that was “hiding” my next dose of medicine. Anything that I could think that would bring about comfort was supplied. She tucked the covers in around me, fluffed my pillows, and then snuggled in next to me to read a story (or five) until I zonked out. I love to be doted over, and mama always made it a point to go above and beyond the call of duty!  Now when I get sick, I get to roll out of bed, head off to work, struggle through the day, then run my errands before I get to go home, and once I finally DO get home, I get to start making dinner. This is all provided that I don’t have appointments scheduled for the children or that they haven’t made plans of their own that they’re needing rides for. For some strange reason, mommies aren’t allowed to be sick. It REALLY sucks!!!  I think we should go on strike!

#7: Hitting the Open Road
Traveling has always been such a HUGE part of my life, as every 3 months or so I was on my way to my dad’s for a visit, and nine times out of ten, it was a new vacation destination. BUT, for the past 12 years it has dwindled down to nothing. My last trip was 3 years ago…my horrible honeymoon (Read all about it HERE). So, here I am, a sitting duck, itching and rearing to go! I worry that if I ever do have the opportunity to venture away from home that I just might not come back. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

#6: My Birthday
I was born on December 21 (just 4 days shy of Christmas), so my parents (mainly my mother) made it a point to turn my birthday into a celebration all its own each year, as she never wanted me to feel cheated out of a birthday. A huge deal was always made, and the doting was in abundance from all. It was fabulous and I looked forward to my special day every single year! But since becoming an adult and starting a family of my own, the importance of this day (MY special day) seems to be fading away little by little. Oh how I wish it weren’t so! It makes me so sad every time that I think about it.

#5: Ignorance is Bliss
In our early years, our youth allows us to play that Naïve Card without suffering too many repercussions. “Oh, well, she’s young. She just doesn’t understand yet.” You could ALMOST get away with murder, and society would just attribute it to Young and Dumb Syndrome. Unfortunately, the older we get, the less we seem to get away with; accountability comes into play and in full force! It’s a shame that we don’t realize what a great advantage we have until its too late!

#4: There’s No Place Like Home
My kiddos get SO excited when they have the opportunity to go over to Hannah’s (what they call my mom) for a sleep over. She always has something special planned and a TON of munchies for them to devour. They have an absolute blast and come back home SUPER spoiled! I miss being at home with mom. Just having the comforts of home, the security, and creating those special memories; as much as you crave it, once you leave home, it’s just never the same again. It all morphs into just another fond memory.

#3: Money Grows on Trees
As a kid you believe that money just magically appears in your parent’s bank account, which kind of coincides with #5, entitled Ignorance is Bliss. But, a households finances all rolled up into one is deserving of a category all its own. The financial worry, the organizing, the keeping track of this and that, the finagling, paying Peter to pay Paul, our little ones have the luxury of being immune to it all…FOR NOW. Life was glorious before MONEY became a part of my life!

#2: My Freedom
I miss having the ability to go and do as I please without having to answer to someone or to concern myself with their MANY needs, wants, or expectations. For example, if I were kid free right now, I would jump in my car, hit the interstate and DARE someone to stop me before I hit the Gulf! I would earn the label Beach Bum and relish in every moment of it. Yet another perk that we don’t realize we have until it’s WAY too late!

And finally…drum roll please…

My #1 thing that I miss most about being a kid is


No alarm clocks…a mandatory daily nap…a scheduled bed time…

I would be in hog heaven! Kids are SO stupid! They have no clue how lucky they are, and they’re constantly trying to skip their naps and push their bed times further out. I would kill to be in their shoes!  Total dingbats I tell you!!!

What do YOU miss most about being a kid?

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