How to Make Fried Carrots

Rabbit Food
Are you ready for yet another family favorite? Today, I’m going to share with you my super easy method of making fried carrots. I had a hankering for these when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I’ve been making them since. I also make zucchini slices using this same process. Let me know what you think…

Purchase a bag of baby carrots, rinse them well, then cut off the ends. Make sure to choose your smallest/sharpest knife and cut your carrot in half (from top to bottom). Now comes the “fun” part! As thin as you can possibly manage, dice each carrot lengthwise and throw them in a skillet with a tab of butter. Once you have diced up enough carrots to serve as a side dish, place the skillet on the burner at medium heat. Stir occasionally during cooking, and sprinkle with salt and pepper once butter has covered the carrots. Your carrots will shrivel and brown. When this happens, they are ready to serve. The crunchier, the better!

Remove carrots from the skillet, and dab excess butter from them. Dish them up and dig in. I make these with a TON of different meals, from Thanksgiving to Christmas dinner, paired with my Vegetarian Meatballs, and so on.  They are perfect for any meal that goes well with a side of carrots.

How do you like your carrots?


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