Creating Art from Life-Part One

A while back, my mother was walking her dog down by the lake when she ran across 2 deer skulls (WELL past the decomposition stage). She asked me if I would be interested in them, and I said, “Well, of course!!!”

Dirty Deer Skulls

They’ve been sitting in my closet for a while now, so I decided that it was time to dig them out, get them cleaned up, and get them ready for their “transformation.” I thought that you might like to join me throughout this process.

Bleach Bath

So, I watched some worthless videos on YouTube regarding skull cleaning, and eventually decided to just wing it. I took a 10 gallon plastic bucket and filled it halfway with cold water and then poured in some bleach (about ¼ jug). I then placed my skulls very gently into the bottom of the bucket, and placed it in the sun to “work it’s magic.” I allowed them to “bleach out” for about 2 ½ hours, and then removed them from the bucket and placed them on the ground to dry. I feel that they turned out beautifully!

White Skulls

Once they have dried completely, I will very gently clean them with a toothbrush, making sure that I have a nice clean surface to work with. Provided everything goes well, I am planning to create a “Day of the Dead” skull, and a “Masquerade” skull for my shop. I’m REALLY excited about this project, and hope that you will join me for Part Two when I take this project into the next phase.

Bleached Beauties!

Stay tuned…


21 thoughts on “Creating Art from Life-Part One

      • Krista Kemp says:

        It’ll be a while until I’m able to travel again, but I fully intend to come visit with you! You have become such a good friend, and I know that we would have a fabulous visit! I went to the doctor yesterday and they told me that I have an upper respitory infection…felt more like the flu to me!!! Been struggling at work ALL week! I had today off, so I doped up and slept. Woke up, ate, and went back down for the count. Feeling a little better now, but plan to spend the weekend in bed. Have some projects planned that I can work on while I rest. Several sewing projects…relaxing! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend love, and that you are feeling back to your normal self! Hugs and kisses!


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