Implementing 5 Changes for a Successful Year

For those of you who are unaware, my grandson was finally released from the hospital. YEAH!!! He was one day shy of turning a month old. Things are FINALLY getting back to normal here, and with a few days off of work (Thank You Snow!), I am finally able to form a rational thought. I’m about a month behind in my “Goal Planning” for the year, but better late than never is what I say!


So, I have been giving this year A LOT of thought (as this is Year 3 of my 5 Year Goal), and I have decided on 5 changes that I want to implement. I feel that these changes will REALLY help me in obtaining my ultimate goal, and this is the year for diving in head first.

So, let me give you the little run down of my list…

  • #1 My “Studio”
    This past weekend I dug into my craft studio with the full intention of making it work FOR me, rather than against me.   I have been SO busy these past couple of years trying to get this ball rolling, that my craft supplies have managed to get extremely jumbled and disorganized. Prime example: I went on a hunt for my hole punch a couple of months ago. Not only could I NOT find my one hole punch, I couldn’t even track down my 3 hole punch! That thing’s HUGE! You would think it would be easy to find, but nope! I spent the entire weekend going through things, and I have yet to run across either of them. Instead of having my beading stuff here, and my paper crafting items there, and so on, I am simplifying it. Remember those awesome plastic drawers I was telling you about? Well, those bad boys are being filled with “Tools” in one drawer, “Adhesives” in the next, “Paints and Inks” in the next, and so forth. Enough of this, “That clay tool would sure make this distress job easier!” Now, I’ve got it ALL together; I’m loving it! Still have a little work left to do, but she’s coming together nicely.


  • #2 My Editorial Calendar
    Putting this binder together has been one of the best things that I have ever done! Not only does it hold the posting schedule for my blog, but I have all of the ideas for my creations contained inside as well. My craft supply wish list, my book ideas, my sporadic thought process scribbled in the margins, my marketing plans, and the list goes on and on. This book has proven to be a life saver on quite a  few different occasions! BUT, I do believe that by re-evaluating and then re-organizing it, I can create an even more valuable resource.


  • #3 Commitments to Projects
    I have thousands of creations stuck in my mind that are screaming to be released. But, I have decided that I need to hone in on just a few specific projects, and take the extra time necessary to make these creations top notch. I have been dabbling with my book (which this blog is based on) for some time now, and I have decided that the time has come to get stubborn and make it a priority. The path/keys to my success will be contained in those pages, and I want to share them with others around the world. I have decided to STOP procrastinating, and just get the thing written all ready. The sooner I can release this book from my mind, the sooner I can get to all the others. My list is massive, and my time is short. I have SO much that I NEED to share!


  • #4 Breaking Free from the Comfort Zone
    When I started down this path, I definitely detoured away from my comfort zone, but the time has come to shake things up just a bit more. I have decided that this is the year that I am going to really make my presence known to others. I am planning on reaching out to my local media, getting more involved on my social media, getting my YouTube channel out of the crib and into school, and sharing some of my creations around town. I would love to start teaching some local craft classes, but I’m still rolling that one around. I have been giving a lot of thought into putting together some eCourses; just have to work out the kinks. Being successful doesn’t happen overnight after all!


  • #5 Re-Evaluate My Schedule
    I work non-stop and stay SO tired that when I finally do have the opportunity to get some productive work done, my brain is too fried to make it beneficial. I believe that I need to take a step back from my work, and establish a healthy balance in order to be successful, and capable of creating more. I honestly believe that if I do less, I’ll become more, which will be a WIN-WIN for everyone involved.

So, there you have it; my list of changes for a successful new year. We’re only a month in, let’s make this the best year yet!

What changes are YOU implementing this year?


14 thoughts on “Implementing 5 Changes for a Successful Year

  1. Erika Kind says:

    First of all, I am so happy and also relieved that your grandson is finally doing well.
    That is an awesome list with lots of achievements worth going for. You are right, we need to try it seriously and with enthusiasm in our heart and most things will work out! I wish you all the best of luck, Krista!

    Liked by 2 people

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