Aspirin Legs

Have you heard of the latest and greatest birth control craze? It’s called “Aspirin Legs.”

Precious Little Life

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

So basically, you take an aspirin and you place it between your knees. You then make sure that you DO NOT allow that aspirin to fall to the floor. Problem solved, no unplanned pregnancies; it’s the perfect (most effective) form of birth control on the market!

A lot of folks fall in love with the idea of having a sweet, precious little baby to play with. Well, here’s the kicker…those cute, cuddly little angels grow up…and in Double Time!!! Once that baby itch is satisfied, a lot of “parents” grow uninterested in actually RAISING these little creatures so they pass them off onto others (whoever they can find), and expect for them to put in the time and effort to teach/raise them.

NEWS FLASH FOLKS: If you are not interested in sacrificing ALL of your time, money, possessions, and sanity into these little people, practice the Aspirin Legs! The world is over populated as it is, and this newest generation is lacking in the much needed discipline and direction that they SO desperately need! Do the world a favor and skip the procreation process.


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