Tell All Tuesday Series: Old Fashioned Fun

In the days before electronics, we had these incredible little things called

(picture me doing the “quotations” with my fingers like Dr. Evil here)

Board Games” that we would devote hours to playing with our family and friends. There were a wide variety of titles to choose from, and they were pretty easy on the ole’ pocketbook at the store. A lot of folks would plan their whole evening of festivities around these games, including the choice of grub to offer their guests.

It seems as though these moments just blinked out of existence overnight! I still love board games, but for some reason, it’s next to impossible to plan a night around them.

So, on to my Tell All Tuesday question for the week…

Q-What was your favorite board game growing up?

A-I have 2; the infamous Battleship, and the not very well known Careers. I have purchased the newer versions to both of these games, but prefer to play my vintage 1960’s/1970’s versions. All the way around, they’re just better!

Vintage Battleship

Vintage Careers

So, what board game do YOU hold fond memories of?


16 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesday Series: Old Fashioned Fun

  1. says:

    I grew up playing Monopoly, The game of life and one that our grandkids are really enjoying that I loved playing as a kid is Aggravation, a fun marble board game. I had to add a color as one was missing from the game and it can have up to five or six players, so I made sets of beads in different colors in the same size as the glass marbles and the kids love it !! They have pinks and the boys love the metal beads I added. The one I have is close to twenty years old, and we have our old Battleship, Life and Monopoly too !! Nothing like old board games !! Oh, we love UNO too !!!

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