Tell All Tuesday Series: Crafting

Tell All Tuesday Series...

Q-What is your favorite craft store? Which items do you focus on at each location?

A-I have 3 craft stores nearby; Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and JoAnn. Hobby Lobby is my go to for paper crafting supplies and yarn, while Michael’s has an excellent selection of beading materials. I always find my best “deals” on paper crafting items here! JoAnn’s has a great selection of paper crafting items, but I buy most of my sewing items here. They have a fantastic variety! Overall, I would say that Michael’s is my all-time favorite (I always save a TON of money there!) craft store.

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How about you? What is your favorite craft store?


15 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesday Series: Crafting

  1. says:

    We have a Hobby Lobby in town as of this past Sept. Before then we had to drive 20 minutes to visit Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Joanns.
    Now the Joanns is gone, and we have Hobby Lobby in town and occasionally drive out to Michaels when we cannot find what we want. For me, Hobby Lobby and the increasing smaller Walmart craft section is all I have locally!!
    As for beads, I buy most at either the bead markets that come to the Dallas/ Fort Worth area a few times a year, they are fairly close to whole sale, and some online stores I love.
    I buy most of my charms from some wonderful sellers on Etsy.
    I wish we had Michaels, there is a rumor they are scoping out the area and may put a store in our town, I do think they have much more beads than Hobby Lobby, , but I did notice on our last drive out to the one closest to us that the bead section is a bit smaller. They still have their wonderful bead selection on the strings, but it just seems like things are different.
    I am so blessed with an abundance of beads, charms and findings, I have challenged myself to not buy much this year. I am going to to try for nothing, but that is laughable. I do have to spend much, much , less than in past years. I am not selling much so I need to stop. Having a Hobby Lobby in town is not what I need with that goal in mind !!!

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  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    Well…since I don’t craft I cannot really answer this one. I have been to hobby lobby and found quite a few nice things to decorate the kids bedrooms.

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  3. Grief Happens says:

    I’m a Michael’s girl. I live in a city with a big art school & we have a cool thrift store where people (usually art students) donate & sell back the supplies they don’t use, so you can get lots of cool, unique, and hard-to-find art supplies for LOW LOW prices. It’s the best thing ever!! It’s called Starlandia. You should definitely check it out if you’re ever in Savannah, GA.

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  4. Sara says:

    I actually prefer Hobby Lobby over Michael’s, but that could be because of my main types of crafting and art. I like working with glass and Hobby Lobby is the only place around here with reasonably priced sheet glass. Michael’s only has a limited selection of precut, more expensive glass. I’ve recently started going to JoAnns too. I haven’t explored it a bunch, but like it so far!

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