There’s an app for that…

There are two apps that I want to discuss with you today. I’m sure that most of you are aware of them, but I’m certain there are several who had no idea of their existence. The first is the Wal-Mart Savings Catcher, and the second is Target’s Cartwheel. Both work in the same way. You go to your app store, find and download said apps, and then any time you go shopping at either of these places, you scan in your receipt or type in the receipt information manually.

There's an app for that...

Image provided by Pixabay

I didn’t know anything about them until about 6 months ago. My sister does the majority of her shopping at Wal-Mart, and she was able to get back $500 + dollars just in time for Christmas back in 2014. I started scanning in my receipts (when I found out about them) and was able to acquire $30 about a month ago.

So, basically, the price of anything you purchase is compared with what it’s being sold for at numerous other retailers. If they find a cheaper price elsewhere, you are credited the difference in the two amounts. You can choose when you want to cash your balance in, and are then sent an eGift card to spend in any way you choose. It’s the perfect way to prep for Christmas or Birthdays, and you can work on building the balance all throughout the year; just a little something extra that could help you out.

Do you know of any other apps that could help others out?


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