Budget Friendly Valentine’s Ideas

Love is in the air, stores are stocked with red and pink, boxes of chocolate are in massive supply, as are the fragrant red roses that adorn each flower shop. There is no confusion that Valentine’s Day is once again upon us!

Love is in the Air

-Courtesy of Pixabay

The big question is, have you made your Valentine’s plans yet? If not, I have compiled a list of 82 No-Cost to Low-Cost date night ideas that you can implement for a night of fun with your beloved. It is quite possible to experience the best night of your life without spending a TON of cash!  I recently found out about Personal Capital. If you are interested in learning how to better manage your money and start saving for retirement, than this site is a must see. Check it out and see if their team can assist you in obtaining your financial freedom and growth.

Choose whichever of these ideas that scream out to you, but make sure to put a personal twist on it. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Just make sure to create a memory that will last a lifetime. So, let’s get to it…

“Share the Love” Ideas

Stay at Home

  • Play Show and Tell and Share Memories of your Life Together
  • Place a Romantic Message in a Bottle in the Bathtub with Scattered Rose Petals
  • Make a Time Capsule Together
  • Play a Game of Twister
  • Soak in the Hot Tub Together
  • Cuddle Together in Front of a Roaring Fire
  • Have a Pillow Fight
  • Make Out like Teenagers in the Back Seat of the Car
  • Treat them to Room Service
  • Hide Gifts Around the House and Send them on a Hunt
  • Make them a “Mix Tape”-Dance Together
  • Make a Video/Photo Slide Show of your Life Together-Express How Much you Love Them
  • Do Mad Libs together
  • Color a Picture Together
  • Have a Staring Contest
  • Have a Thumb Wrestle War
  • Make Them Breakfast in Bed
  • Have a Backyard Camp out- Share a Sleeping Bag
  • Share an Indoor Picnic
  • Have a Spa Night/Take a Bubble Bath Together
  • Give them a Body Massage
  • Go on a G-Spot Hunt
  • Have a Nerf Gun Fight
  • Have a Tickle Fight
  • Brush their Hair
  • Have Game Night (Board Games/Video Games)
  • Card Night-Play your Favorite Card Game Together
  • Have a Movie Night In-Stock Up on Goodies and Flicks

Around Town

  • Rent an Airport Locker and Fill it with Special Goodies
  • Visit a Comedy Club
  • Go Play Slots Together at a Casino
  • Go on a Moonlit Stroll Together
  • Go to the Science Museum and Explore
  • Go on a Bike Ride Together
  • Go to the Farmers Market
  • Go to the Arcade and Race Each Other on the Motorcycles/Jet Skis
  • Have a Bowling Match
  • Head Out to the Dog Races
  • “Pick Each Other Up” at a Bar
  • Take a Leisurely Stroll Through the Park
  • Go Out for Dessert or some Ice Cream
  • Recreate your First Date Together
  • Cuddle Together in a Hammock
  • Lie Beneath the Stars and Star Gaze/Search for Constellations
  • Search for Pictures in the Clouds
  • Have a Picnic in a Gazebo
  • Kidnap Them for a Special Date
  • Go on a “Blind Date” Together
  • Go to a Flea Market/Antique Mall/Craft Show Together
  • Go Horseback Riding
  • Go Fishing Together
  • Be Tourists Together in your Town
  • Plan an Outdoor Photo Shoot
  • Go to a Carnival/Fair Together
  • Head to the Karaoke Bar
  • Take them out Canoeing
  • Go on a Spontaneous Drive
  • Have Caricatures Done Together
  • Be Silly in a Photo Booth
  • Dance in the Rain/Splash in the Mud Puddles (Weather Permitting)
  • Stroll the Beach (Area Permitting)
  • Go Hiking (Area Permitting)
  • Have a Snowball Fight/Build a Snowman (Weather Permitting)
  • Watch the Sun Set Together
  • Head to your Nearest Amusement Park
  • Treat them to a Movie Night Out
  • Go to the Nearest Drive-In Theater
  • Take them Roller Skating
  • Go Ice Skating Together
  • Head to the Billiards and Shoot a Game of Pool/Play Darts
  • Challenge them to a Game of Putt-Putt Golf
  • Have a Go Cart Race
  • Plan an Outdoor Picnic

Gift Ideas

  • Create a “This is your Life Video”-Interview Everyone from their Life
  • Present them with a Balloon Bouquet-Have Surprises/Love Notes Stored Inside
  • Leave them a Love Note on the Mirror
  • Send them an Invitation for your “Special Date”
  • Make them a Giant Card
  • Give them a Gift Within a Gift
  • Place an Ad in the Paper-“Found: Love of my Life!”-Express your Feelings for Them
  • Cover a Room in the House with Love Notes
  • Leave Out a Tape Recorder with a Note saying “Play me…”-Express your Feelings for Them

Some more AMAZING ideas can be found HERE and HERE.

Hubby and I have the perfect night planned. It just so happens that The Walking Dead is launching its return on February 14, so we are going to snuggle in bed with some goodies and reconnect with our favorite characters; we cannot wait! It doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we’re doing it together! That’s the best part of being married to your best friend.

So, I’ve gotta ask…What fun ideas did I miss? Can’t wait to hear from you!


11 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Valentine’s Ideas

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    There is a “chocolate showcase” in March, so asked my wife if I could make that her Valentine’s gift but just wait a bit. I got 👍👍 so I am all good!

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