Tell All Tuesday Series: Gossip

Q-Have you ever talked about someone behind their back and gotten busted?

Tell All Tuesday Series...

A-Unfortunately, yes; which, I believe, is why I try to steer clear of gossip to this day. Despite my “tough” exterior, I am a total softy, and I hate it when people are upset with me!

So, I had to have been around 8 or 9, and my sister and I were visiting our dad and NEW step-mom for the summer. I’m assuming we were washing dishes after breakfast, and were confident that our step-mom was in her room getting ready to head out to the pool, so we started talking about how unfair she was. Why were WE having to clean the dishes? Why were WE expected to clean the bathroom? Why did WE have to do this or do that? We were kids on summer break, NOT the new live-in maids!

We got done drying the dishes and walked out of the kitchen ready to throw on our bathing suits, when we noticed a little poof ball hovering above the recliner. My sister and I stopped dead in our tracks, and very slowly (what felt like ages!) the chair began to swivel around towards us. My heart sank and my stomach dropped; we were busted! I will never forget that feeling; it was one of the worst moments in my life! I couldn’t tell you what our punishment was, but I’m positive it fit the crime.


I was an absolute shit of a step-daughter (which is why I never wanted step-children) and if I could take it all back, I would in a heartbeat! She CHOSE to take us on, and she CHOSE to love us. She didn’t have to! I should have made things easier for her…

Your turn! And don’t forget ALL the juicy details…


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