It’s still raining…

Are you ready for the latest and greatest???  Today I get home from work.  The house is quiet, and my oldest son is in the shower.  I turn on my PC to let it load so I can prep some fun posts, when my son bursts out of the bathroom in a towel.  The cold water faucet has literally blown out of the wall, and the exposed pipe is spewing water, drenching my entire bathroom.  I rush in and try to find a nozzle to turn off the water…no luck.  There is no possible way to turn the water off in the entire house.  So I jump into my car (thank goodness we have it back!) and run 10 minutes down the road to Ace to buy a water key.  Meanwhile, the tub is on the verge of overflowing.  We finally get the water turned off, and clean up the mess to the best of our ability.  Since then, we have been twiddling our fingers waiting for a plumber…still waiting.


12 thoughts on “It’s still raining…

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    Woah! I am trying to find something profound to say but I cannot lie…I got nothin’ for you. So I will keep it simple, best of luck in getting everything resolved.

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  2. says:

    I am so sorry !!! I feel your pain !! About a year ago our 90 year old pipes under our house blew out and the home warranty we had would not cover it, so we dropped them, and had no water in the house for almost two weeks while we secured a loan to get the entire main line repaired to the street. Had to go over to our daughters house to fill a couple of dozen gallon water bottles and pitchers every two days to flush the toilets and wash dishes and drink, and borrowed her shower every night. Not fun. Our garbage disposal went out this weekend and we could only use half our sink for a few days until my husband had the time to replace it, and I told him, not a problem, we were with NO water a year ago, I can deal with half a sink for four days !
    The joys of home ownership, but still worth it in the end to own your own home !!!

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