Relationship Hacks: 7 Awesome Date Night Ideas

I am subscribed to a fabulous blog; Escape Adulthood, and I received their latest and greatest post,

Relationship hacks: 7 awesome date night ideas that bring the fun front and center

in my inbox this morning, and felt that it needed to be shared.  If you recall, I had put together some fun Date Night Ideas (25 Date Night Ideas to Rejuvenate your Relationship) a while back, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to gear up for that unforgettable experience that will forever live in your memory.

Escape Adulthood

Escape Adulthood has some of the most amazing illustrations! Have you gotten their calendar yet???

Take some time exploring this fantastic blog.  They have a TON of great posts!

Do you have any Date Night Ideas to add???


6 thoughts on “Relationship Hacks: 7 Awesome Date Night Ideas

  1. tmezpoetry says:

    Great list!
    For those times we are cash strapped I’ll add-
    1) Bubble bath, candles, and relaxing music
    2) Breakfast In bed date (although someone has to cook but with fresh fruits, bagels, etc., it can be easy)
    3) Check for astronomical events, the red moon date was fun. Upper Michigan (if close by) also has northern lights in late summer and fall.
    4) Do a puzzle together or play cards/game.
    5) We sometimes buy a book together and then snuggle up and take turns reading it to each other.
    6) Drive-in movie (yes they still exist)
    When we weren’t cash strapped-
    1) Rent a limo, drive around the city, lake, or wherever and enjoy the back seat. There are also horse and carriage, and driver rentals for romantic nights.
    2) Get really cheap airline tickets (an hour ride or so) and dine in another city for the night.
    3) Stay for a night at a ski lodge, even if you don’t ski.
    4) Rent a small private boat for the night.

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