How to Machine Wash “Dry Clean Only” Clothes

Were you aware that this process was even possible?

Do the Wash

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Now, don’t get me wrong, certain types of materials should definitely avoid contact with water (i.e. Wool), but I don’t see any reason why some of these other garments that are labeled “Dry Clean Only,” can’t be washed! I’ve been cleaning ALL my clothes in the washing machine for as long as I can remember…

Depending on the type of garment, will depend on how you wash it. Most can be thrown into a “regular” wash cycle, while others should be washed on the “delicate” cycle. Use your discretion here. You could even throw your garment into a lingerie bag to keep it contained for a better wash.

Once your cleaning cycle has completed, simply lay your garment flat to dry, or throw it into the dryer on “Fluff.” There you have it, fresh laundered “Dry Clean Only” outfits, ready for another day of wear. Start saving some time and money by skipping the dry cleaners.

NOTE: The fluff cycle on the dryer also prevents shrinkage and allows for a softer feel than if you air dry. I do ALL of hubby’s shirts this way…high dollar Ralph Lauren Polo’s. All of my ex’s Army gear was done this way as well; including the dress uniforms.

Have you ever washed a “Dry Clean Only” garment in YOUR washing machine?


11 thoughts on “How to Machine Wash “Dry Clean Only” Clothes

      • Erin S. Burns says:

        Nope. And I even usually use regular dry settings. When I started it I figured any lost clothing costs would be well offset by the savings in not paying. But now I’ve decided Dry Clean Only is usually a conspiracy racket.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Krista Kemp says:

        I would have to say that I agree with you on that point. Hubby always dry cleaned his shirts before he met me, and once I took over, he realized how silly it was. Still haven’t gotten my mama convinced though…


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