Tell All Tuesday Series: Emergencies

Q-Do you freak out during a medical emergency?

ER Visit
A-Nope! Cool as a cucumber baby! I’ve been hit with ALL kinds of situations over the years, and I’m one of the few who can keep a level head throughout each ordeal.

For example, my sophomore year, I came home from school with my boyfriend (thank goodness he was there that day!) to a crash followed by an eerie calm. I heard my sister leave her bedroom and after a moment, I heard the tub water turn on. Okay, something is totally OFF here! So, I barged into the bathroom and discovered my sister sitting on the side of the tub with her ankle submerged in running water. Blood was gushing absolutely everywhere! I assessed the situation in mere seconds and asked her what the hell she thought she was doing as I raided the closet for as many towels as I could lay my hands on. I then turned the water off, wrapped up her leg as quickly as I could, and carried her to the car. I instructed my boyfriend to take us to the ER, while simultaneously calling my mom at work so she could start heading our way (she had an hour long commute in those days).

So, apparently my sister had been singing in her bedroom when she heard my boyfriend and I come home. She didn’t want us to hear her, so she pulled the glass end table under the vent to close it. Well, there’s this thing about glass…it’s just NOT designed to support weight! So, when she went up, it immediately came crashing down. A giant hunk of glass sliced her down to the bone, through the muscle, the tissue, and everything in between. She’s lucky she didn’t hit a nerve!

This is just one of the MANY situations that I have stepped up to the plate for, and I’m positive it is FAR from the last. So, your moment has now arisen…Do YOU freak out during a medical emergency?


6 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesday Series: Emergencies

  1. Erika Kind says:

    Wow, you really keep the cool. That must have looked like a massacre. Although this sounds absolutely horrible to me I can keep a cool head too when I am confronted with such situations. There was quite some blood gushing when my son slipped in the bathtub and got a deep cut on his chin or my other son who slipped and cut his heel from left to right….

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