Parenting 101-Lying

How do you keep your children from telling lies? Me? I threaten to rip out their tongues! Would I really do it? No, but it sure sounds good! There are 2 major things that I detest in life:




I’ve dealt with both in my past, and I refuse to allow it any longer. If you can’t shoot me straight, then you can just go on; I don’t have time for you or your B.S.! If you want to steal from me, then you’re just an idiot! All someone has to do is ask…it’s that simple. I am a very loving and giving individual. “Mi Casa Es Su Casa”!

My children were raised with these 2 lessons drilled into their brains, from infancy on. I brought them into this world, and I can sure be the first to take them out!  They’ve tried me on a couple of occasions, and realized that it was a bad move. Be upfront and honest with me, and life will be a lot better for you. They can attest to that!

How do YOU keep your children from telling lies?


4 thoughts on “Parenting 101-Lying

  1. Leslie says:

    My brother’s children (I have step-children) are extremely honest. They have managed to keep their cool when my nephews are being honest about something they did wrong. Punishments are fair. However, if there is a lie….that’s when punishments get severe.

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