Setting Goals for the New Year

Have you ever heard of the SITS girls???  Well, I found them over on Pinterest when I was doing my research, prior to going live with my blog.  They are a collection of talented and informative women who make life easier for us bloggers.  You should definitely take the time to explore this site…you just may learn a few things!

So, Allison (from the SITS girls),wrote and posted this fabulous article, Setting Goals for the New Year, during my super crazy holiday season.  I saved it in my inbox to share with you all as soon as things calmed down in my world.  It’s a little late, but not SO late that it can’t prove beneficial to you.

Click on the image below to visit Allison’s post.  I hope you enjoy…

Setting Goals for the New Year

Image courtesy of the SITS girls

I’m working on my goals for the new year…are you???

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